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How To Do A Kickflip On A Tech Deck

    The kickflip is usually the next trick you master after you’ve mastered the ollie. It’s executed similarly, except you lift the back of your board off the ground and then slide your front hand upwards. Then, instead of moving your finger towards the center of your board and making it level instead, you’ll kick your finger towards the sides of the board, and then rotate it to the fullest extent, then catch it and then land.

    The prominent issue people encounter when beginning to learn the kickflip is that they aren’t capable of rotating the board enough to lift it off the floor. If this’s the issue that you’re facing, then you’ll want to make sure you’re able to get your ollies up to an inch off the ground before you begin learning to do the kickflip. When you’re able to do that, if you’re experiencing difficulty turning the board entirely, ensure that you’re hitting the corners of the fingerboard with enough force to ensure the board is turning.

    Landing on a tech Deck Kickflip

    Step 1

    For the first step, it is necessary to start by placing your middle finger over the tail and the index finger on the logo. This can be considered the primary location to execute other tricks, such as an ollie or a heel-flip.

    Step 2

    The tail must be rolled back, and then push it forward using your fingers. Next, push the seat down using your middle finger, which is resting on it; while you’re putting the tail, your index finger must be able to glide upwards toward you, allowing for the proper control. This should sound familiar if you’ve learned how to do an ollie on a technology deck. The only difference is that when you move the finger toward your body, you’ll have to curve it slightly.

    Step 3.

    When flipping it up in the air, make sure that both fingers touch the deck when it’s in the air. Also, make certain neither of your fingers falls out of contact; otherwise, you’ll lose control and won’t be able to land correctly.

    Step 4

    The final part is landing. It’s vital because you need to finish your efforts professionally. Make sure you let it land across all four wheels when you do this. This is the ideal landing. If you fall and land on the other side, push it forward until the balance is restored and then move forward with ease and pretending it’s what you wanted to do!

    Bottom line

    The best way to master this trick is to use your front finger moving towards the nose, causing the initial turn. It may take a few attempts before you can successfully execute an effective kickflip, therefore keep practicing. If you do manage to master this trick, you should recall how far you slide and how you flick your forefinger. In time, your muscle memory will enable you to pull off this trick every time you try.

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