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How To Fix Facebook Messenger Problems

    If Facebook Messenger isn’t working, start the application again, switch off Wi-Fi, and test the app on a different device. There is a chance that Messenger has stopped working. Messenger does not work with Downdetector. These are seven great solutions to solve issues with Messenger. Messenger Platform. Messenger, previously known as Facebook Messenger, is a widely used messaging program that allows you to remain in contact with your friends, relatives, friends, and colleagues. If Messenger doesn’t work, this could lead to your communication stopping entirely. Here are seven of the most popular methods used to fix and troubleshoot the problem you are experiencing using Messenger.

    What is the reason why Facebook Messenger is Not Working?

    Common causes of Messenger problems include:

    • Problems with servers: Facebook Messenger is popular among users, but there may be situations wherein the app periodically encounters temporary server issues that affect the app’s functionality.
    • Internet problems: Messenger requires a functioning internet connection to work. If your Internet is not strong or has been experiencing issues, the issue could result in slowing Messenger’s performance.
    • Device glitch: In some cases, issues with your device’s software or hardware could create problems with Facebook Messenger not working.
    • A version of the app that is outdated: Using an outdated version of the Messenger app could cause compatibility problems and functionality issues.
    • Problems with accounts: In rare cases, there are occasions that account-specific issues, such as setting privacy preferences, settings for funds, or any other aspects of the report, may affect the functioning of Messenger.
    • Issues with the app: Certain features on Messenger, like video messages, voice messages, or other components, may stop working suddenly and lead Messenger to shut down.

    What to Do To Resolve the Issues with Your Messenger Application

    If the Messenger app isn’t working, various options exist.

    Make sure that the Messenger is not working.

    It is possible to use the Downdetector site. Another option to consider can be Services Down. Both sites will inform you if your application is down and estimate how long it will take to get the issue solved. They can also tell you other Messenger users may have the same problem.

    Close the Messenger, then Restart it.

    You need to use it if you are using it sparingly. It could also start but then run erratically. Therefore, you must force the app to close and start fresh. If you own an iOS device, you can force close and then restart Messenger as follows:

    • Move your finger to the right from below the screen, and you can launch by tapping the “App Switcher.” Additionally, you can press the “Home Screen” button to activate it.
    • Look for the Messenger application by tapping left.
    • Click on the Messenger application to quit the app.
    • To reboot the Messenger app, go toward”Home Screen” or the “Home Screen” as well as “App Library,” then tap it.

    How to shut down and start the Messenger application on an Android phone:

    • Start your “Settings” menu, then select “Apps.”
    • Tap the “Messenger” icon on the app.
    • Press “Force to stop” to stop the Messenger application.

    Reboot Your Phone

    Quickly check if your Messenger application has stopped working due to a system issue, and reboot your phone. This is the quickest way to restart your phone:

    • Click”Power” or the “Power” button for around 10 seconds.
    • Select “Restart” in the menu shortcut that pops up.
    • Hit”Power,” then press the “Power” button again, and open the Messenger application.

    Open Messenger on a different Smartphone

    Maybe the Messenger isn’t working as it should due to a problem with the phone. Try running the app on a different device. Messenger is an app available on every operating system, including Windows, iOS, and Android. Launch Messenger on your PC desktop browser to see what happens. If it does not work, your smartphone is experiencing an issue.

    Clean the Cache File

    The application you use, Facebook Messenger, may fail to start due to a damaged cache file. The cache file stores the app’s information quickly, allowing it to operate smoothly without many resources. It is recommended to clear the cache file to determine whether the Messenger can open. Accessing the Messenger apps for other iOS and Android smartphones is different.

    This is how you can clear the cache from Android:

    • Go to “Settings” on your smartphone, then click “Apps.”
    • Look for the “Messenger” application on the list of applications and then tap.
    • Click “Storage” to display “Cache” along with other info.
    • Click the “Clear Cache” icon.

    Start the Messenger application and see whether it opens.
    Be aware that if your device is an iOS smartphone, it will only be able to transparent the cache files after first uninstalling the Messenger application. Therefore, you must uninstall the application, go to the App Store, and reinstall it.

    Turn On Background Data

    The Messenger application may not start if it can’t access the background data. You can turn off background data in apps you do not use frequently. This will allow you to connect the apps to the internet only while you are using these apps. Ensure that Messenger is among those applications that cannot utilize background data regularly. After that, you can turn off the restriction on background data:

    • Go into “Settings” and then tap “Apps.”
    • Tap the “Messenger” application on the menu and click “Data Utilization.”
    • Verify that you’ve activated “Background information.” If it’s turned off, press the button to enable it.

    It is possible to tap “Apps” instead of “Apps and notifications” in Step 1, depending on your phone’s version. Your device may need you to select “See the entire list of Apps” and “Manage Apps” in Step 2. This will show you the app list.

    Uninstall Your Messenger, then Install It Once Again.

    Messenger might not be able to start due to an issue with the technical side. Fixing this issue by uninstalling the app and installing it again is possible. It has nothing to do with your data stored within Messenger when you uninstall the application.

    Here are the instructions to follow for Android:

    • “Google Play Store” Launch “Google Play Store.”
    • Look for the “Messenger” application.
    • Click “Uninstall” on the “Preview” page.
    • When you have removed the app, click “Install” to install it.
    • Try restarting the Messenger to determine whether it usually opens.


    The problem with Facebook Messenger not working can be frustrating, especially if you’re desperate to use this app. Most people use Messenger as an application for texting, which is the only means of communication with some people they know.

    If this occurs to you, you are likely looking to have it repaired immediately. There are numerous possible reasons why the Messenger application might need to be fixed.

    There is much information on their mobiles, which can lead to problems. You may have complications from storing data when they’re not open. For example, this might include Messenger.

    You could have done this by mistake, which means why Messenger won’t start needs to be clarified. There are several options to consider. There are ten that are listed below.

    In most cases, you will find one that can resolve your issue, and you can return to communicating via Messenger with your friends.

    You must test the options one at a given time; in case you cannot solve the problem, you should seek out a specialist who has knowledge of your particular telephone.

    They are likely to have the ability to solve the issue for you. Messenger is among the most used apps to connect with friends and communicate. Therefore, you should try every solution to solve the problem.


    What can I do to deactivate Facebook Messenger?

    There must be a method to stop using Facebook Messenger by deactivating your account. To hide your online status, select your Profile icon > Active Status.

    What do I do to see messages sent by friends who are not using Facebook Messenger?

    To view the hidden Facebook messages on the Messenger app, tap the profile icon, then select Messenger Requests > What You Could Have. When you open a web browser, you can click the Messenger icon, the three dots icon, and Message Requests. View All of Messenger.

    What do I do if someone has blocked me from Facebook Messenger?

    To determine if someone has blocked you via Facebook Messenger, send the user an email. If the message is successful, they will likely not have blocked you. If they didn’t, the individual could be stopping you. If you can view the individual’s Facebook page, they might be blocking you via Messenger but not Facebook.

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