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How to fix a samsung tv no sound

    Samsung, the South Korean electronics giant, makes a vast variety of high-end digital items, from smartphones to smart TVs. TVs are among the most crucial product lines for Samsung.

    Although Samsung electronic devices have credibility for premium, trustworthy Television, they undergo failure and also troubles. One of the most typical issues reported with Samsung TVs is problems with the sound. Often, the root cause of such an error is simply problems or bad links, but it might result from a hardware failure. In this write-up, you’ll discover exactly how to fix audio troubles on your Samsung TV to make sure that you can get back to appreciating your favorite streams!

    How to reset sound on a Samsung television

    The sound examination feature is available in Samsung televisions to help determine the causes of any type of sound-related issues.

    After ending up the sound test, it is incredibly vital to reset the audio if significant troubles are detected using the examination.

    Select the Settings alternative from the checklist.

    Select Noise and then select Professional Settings.

    Next off, pick the Reset sound choice.

    Samsung TV no audio– exactly how to repair

    If your Samsung television has no noise, you require to reset your television. Unplug your TV from the wall surface and also wait 60 seconds. While the unplugged, press and hold the power button for 30 secs. After a min, connect your TV back in. This will soft reset the television and deal with the audio!

    Sound Examination

    Lots of Samsung Televisions include a series of examinations used to detect potential issues. The Noise Test is generally accessed by pressing “Food selection” on the television remote and after that picking “Support,” “Self Diagnosis” and “Audio Examination.” This examination plays a tune sound through the TV’s audio speakers. This enables you to establish if the issue lies with your television hardware. If you can not listen to the tune played during the test, then your TV more than likely has experienced some kind of equipment failure. If you can hear the test melody, then you should continue to repair it to identify what is causing the sound issue with your Samsung television.

    TV attached to an external speaker

    If your Samsung TV is connected to an earphone, you have to disconnect it.

    Below’s just how to disconnect an external audio speaker with the Samsung TV:

    Go to the TV’s setups.

    Select “Audio.”.

    Select “Sound Result.”.

    Click “Bluetooth Speaker Listing.”.

    Select the tool you intend to disconnect.

    Then, the faucet “Disconnect.”.

    Tip: Play music or video before doing this procedure. By doing this, you can check today if the process has worked. And do not forget to quantity up the sound also.

    Check for Software Application Updates on your Samsung TV.

    If your Samsung television is linked to the internet, then below’s what you need to do to update your television software program.

    Click the “Residence” button on your television remote and choose “Setups”.

    Browse to the “Cloud icon” complied with by the “Support” tab.

    Select “Software upgrade”.

    Click “Update Now” to initiate the setup of the brand-new software program.

    After effective installation, your television will reboot by itself.

    Check for a Connected Headset.

    Do you ever before utilize a headset on your TV? Players, in particular, could be using a wired collection of headphones linked into a sound out jack, and also if the headphones are connected in, after that any kind of audio is being transmitted to that device, and you could not listen to the sound having fun if you aren’t using the headset. Assuming you never use a headset on your TV, examine the headset port for any debris. Your television may pick up something in the port which will not enable the audio to path appropriately.

    Check External Sound Instruments.

    Yet what if your Samsung TV is connected to outside gadgets such as residence speakers.

    In that instance, there is an opportunity that your outside gadgets might have gone defective.

    From my understanding, audio speakers are usually really sensitive to voltage changes, and a power rise can sometimes harm its fuse.

    If you have an added pair of speakers, attempt connecting them to your Samsung TV to see if the issue is fixed.


    Unplug your television from the wall as well as wait one minute.

    Reseat the power cord in the rear of your television.

    See to it Samsung Noise Outcome is set to “TV Speaker”.

    The manufacturing facility reset your TV with or without your remote.

    Contact the Samsung television assistance group.

    If none of these repairs work you might intend to bring up your service warranty as well as see if it is still valid, otherwise, you’re stuck purchasing a new television.

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