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How to find airpod case?

    If you’re like me, you’re likely to lose items often. Particularly small items that are easily lost, such as the AirPods case. If this is you (pun intended), Do not worry, I’m here to assist. In this blog article, I’ll share tips for locating your AirPods case easily and quickly. In this post, you’ll find all the details you need to begin.

    You can locate your Airpods case that has Airpods inside by applying the Find My app. Find My app on your Apple device. It might not be easy to locate cases if they do not contain the Airpod inside them.

    How do you locate the AirPods case? While you can locate your AirPods through”Find My” or the “Find my” app on your iPhone and then hear them play loud music, it can be quite a task to locate the AirPods case because it’s in a state of non-playing any sound. However, as long as you see the green dots on the side of your paired AirPods within the Find my app, your AirPods case is close by!

    How to Locate an AirPods Case

    It is possible to trace your AirPods cases can easily be tracked by using the “Find My iPhone “Find My iPhone” application that is available to users running under macOS Mojave. Mac users who have updated macOS Catalina will use the “Find My” application. While it will not play any music when the AirPods aren’t inside the case, when you try to locate the case by itself, it will show you the case’s location in the vicinity. Take the next steps to locate that AirPods case.

    • Start your Find me app from your iPhone.
    • Look through the list of devices connected to your iPhone and tap the button to display AirPods.
    • Please verify that your AirPods are green in front of their name
    • If you see a green dot, this means the case is near
    • If you see a gray dot, that signifies that the AirPods case isn’t in. A light grey indicates that the AirPods are out of range.
    • For a green dot, tap the play sound button to blast loud music through your AirPods and follow them by listening to the music.
    • If you’re offline If you are offline, press the Car icon to show the current location of your AirPods

    How do I Find My AirPods Case and Serial Number?

    We have negative news to share with you. It’s impossible to locate your AirPods case that has a serial number.

    The only thing you can use your serial number for is to obtain a replacement with it. Contact the Apple store using your serial number, and they’ll arrange for a replacement at a cost.

    Can I Track My Lost Airpod Case?

    As I’ve mentioned previously that you’ll only be in a position to track your Airpods case if there is at the very least one Airpod in it. If the case doesn’t have two Airpods, the Find My app will not help locate the case.

    Why? In contrast to the Airpods with Apple’s H1 chip, this charging case has only the standard chip. This means it cannot access the Internet or be found like Airpods.

    How do I locate AirPods If they’re not working

    To begin, you must first open the Find My app and choose the AirPods from the drop-down menu located on the left-hand side of the screen.
    If you see a gray dot, they’re not connected to the Internet. However, you’ll be able to view the location you were previously. Return to the previous location using the Car icon. You can’t, however, make use of AirPods for music while they’re off.
    Then, you’ll need to get old school and look for your AirPods when you reach their residence, i.e., play music with them following the earlier method.

    How Do I Find My Airpods Case Without My iPhone?

    Do you want to locate your Airpods case but do not have the device you’re using them with? You can still locate it through

    Completing this task requires access to a computer and an internet connection. On, you can go to the option to locate My iPhone. Log in to your account using the details of your Apple ID and password. If there are multiple Apple IDs, you should select one that’s linked to the Airpods the case you’re seeking.

    Then, you’ll see a list of all the devices associated with your account. Select “All the Devices” on the upper right-hand side of your screen. A map will pop up and display every device associated with your iCloud account, including the Airpods case.

    Final Thoughts

    The loss of the AirPods and the AirPods case can be quite an unimaginable nightmare. It is important to be cautious initially to prevent them from losing. Most often, children lose AirPods very easily. “Is it appropriate for them to use AirPods in any way?” is a different concern.

    We’re grateful to Apple for the “Find My iPhone” feature, but it’s difficult to ignore the limitations. When you’ve lost your AirPods, and the AirPods case is beyond the range, it’s almost impossible to recover them. It’s a nightmare to lose your AirPods case since the replacement must be made immediately to ensure that your AirPods work.

    Also, we cannot overlook the replacement cost Apple will charge for this. Being a pioneering business, Apple should develop a feature that can aid you in finding the AirPods case without AirPods inside it.

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