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How To Delete Watched Video History On Facebook Mobile App

    There are times when you need to watch a video that you saw on Facebook. Are there ways to access videos that you’ve watched on Facebook? Where can you find the videos you’ve seen on Facebook? This article will teach you how to access and erase the Facebook record of your watch.

    There are many video clips on Facebook. Sometimes, you have to locate a video you just watched on Facebook that you did not save to your device. What can you do to discover recent videos you’ve watched on Facebook? This article explains how you can browse and erase Facebook video history.

    Why You Should Delete Your Facebook Watch History

    Your watch history on Facebook contains more than just the recording of the videos you have watched. It also reveals your preferences as well as your habits, choices, as well as your views. These details are readily accessible to anyone who checks your watch’s history from your gadget.

    In addition, Facebook’s algorithm could utilize your previous watch history to recommend videos. By clearing it, you ensure you will only get recommendations in videos that coincide with your preferences.

    If you’re unsure about clearing or keeping your watch history, think about using the “Save video” feature “Save video” feature for use as a reference without altering your view record.

    Importance of Deleting Watched Video History

    The social network stores videos of users who are similar to YouTube. You can access the history via the Activity Log on the Settings page. It is possible to view the entire video collection you’ve been watching. The creator claims that only you have access to the whole history you have observed, as no other user is granted permission, but it’s best to delete the past if you need more clarification on the setting.

    Furthermore, if your account was compromised and yours is compromised, there’s nothing you could find out about watching history for videos. There could be reasons that are personal to you. It’s easy to find out the past, but considering that Facebook has altered its users’ interface, which is a change to the layout of pages and layouts, this tutorial may aid you.

    How to Delete Watched Video History on the Facebook Mobile App

    The countless videos on Facebook watching history make it easy to be messy. The platform also stores every activity you engage in, such as the videos you stream, to enhance your enjoyment. When you delete your history of watching and deleting your watch history, you will have greater control over the content you care if you want to know how to keep going through the article,

    Follow these easy steps to permanently erase the history of watched videos on the Facebook Mobile app.

    • Download the Facebook app to your phone to log into your account.
    • Click on the Menu icon located in the upper right corner.
    • Go down a bit before you tap Settings and Privacy options.
    • Click here to access the Settings option to the right.
    • Go to the Settings and Privacy and open Your Activity.
    • Then, click on the Activity Log.
    • Once again, scroll down a small amount and click on the down Arrow next to the Logged actions and the other choices.
    • On the choices screen, click on the video you’ve viewed.

    You can browse an overview of all the videos you’ve seen here.

    • Choose a video you want to remove and then tap the three-dot icon beside the chosen video.
    • To erase the video you have watched To delete the watched video, press Delete.

    That’s it! The video will now disappear from your watch history.

    How do you clear Facebook Watch history for Android?

    • Download Facebook’s app for Android phones.
    • In the upper right corner, press the Hamburger icon.
    • After that, click on Settings & Privacy and then click to open Privacy Shortcuts.
    • Then, under your Facebook account information, click View your Activity record.
    • After that, click for Logged actions and other actions at the bottom, then click videos you’ve seen.
    • This is where you will see every video you have watched. Watch history can be deleted specific to a particular video by tapping the three dots and selecting Delete. Alternatively, you can erase all your watch history in one go when you click the Clear Video Watch History button at the top.

    How can I erase the watch history from my Facebook iPhone?

    • Start the Facebook app
    • Click on Menu
    • Navigate to Settings & Privacy and then click on Settings.
    • Under Your Information Section, Click on Activity Log.
    • Then click on the Logged Actions and other activities, and finally, click on the videos you’ve seen.
    • Tap on the three dots beside the video you wish to erase, then press the delete button.

    How can you delete all your Facebook Watch History?

    If you’re looking to delete all the history of your Facebook Watch history, you can do it using these steps:

    • Start the Facebook application, or visit the Facebook website to sign in to your account.
    • Click on the Menu icon (three vertical lines) located in the upper-right edge of the screen (on the application) or tap on the downward-facing Arrow (on the site) to launch the drop-down menu.
    • Scroll to the bottom and click on “Settings & Privacy” (on the application) or tap “Settings” (on the website).
    • In the section called “Your Facebook Information” (on the application) as well as “Privacy” (on the website) Select “Settings.”
    • Scroll to the bottom of the page with the option to tap “Off-Facebook Activity” (on the application) as well as “Your Facebook Information” (on the website) and then click “Activity Log.”
    • Within the Activity Log, You will discover several categories to the left. Scroll to the bottom and then click “Videos and Photos.”
    • Click on “Videos You’ve Watched” (on the application) and “Your Video Watch History” (on the site).
    • In the upper right-hand corner of the display (on both the app and the website) is an option that says “Clear Video Watch History.” Click on it.
    • When prompted, confirm your actions. This will delete all your Watch activity on Facebook.

    If you follow these steps, you can remove your Facebooyouratch history, ensuring that none of your previous video content is being stored or impacting your suggestions.

    It is important to remember that deleting your Watch history will be permanent and is not reversible. Thus, you must examine your history before beginning the deletion process.


    Q: How do I remove my Facebook Video Watch History?

    A: You can delete all of the Facebook Video Watch History via the internet and smartphone apps. We have covered the steps in the procedure, and you can use them to erase your watch’s history.

    Q: How do I remove this from the Facebook Video Search History?

    The answer is yes; you can erase your Facebook Video Search History via the internet and through the application for mobile devices. In this step-by-step procedure, you can use them to erase the history of searches.

    Wrapping Up

    The platform has grown and developed, adding users’ required features, such as the capability to remove Facebook videos watched and the history of searches. We hope that you find this helpful article. If you did, be sure to share and like the article. Take a look at other useful information below. Also, keep an eye out for new informative and exciting tips.

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