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How To Fix Goodreads App Not Working

    If the Goodreads App isn’t Working for your needs, you could face the App not showing reviews or not making progress updates, and you need help logging in using Google problems on the App. The Goodreads application is a completely free social media service specifically made to appeal to book enthusiasts.

    Many users have recently submitted reports in eBuzzPro Community and Reddit that the Goodreads app is not working correctly for Android and iPhone.

    What Is Goodreads?

    Goodreads is a site for avid readers. It lets them monitor what they’re reading and write reviews of books.

    This website has many ways to discover books, read them, and even share them from various genres and themes.

    Otis Chandler and Elizabeth Khuri Chandler created it in December 2006 and officially launched it in January 2007.

    Goodreads is an amazing app for those who love reading.

    Furthermore, it’s an extensive digital book club where you can check out what your fellow members are doing.

    Additionally, the App lets users set goals for reading for themselves and monitor their progress over the course of the year.

    What causes the Goodreads app not to work?

    You may be experiencing the problem of the Goodreads app not working for many reasons. The most common causes are:

    Troubles with Problems With Your Internet Connection: Goodreads is an online platform that needs an efficient and stable internet connection to function correctly. Suppose you’re experiencing problems in connection to the internet or you’re experiencing slow or unstable connections. This might be why you’re experiencing issues with the “Goodreads Not Working” problem.

    Problems with the Server: This issue might arise as a result of trying to use the Goodreads services even though the server is unavailable for maintenance.

    Bugs or Glitches: Bugs and Glitches that are present on your device can result in a variety of technical issues. Glitches and bugs could cause the Goodreads app’s malfunctioning issue.

    Why is My Goodreads Search Not Working Today?

    Since many Goodreads users experience similar issues, We can assume that the development team is working on the issue. There could be many reasons that could cause Goodreads problems that aren’t working, for example:

    • Bugs, glitches, or temporary issues
    • Server down
    • Issues with Wi-Fi
    • Issues with the App’s technical aspects
    • Troubleshoot Internet Connectivity

    Goodreads cannot work on a weaker internet connection, and the App’s performance is frequently impaired. This is why you need to enhance the speed of the device. See our article on How to boost Internet Speed on Your Android Phone.

    Wait for Server Uptime

    The Goodreads servers within your region might be experiencing downtime issues or under maintenance. That could be why you can’t use the App properly. You can check the server’s status using the Downdector and, if there are any issues, stay until the issue is resolved.

    Relogin to Goodreads

    After logging out, logging in again can fix minor problems or glitches, and your App could start functioning in the future.

    • Start the Goodreads application and then tap on the three lines in the lower-right corner of the screen.
    • Choose Settings from the menus.
    • After that, you can tap the SIGNOUT button on the screen. When you’ve successfully signed out then, enter your login credentials. Sign in again.

    Clear Cache Files and Data

    As time passes, apps store cache files that may become inaccessible and result in issues with app loading. Cleaning out cache data and cache files helps restore the App to its original condition, which could fix the issue.

    • Start Settings on your smartphone. Tap on Apps Management, then choose Apps.
    • Tap on Goodreads.
    • Tap Storage, choose Clear Cache, then Clear Data.

    Update Goodreads App

    Older apps can be vulnerable to glitches and bugs that could cause frequently occurring crashes. The same could happen for the Goodreads application, and that’s why it’s not working. Therefore, we recommend updating it to see whether that solves the issue.

    • Go to the Google Play Store. Google Play Store and search for Goodreads.
    • Click on the Update button if there is one.

    Contact Customer Service

    Goodreads Customer Support can assist you with particular issues and provide solutions tailored to your circumstances. If the abovementioned solutions weren’t helpful, try calling them.

    Reinstall Goodreads

    The process of uninstalling Goodreads will remove the App’s corrupt information or the temporary files that are associated with the App. After reinstalling and reinstalling the application, you will get a brand-new version, which will help eliminate glitches or bugs preventing it from running.

    • Click on the app menu on your smartphone and press the Goodreads button.
    • Select the Uninstall option from the choices that pop up.
    • Install the Goodreads application, then check to see if the issue has been solved.

    The Bottom Line

    Furthermore, many users are unhappy because they’ve experienced this issue using the Goodreads application several times.

    The users can test all of these fixes for the application’s problem.

    If you continue encountering issues with the Goodreads app, you should wait for an update from the creators.


    1. Q What measures should be followed if the Goodreads App isn’t loading?

    A: If your App isn’t loading, you can wait some time since it could be due to a temporary issue with your server. In addition, you should check your mobile or Wi-Fi connection to identify the possibility of network issues.

    2. Q How can I solve audio-related issues in the Goodreads App?

    A: Go through the volume settings of your smartphone and try headphones to figure out if the problem is with your speakers or the App.

    3. Q: What steps can I take to get app notifications?

    A: Launch the Goodreads App and go to the Notifications Settings. Check that notifications are turned on. If you do not hear alerts appearing, verify that the notification sound in the App isn’t muted.

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