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How To Download Music From Youtube

    Learning to download music on YouTube could be useful. Although it is predominantly a streaming site, many people also use it as an opportunity for music listening. Many artists upload music to YouTube in addition to several channels that showcase music from all genres.

    YouTube is aware of that and released YouTube Music and provides YouTube Premium with the ability for listeners to keep playing music when they lock their phones (very beneficial when listening to music).

    The only way you can download music off YouTube is to pay to subscribe for YouTube Music (or YouTube Premium, which includes access to YouTube music. Be aware that the same thing does not apply to vice versa, the fact that purchasing YouTube Music does not give you access to YouTube Premium.

    Things You Need to Be Educated About

    The easiest and most effective way to download YouTube videos is to sign up for YouTube Premium.

    When using YouTube Premium, tap the download button near your Video. Select the download quality, and you can watch videos offline on YouTube. YouTube application.

    Third-party websites and apps frequently get shut down because they don’t comply with the terms of service. Therefore, they need to be more reliable.

    Official Method: Utilizing YouTube Premium to download YouTube songs

    YouTube Premium is a paid service provided by YouTube for providing a non-advertising experience for users. YouTube Premium allows you to play any song on the Internet. YouTube Premium, you can listen to every YouTube music as background music while you use other applications.

    Furthermore, it lets you easily download the most popular YouTube songs to your smartphone.


    • It is easy to download YouTube music and then listen offline.
    • Listen to music in the background. You can then play by using different apps.
    • It provides new content only for subscribers.
    • Ad-free experience.


    • It is not available in every region of the world.
    • The subscription plans for a month are extremely costly.

    Follow these steps to download the music on YouTube Premium:

    Step 1: Start your YouTube Music app. (Be certain you’ve purchased the premium plan)

    Step 2: Select the music or song you wish to download.

    Step 3: Tap on the three dots icon and choose the Download option.

    It instantly saves the music file, now available to play offline.

    How can I Download Music from YouTube Music to Android?’

     Turn on the smart downloads to automate downloading and manually download music videos.

    The amount of music you can download using YouTube Music depends on how you have space within your Android device and the length and quality of the music or song videos you wish to save.

    You can choose the amount of songs you want to download for your intelligent downloads. Additionally, you can select to download either audio or Video, depending on your requirements. It is possible to go to your profile image Settings > Library and downloads and change your settings.

    Allow Smart Downloads to Download songs automatically

    If you’d like to use smart downloads, make sure you first activate this feature in the YouTube Music app.

    How can I Turn On Smart Downloads in the YouTube Music App?

    These steps can be followed to allow smart downloads:

    • Launch the YouTube Music application on your Android phone.
    • Click your profile photo in the upper right-hand corner.
    • Select Downloads.
    • Click Setting (a Gear icon) in the upper menu.
    • Scroll to the bottom and turn to the option to enable Smart downloads.

    When you enable the feature that allows smart downloads, YouTube Music will begin to download songs automatically by your past listening.

    You can remove a particular album or playlist if you do not like the music or album. Go to Downloads and locate the music or album you want to erase. After that, you can tap the 3-dot menu. Then, tap Remove Download. YouTube Music will not re-download the playlist or album you removed to your Android device.

    It is possible to play downloaded music offline for at least 30 days. For the Download to remain in effect, you must connect to your internet connection at least every 30 days. But, if the creator of the music video introduces some modifications or limitations on the content created, the music downloaded will be available once you reconnect to your Internet.

    How to manually download songs from YouTube Music for Android

    Download Albums and Playlists on YouTube Music

    To download a playlist or album, click the three dots menu behind the album or playlist before you tap Download.

    Then, go to the album’s or playlist’s details on the page and click the download button to download the album or playlist.

    Get a single track to download from YouTube Music.

    If you wish to download a single song via YouTube Music, you can visit its page by tapping on the track’s artwork and Download. Additionally, you can click the three dots menu and then select the Download button to download the song.

    How do I download the audio on YouTube?

    There are a variety of ways that you can download the audio from YouTube Mac. However, Windows users can also utilize online tools for downloading their preferred YouTube audio. Below, we’ve included directions on how you can download music from YouTube for Windows as well as Mac.

    Audio files can be downloaded via YouTube on Mac at no cost.

    Computer users who want to know how to download audio on YouTube on a Mac without cost should first possess the iTube High Definition Video Downloader. It is available for download on the iSkysoft site. After the Download is completed, you can launch it and download YouTube audio. Below are the steps to take when you extract the audio files from YouTube:

    • Go to YouTube and click on the destination video.
    • A download button will be visible in the upper-left corner of the Video. The dropdown will show showing the different MP3 formats. Select the format you prefer.

    When you’ve done this, iTube HD Video Downloader will automatically download the Video.

    How can I download audio from YouTube with the help of Parallels Toolbox?

    Parallels Toolbox provides a single robust application that lets you download the most popular music from the web and even YouTube. This is how you can utilize the Toolbox to accomplish this.

    • Launch the Parallels Toolbox on the display’s toolbar at the top of your screen.
    • Go to the audio tab inside the library window to access the dropdown menu.
    • Click Download Audio. A window will appear in the background that has a download icon.
    • Start YouTube and look for the Video, then move the URL to the emerging window to download.

    After completing the Download, a list of audio files downloaded in the parallel window will be displayed. You can unwind them and select only the audio file you want to download. Click the Download Selected button.

    The file that you recorded will be stored on your personal computer.


    There’s an abundance of internet information that explains the best way to download YouTube audio. It makes searching for the correct application and downloading the audio file difficult and slow. It would be better to locate a tool with simple methods to download YouTube audio clues. When using the parallel Toolbox, you have a multiplatform software with more than 30 options to help you complete computer tasks.

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