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how to edit videos on iphone

    In the modern age of smartphones, recording and editing videos have become much easier. Producing cinematic and high-quality video content was once an exercise. It required thousands and thousands of camera equipment software to achieve. If you have the right person to create it, feature-length films can now be shot with a smartphone.

    The ability to create content using smartphones is a dream for those who are just beginning to make great videos. Apple has set the standard for a long time regarding quality video recording on smartphones. The latest iPhone 13 and 14 Pro can even shoot using ProRes (a professional-grade video codec).

    While Android offers plenty of alternatives, IOS makes shooting and editing videos as easy as pressing one button. There are many great applications for video editors who want to make content with only their mobile phones.

    This tutorial will teach the steps to modify an iPhone video with various methods. A side note: everything we’ve shown in this tutorial is possible using the iPad and Mac.

    How do you cut a video on iPhone or iPad?

    Start Photos. Launch the Photos app and play an image.
    Tap Edit on the top left. You’ll see a trim strip. If not, tap on the camera icon just below Cancel.
    Drag one or both ends (>) to reduce the length of the video. Click the play button on the triangle to confirm that you’ve done the appropriate cuts.
    Tap Done, save it as a brand new video or edit your original video.
    I typically use Save Video as New Clip. After playing the edited video, I deleted the original file if it was in perfect condition.

    InVideo – Best Video Editing App for TikTok

    InVideo is a simple video editing application with a simple and attractive UI that makes it simple to add voice or text overs or overlay objects (photos, videos, photos, or images) in your footage.

    One thing that stood out to us was how simple it was to include music in your video. The music on the app is separated into distinct subject areas like cooking, gaming, beauty travel, romance, and much more. You can also upload the music you have created yourself. There’s a “Trending” category for music that you can include in your videos. It’s perfect for sharing on TikTok.

    The app comes with a lot of filters as well as some great visual effects, such as Glitches and various lighting effects. However, it’s less extensive than the other apps listed.

    After you’ve edited the video, you can share it on TikTok by pressing the icon after exporting your final video. You can also upload your video in the form of an Instagram story or post or add it to YouTube, or even share it via WhatsApp.


    In terms of editing video for editing videos on iPhone, There is no other app that can even come near to the capabilities that are included in LumaFusion. It’s the only paid app on this list and deserves every penny. The app isn’t only utilized by YouTubers, mobile journalists, and professional video editors who wish to avoid taking heavy camera equipment and editing equipment wherever they travel.

    One of the most distinctive advantages that are unique to LumaFusion can be found in its UI. It’s a clean and tidy interface and doesn’t have ads or annoying pop-ups that can impede your experience. The best thing about LumaFusion is it not only lets users make edits to videos that are in the landscape but as well in portrait mode. It also allows you to change between both modes without a hitch easily. This is beneficial as the application supports a range of aspect ratios in the video, including portrait, landscape film, square, and many more.

    Regarding features, LumaFusion supports up to six audio and video tracks for images, videos, audio, titles, and graphics. It also supports six audio tracks, including narration and sound effects. Also, it comes with magnetic timelines that make it easy to alter the clips after loading them.


    If you are looking for a premium alternative that allows you to alter and convert 4K video easily, give PowerDirector a try. One of the unique options is the ability to repair shaky camera footage using the help of a video stabilizer. It is also possible to create entertaining intros by using animated titles. To make your voice stand out, try your voice changer shot. Change the background using a green screen editor to have endless fantastic options.

    Other options include combining videos and pictures into one video and adding titles or text to videos. Once you’ve edited the video, it’s straightforward to upload the video to the two platforms, YouTube and Facebook, to get the maximum exposure.


    If you’re new at editing video footage, Splice helps you get started through an easy-to-use interface. Its name says it all. The tool lets you connect clips to create a unified video customized with transitions. Its built-in library of music makes the addition of music simple. Additionally, Splice is a top choice for music. Apple Store ratings, which implies that people find it useful.

    Adobe Premiere Rush for Video

    Adobe Premiere Rush is like the smaller brother of Adobe’s Pro editing software. The sleek and powerful layout and interface of Adobe Rush provide just the essentials. Rush is an extremely new version of Adobe’s portfolio. It is designed specifically for iPhone or DSLR filmmakers looking for the ability to upload and edit their content quickly.

    Premiere Rush will display the digital content in left-right chronology. The Rush dashboard is simple and is often done without instructions. The greatest benefit of this program is that it has limited options for editing.

    If you compare Adobe Rush to software like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro, you’ll notice the absence of manual control options. Adobe Rush is a good choice for vloggers and video makers who only need basic editing features.


    With WeVideo’s simple user interface, it’s okay to need the skills of Quentin Tarantino to create up to 4K films. WeVideo gives you complete control of your hands over all creative elements, including texts, transmissions, as well as motion-effects.

    You can let your imagination go wild with simple green screen effects. Cloud storage allows you to begin your project with one device and continue the place the previous one ended on the next.

    Furthermore, when you enroll in some of their packages, you will have access to a huge collection of royalty-free and licensed videos, images, and music tracks to give an extra glitz to your videos.

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