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How To Fix Apple Music Artwork Not Showing

    Apple Music app lets you enjoy a wide selection of songs you can listen to on your iPhone. Each song will discover a distinct Album art piece that will allow you to appreciate the music and make it more enjoyable. Also, you can enable Animated Art for a more exciting experience on the Music application.

    However, sometimes, the artwork of an album isn’t accessible for only a handful of songs available on Apple Music, which might make the listening experience dull. Below is a list of options to correct the Apple Music album art not appearing on iPhone.

    How to Fix Apple Music Not Showing Album Artwork

    Update to the latest iOS version.

    If the problem is with an older iOS, upgrading to a current iOS version is possible. The new iOS fixes issues that caused problems, such as Apple Music not showing album artwork.

    • Open the Settings app. You can select the General option and then select the Software Update option. Is it possible to check if you can download the update?
    • Enter the passcode to update your iPhone to the latest iOS version. Start your iPhone and immediately check if your album artwork is standard in Apple Music.

    Re-enable iCloud Music Library.

    Re-enabling the iCloud Music Library may be the best way to fix this problem — Apple Music album art is not being displayed. Learn more about solving the problem as follows.

    • Go to the Settings app and select the Music option. You can then turn off the Show Apple Music and iCloud Music Library option.
    • Once you’re done, restart your iPhone and return to Settings. Select the Music option and turn on the two options once again.
    • After you enable your iCloud Music Library option, you can select the Delete & Replace option to refresh the album art.

    Release more space.

    In most cases, you need at least 2.5GB of space to install album artwork on Apple Music. Remove large files or copy iPhone documents to your computer as a backup to ensure enough space to download the album.

    Step 1: To verify iPhone storage capacity, select the General option, then select the iPhone storage option.

    Step 2: You can check the amount of storage on your iPhone by enabling offloading unused apps or uninstalling large storage apps to create additional storage space.

    Open the Music app again.

    Naturally, you can force the closing of the music application and reopen it to remove the missing Apple Music album artwork. Close the Music app, then restart it to see how it works.

    • Swipe up from the bottom to find the music icon for the app. Swipe left or right to find music icons.
    • You can tap the icon to quit the application. To fix the issue of missing album art in Apple Music, relaunch the application.

    Transfer and edit music files for iPhone.

    What do you do if your iPhone is running out of space? How do you change or transfer album artwork on Apple Music without iTunes?

    • MobiTrans is the preferred manager and music transfer for Apple Music, not showing album artwork.
    • Transfer videos, music, and photos on your iPhone to your computer quickly and easily.
    • Change ID3 details for Apple Music, such as name, rating, format, etc.
    • Manage music and other files to keep the phone efficient and organized.
    • It supports iPhone, iPad, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, and many more devices.

    The iPhone can be connected iPhone to the computer.

    After downloading and installing the phone transfer program, then launch the application on your PC. Once installed, connect your iPhone to your computer using an initial USB cable. The iPhone is capable of recognizing the phone automatically.

    Transfer music from your iPhone onto a PC

    When you click the Music menu, select the music files you want to transfer. Then, right-click on the desired music file, select Export on PC, and Export to Device for additional space.

    Edit the Music Info for the Apple Music

    If you wish to alter the Apple Music album’s design, You can click on the right-click icon of the album and select the Music Info option. Here, it lets you copy, send to others, and modify the information about the music in the manner you want.

    Bonus Tips: How to Download Apple Music as MP3 Files with album artwork

    TuneFab Apple Music Converter is the perfect companion to make you the most out of the Apple Music benefits. The top-rated program allows you to download as many tracks as you want and as many playlists, mixes, and playlists as you wish through Apple Music with lossless quality.

    In addition, it’ll preserve the meta information, such as cover art for albums, to help users manage their library of endless tracks. Additionally, it can remove DRM restrictions so you can have the most enjoyable playing experience on all devices, even after the subscription has expired. With the built-in player, you only need to click just one click to convert Apple Music to MP3 with one click, as the photo below shows.

    If you go through the eight options above, you can solve issues with Apple Music album covers not being displayed in the app store on iPhone or Android problems. In addition, if your goal is to make the most of the benefits of your Apple Music subscription, TuneFab Apple Music Converter will be the perfect tool to download unlimited high-resolution Apple Music with album artwork covers.

    Final Words

    We hope you like this article about fixing Apple Music album artwork not appearing on iPhones. Several iPhone or iPad users have complained that Apple Music album art is not displayed in the application. Album covers and cover art for albums can be added automatically to music files. If you enjoy this article, do spread it around to others.

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