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How To Do A Birthday Countdown on Instagram

    Instagram offers a fantastic Stories feature known as Countdown. It’s effortless to use but comes with a caveat: it’s only available twenty-four hours and cannot be used anywhere else.

    If you’re considering how to make an event for birthdays to your Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites as well as your site, You’ve got options!

    The widget from POWR provides precisely this functionality, but you can also install timers to drive the action, count up or down, and embed wherever you want.

    Why Add Birthday Countdown On Instagram?

    You might be wondering why you should consider adding the birthday countdown feature on Instagram. However, it can be helpful if your Instagram music doesn’t seem functioning when you share an anniversary post or have any other issues. Also, a Birthday countdown can be the most straightforward and secure method to ensure you’re not missing the vital day your family and friends have celebrated with you.

     In addition, friends on Instagram followers will also be allowed to be part of the story and do something about it. The idea sounds enjoyable! What actions they can perform include:

    Click the button to be informed about the birthday date and timing of the birthday.

    You can tap the Remind Me button to ensure that they can keep track of the day.

    Utilize the countdown function to place it on their Instagram story, too. So they can publish their answers via Instagram.

    Also, it’s not only that you can use the Countdown, but your family members and friends may benefit from the Countdown to birthdays.

    What To Do if Instagram Countdown Is Missing

    If you find no countdown sticker despite pressing the smiley in the square?

    There are two methods to manage this problem and have the ability to design your birthday celebration countdown.

    Ensure you update your Instagram app. Visit your phone’s app store (Apple App Store or Google Play Store). Find “Instagram” and check if you can download an update. If an update is in the works, click “Update” to get the app’s most recent version. When the app is upgraded, you can open it once more, and you’ll likely be able to see the countdown indicator.

    You can delete and install the Instagram Application:

    • Locate the Instagram application on your smartphone’s home screen or the application drawer.
    • Click and hold the icon of the app until an “x” or “uninstall” option pops up (this will vary based on your device).
    • Click “x” or “uninstall” to delete the app from your device.
    • Visit your application store, type in “Instagram,” and reinstall the application. After reinstalling, open the application, and the countdown icon is now available.

    If you update or install the Instagram app, you’ll have access to the countdown icon and make your birthday countdown that you can share with your family and friends.

    How do you add countdowns to Instagram?

    • Launch the Instagram app.
    • Click to the left for a photo or video of your post.
    • Click the Capture button and use the capture button to take a photo or video.
    • tap the square image in the upper menu bar after selecting your background for the Countdown.
    • Scroll down and then tap for the “Countdown” option.
    • Click “Countdown name” and enter the title of your Countdown.
    • If you’ve already created countdowns that are displayed, they’ll appear as pop-ups. Choose which Countdown you wish to utilize.
    • Click”All Day,” or click the “All Day” button to choose a general or precise date and time.
    • Touch the color circle on the upper right of the screen you are using to change the hue of the Countdown.
    • Tap “Done” in the lower right-hand corner.

    After re-reading the story outline, you can utilize two fingers to alter the size of the Countdown. Then, move the story.

    Click “Your Story” or “Close Friends” to share your Instagram story with your Countdown.

    What to Write on Birthday Countdown on Instagram?

    When you’re making a countdown for your birthday on Instagram, various innovative and entertaining ideas could be used to get the attention of your fans and create excitement about your birthday celebration. Before you begin, select a photo to use as the background of your countdown clock, making your narrative more visually appealing. Here are a few tips to start.

    • Birthday Countdown
    • It’s almost my birthday
    • Happy Birthday!
    • We are celebrating the hours until midnight.
    • Invite the guests to the birthday party.
    • I am super excited for my birthday.
    • It’s time to light my candles.
    • In the following year, I’ll be older but more mature.

    Creating a birthday countdown on Instagram can be a great and unique way to share your birthday with your fans. We hope you’ve succeeded by following the steps in our tutorial that are easy to follow. Remember to write your thoughtful comment in the comment box to the right.


    Instagram offers a variety of unique features that keep your followers interested, from Insta Stories and Instagram Live to quizzes and stickers.

    Birthdays are special celebrations for everyone. They can bring joy and happiness to everyone’s lives. But they’re much more fun when shared by your family or close friends. Instagram countdown stickers can make this possible.

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