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How To End A Facetime Call Without Them Knowing

    The act of hanging up calls on an iPhone is an easy job. However, there are numerous ways to accomplish it. From the classic call-to-hangup feature to other more unusual methods in this guide, we’ll explore eleven different methods to close the call using an iPhone. If you’re searching for a more accessible option to call off or want to experiment with something different, this manual will help you.

    It is important to note that they work with standard phone calls and FaceTime calls. A few of them can allow you to end calls made using VoIP applications, including WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Zoom, Google Duo and others.

    How to End a FaceTime Call Without Them Knowing

    FaceTime is a well-known video-calling feature on Apple devices like the iPad or iPhone. You can talk to others via audio or video. It is considered polite to let someone else be aware of when it’s time to cut off the conversation, but there could be instances that you want to keep it a secret. Here are a few suggestions that will let you quickly close your FaceTime call with no one noticing. 

    Method 1: Turn to Airplane Mode. Authentically stop the FaceTime conversation by removing this Airplane Mode feature on your iPhone or iPad. To do so: 

    • If you are on your FaceTime call, click the Power button or go to the home screen on your device and then close the screen for a few seconds.
    • If your screen is turned off, it is imperative to switch off Airplane mode by navigating down into the Control Center above. If the plane’s mode is activated and fee time calls are cut off with no other party. 

    Method 2: Tap the button to go back home. The button pressing the Home button is A different method of stopping FaceTime, calls on your iPad or switching off the feature on your iPhone swiftly. 

    • Touch the home button on your iPad gently or use your iPhone’s auxiliary touchscreen feature to access the Home.
    • You will be taken back to the home screen. However, you’ll be able to continue the FaceTime chat. Someone else can see your computer screen without realizing you’ve ended the conversation. 

    Method 3. Please make use of to use the Lock Button Strategy. Like the way of pressing Home, it is possible to use the lock button to secure the screen of your iPad or iPhone to stop the FaceTime calls. You can then end your call quietly without anyone noticing you’re no longer in the room.

    How To Hang Up FaceTime Calls Using the Power Button?

    If you cannot maintain steady eye contact while using the menu for the control centre, Follow the instructions below to achieve the same result.

    • Hold the power button until you close the phone.
    • Open the Control Center menu, and then turn to your Airplane mode.
    • If someone tries to reach you by phone and you do not answer, the call goes to voicemail or will not go through.

    While the user receives the ‘Call Ends’ message, your phone abruptly shuts off. Your reason will seem plausible since the person’s following calls will not go through.


    FaceTime calls are an excellent opportunity to connect with family and friends. It’s not uncommon that the calls can be excessive or even annoying.

    If you’re worried about being rude by hanging up, try faking a lousy connection to the internet or even your telephone going off. It’s an ideal situation since you can end the conversation without the emotions of the person calling you and getting hurt.

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