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How To Download Old Instagram Profile Picture

    Instagram has become a fundamental element of our lives, keeping our memories alive as well as revealing our evolving selves. As time passes, our photos on Instagram represent different stages of our life. However, what happens if you wish to look back at older profile images? Instagram does not prepare an integrated feature that lets you look back at previous profiles. However, don’t fret! In this blog, we’ll offer additional helpful techniques to benefit users who view older Instagram profiles. Let’s explore and find the treasure chest of photos!

    How do I download my Instagram profile photo in the original resolution?

    Because Instagram cannot allow users to download photos of their profiles via accounts, We will instead utilize Instagram Downloads. The simple and easy-to-use interface helps you learn the accurate way to utilize it. Every step is supported by instructions to make sure you remember everything. The app can be used to store videos, photos stories, highlights, stories, or even IGTV and Reels.

    This service is totally free of charge, and there are no advertisements.

    In Instagram’s Downloader, you can save your profile image using the original image quality. Add your username, shortcode, link to your profile, or link to an Instagram blog post. After that, you will see the button to press to download the picture or video.

    If you still need to remember the username of an individual’s Instagram profile but need help finding the account, check out our guide on how to handle this situation.

    Instagram Downloads for PC or Mac

    This is a brief instruction on saving images of your profile on Instagram. Downloads to a computer.

    • Launch the Instagram web browser. Navigate to the profile and go to the location where you wish to download the picture of your profile. Select the link from the address bar, then press Ctrl +C or copy and paste your username.
    • Open Instagram Downloads. Click Ctrl+V for the URL, or enter your username into the search box.
    • Click Download below the profile photo.
    • The Download will begin in a sequence. For information on which location the saved Instagram image is located, click on the upward arrow located in the lower-left corner of the screen, next to the Download.
    • Click Show in the folder.

    Done! The profile picture has been saved from Instagram. The width and height is 1080 pixels.

    Upload Instagram Profile Photos using Third-Party apps.

    Profile Picture Downloader & Zoom for Instagram (Android)
    By downloading your profile photo, it is possible to zoom in as well as download an Instagram profile photo in full size without having to sign in.

    • Launch the Instagram application and locate the user whose profile photo you wish to download.
    • Click the Ctrl and C keys to save the username.
    • You can visit the Google Play store and download Profile Picture Downloader and Zoom to Instagram.
    • Once installed, please open it and then copy the username you copied earlier.
    • Select the resolution you prefer and then click the Download button in the upper right-hand corner.

    How do I download your Instagram profile photo online?

    If you want to save Instagram profile pictures on the internet in HD, take the following steps:

    • Copy the Instagram URL.
    • Enter the URL in the box, then select the “View” button.
    • The Instagram profile photo will be seen; click the download button to save the image.

    How do I view my Instagram profile photo in full-size

    To see anyone’s Instagram photo, the Instagram username needs to be typed accurately.

    Start the app or visit the IG website with browsers, and then carefully copy the characters. Make sure you avoid spelling mistakes. The app’s user’s name isn’t transferable. Thus, you must carefully copy and paste it into the search box for this user to avoid any errors.

    Try the service. A reliable toolkit that is able to identify any profile photo at its full size and in the original resolution. The image could be seen at the exact size that it was posted to the IG server. It is a benefit of this application that it allows you to quickly look at full-size images and instantly download all Instagram media images.

    When you select the Browse option, the user’s DP will open within a flash. If you’re attempting to shoot screen the user, it may not be as productive. If visual quality is important, then read the method of data extraction.


    Can you see the Instagram profile image of an Instagrammer?

    Yes. The website can be used as a universal tool that allows you to access pictures of anyone who is registered with the social network. Look up celebrities, business accounts, friends, and private accounts.

    Do I have access to IG profiles if I don’t have a legitimate account?

    If you’re not a registered user on Instagram or you have removed your account, you’ll still be able to view the primary account icons. With this online service, there is only one thing you need to be aware of, which is the proper name an individual or business utilizes to identify IG.

    Is this a free service?

    Yes. You can try this tool for free forever. Explore our other tools for free, including our Profile Analyzer, the Story Viewer Downloaders, and more.

    Does a person know that I have browsed, looked through, and downloaded their profile photo?

    It’s completely anonymous. The user won’t get informed because you do not require login credentials to take a picture.


    Even though Instagram does not offer an in-built feature that lets you look through previous photos, There are other ways to access and discover the old-fashioned gems. It doesn’t matter if you utilize third-party apps such as the Wayback Machine or communicate with the person directly and discover the previous Instagram profiles that are accessible to you.

    Always remember to protect your privacy, and never ask permission before engaging with other material. Utilize these strategies responsibly and take a trip down memories. If you want to learn more thrilling Instagram strategies and tips, take a look at our blog. We’re there to benefit to make the most possible of the Instagram experience. Be sure to check back for more interesting material!

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