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How To Fix An Apple Watch That’s Not Updating

    Apple Watch The Apple Watch is a versatile and powerful wearable gadget that effortlessly integrates with your iPhone. It offers essential functions, including health tracking, notifications, and the capability to call. But, like every other device, it may have occasional issues. A common problem that people might encounter is an Apple Watch getting stuck on an updated display while paired with an iPhone. In this post, we’ll explore the root of this issue and offer precise troubleshooting strategies to help you solve the problem.

    Why Is the Apple Watch Update Taking So Long?

    If you are updating the firmware on your Apple Watch, the update is operating slowly and takes quite a while. This article will show how to alter this issue and speed up the process.

    Verify your internet connection. If your connection to the internet is slow, an update could delay downloading. It would help if you stopped all downloads running on any other device on the network to increase speed.

    Switch off Bluetooth. If you have an iPhone, you can turn off Bluetooth to increase the speed of updates and data transfer.

    Be patient. If you’re Apple Watch is an older model, it is especially prone to slow updates. Make sure you have time to await the update and do not start the update until you are ready to make use of the device.

    Apple Watch Update Requirements

    There are some things to do before updating your watch before going over all Apple Watch troubleshooting tips. If you want to learn suggestions and tricks to use on every one of your Apple gadgets, don’t forget to join our no-cost Tip of the Day!

    • Check that you’re iPhone is up-to-date with the most current version of iOS.
    • You can charge Your Apple Watch to 50 percent or greater.
    • Connect to your iPhone with WiFi.
    • Keep your iPhone close to your Apple Watch throughout the update.

    Let Your Apple Watch Update Automatically Overnight

    In some cases, the updating issue could be resolved with no assistance. Be sure that Automatic Updates is toggled on within the Apple Watch settings. Keep your smartphone connected to WiFi and set your Apple Watch on its charger close to the iPhone. This is how you can turn off Apple Watch Automatic Updates:

    Launch the Watch application on your iPhone.

    Start the Watch app to correct Apple Watch won’t upgrade
    On the My Watch tab, tap on General.

    • Tap on General
      Select Software Update.
    • Click to open Software Update to retry the Apple Watch update
      Tap on Automatic Updates.
    • Tap on Automatic Updates
      Verify that Automatic Updates is turned on. The toggle should turn green.

    Make sure Automatic Updates is turned on (the toggle should be green)
    Have you left it for a night and completed all updates but cannot upgrade the software on your Apple Watch? Follow these troubleshooting tips for a successful Apple Watch software update!


    Congratulations! Congratulations! You’ve fixed the Apple Watch problem and successfully made the update. Be sure to follow the instructions attentively and carefully. If you are still having trouble, contact Apple Support and explain the issue to them. They can assist you in fixing the problem.


    What do I do when I notice the Apple Watch update taking too long?

    If your Apple Watch update is taking forever, charge it and keep your eyes open. Apple Watch updates can take an extended time to be installed. Restart the device if it’s been longer than two hours.

    Is it truly 2 hours to update your Apple Watch?

    An Apple Watch update can take as long as two hours. However, it’s only sometimes. The time frame depends on various factors, such as the amount and complexity of the change.

    Could I delay the Apple Watch update?

    You can interrupt the process of an Apple Watch update, but it’s not advised. It would help if you usually let the update run before you do any other activity using your Apple Watch.

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