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how to find mac address on iphone

    A device that connects to the internet can have one of two addresses: an Internet address and a physical one. While the Internet address is used to locate the device globally, the physical location helps identify a device connected to the local network. This physical address, technically known as a MAC, is what your iPhone has.

    This article will discuss a MAC address, how it can benefit you, and how you can find your iPhone’s MAC address.

    What is a MAC Address, and how do you use it?

    A MAC (Media Access Control) address is a unique identifier of a hardware component in your device. Each manufacturer assigns a unique MAC to their devices. This address is used for identifying and recognizing your device within a pool of other devices.

    What is a MAC Address (and how does it work?)
    A MAC address is a 12-digit code. This code is usually separated into every two numbers by a colon. A MAC address is a 12-digit code you use to connect your iPhone to a WiFi network.

    How to Find the MAC address for an iPhone using WiFi Settings

    You can access your WiFi settings to verify your MAC addresses if you’re connected via WiFi. It’ll be listed under the details of your current WiFi network.

    Your iPhone’s unique MAC address is not affected by changes, but it is visible only if you have the Private Address toggle disabled. If you turn on the Private Address toggle, you will see a new WiFi Address each time you connect to another WiFi Network.

    Here’s how WiFi settings can help you find your iPhone’s MAC address:

    Open Settings.

    Tap WiFi.

    Tap the info(i) icon beside your WiFi network.

    Your MAC address can be found in the WiFi Address field.

    WiFi Address highlighted by iPhone WiFi Settings
    If the Private Address toggle is on, the WiFi Address will display a unique MAC Address only used with current WiFi networks. Turn off the Private Address toggle to view your phone’s actual MAC address.

    Check Your Network Settings menu.

    Another simple way to do it is: You only need to follow these steps:

    Navigate to Settings app > WiFi
    Tap the WiFi network to connect.
    In the WiFi address area, you’ll see your wireless MAC addresses.

    How to locate the MAC address of an iPhone?

    There are two simple ways to find your iPhone’s MAC address. You can find both of these options in Settings. Have a look here:

    The WiFi settings will show you the MAC address of your iPhone.
    iPhone has a mac address

    The WiFi settings can be used to verify your MAC Address. However, you need to first connect to the WiFi.

    Open Settings on the iPhone.
    Tap on WiFi. You will see the WiFi connection.
    If you need to be connected to the WiFi, connect first. Click the (i1) info icon to connect to your WiFi network.
    There is the WiFi address as well as the MAC Address field.

    Apps from Third-Party Networks

    Many iPhone and iPad users use WiFi analyzers and network monitoring software to check their device’s address. Apple introduced iOS 11, which made it impossible for third-party apps to access MAC addresses.

    Are there other third-party tools or built-in techniques that allow you to check MAC addresses for iPhones and iPad?

    What happens to my iPhone’s mobile MAC address if it is connected to another WiFi Network?

    No, each device has a unique MAC Address.

    Locate your wireless MAC addresses by opening the About menu within your iPhone’s settings. Once you have entered the WiFi address field, you will be able to find the same information every time.

    Your WiFi MAC is a hardware address. This is the identifying information that your device uses to identify itself.

    This is important if your WiFi router or network uses MAC filtering or other options that allow/block network access based only on the unique device information.

    Why would you need your MAC address to be found?

    If you are wondering why you should find your device’s MAC Address, here are some reasons:

    To locate your device among other users connected to the local network.
    To identify and prevent unauthorized access to your wireless router.
    To determine which devices in a network are senders or receivers.
    To diagnose and resolve network issues on your device.
    Registering a home network to an internet service provider allows you to mimic another device.

    Is it a Mac Address or an IP Address?

    The main difference between Mac and IP addresses is that MAC Addresses are used to verify the physical address. It uniquely identifies a device on a network. The IP addresses are used for uniquely identifying the network connection to the device taking part in the network.

    Why did you want the ability to spoof an iPhone’s MAC Address?

    This article will show you how to determine your iPhone’s accurate MAC address, disable MAC randomization in iOS 14, and how to spoof your MAC address. How did you get all this information? What were the restrictions your organization imposed on you?

    Is the MAC address similar to an Internet address?

    No. A MAC address does not change, but it can be changed depending on where you live or the network you use. An IP address, however, changes according to network and geographic location. Additionally, an IP refers to an internet protocol.

    You can save a lot by knowing what a MAC address is and how it can be found. I hope you find this article helpful.

    Could your MAC address be used to track you? It’s possible. We all have it, but we share it when connected to public networks. It is your right to share it.

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