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How To Convert EXE To APK

    Today, most people depend on their phones to stay connected, connect, and work. Many apps only work with some operating systems, which can pose a massive issue for those who wish to use Windows-based software on their Android phones. However, there’s a solution to this problem – changing EXE files into APK files.
    Converting an APK file may be tricky; however, it can be simplified with the appropriate tools and the proper knowledge. In this post, we’ll walk you through the procedure of changing EXE files into APK files for running on your Android smartphone.

    Learning to understand EXE along with APK Files

    Before we get into the procedure of changing the EXE file into the APK file, we need to be aware of what they are.

    EXE is a type of file extension that is widely used in Windows-based computers. The word stands for “executable,” a file that can execute programs or install programs on a computer. They can start applications or install the program after double-clicking. This is an APK file for Windows. Windows equivalent to the APK file.

    APK refers to the “Android Package.” It is a file utilized for Android. Android operating system. APK files are like EXE files. However, they are optimized to work with the Android operating system or device. After installing an APK, It will generally download a game or program to your phone, which allows the application to run and open at any time.

    Although these two files share a lot of functionality, they’re different regarding compatibility. That’s why it is necessary to transform the EXE into an APK to allow it to work on an Android device.

    Specifications of the conversion EXE into APK:

    • This process is simple and easy to complete. This means the chance of the EXE file not being converted into APK is very small.
    • This program converts the EXE file into APK quickly.
    • There will be no problem installing the newly converted APK file onto your phone.

    How do you convert EXE files to APK for Android?

    There are two options to convert EXE documents to APK to run on your Android smartphone.

    It is possible to convert the file using the Windows PC and then transfer it to your mobile or use the converter available on the Android device to change the EXE file into an APK.

    We’ll go over both of these methods:

    Using EXE To APK Converter On PC

    The first method of converting EXE files into APK is to use the software on your computer.

    The converter must be downloaded to your personal computer, and make use of it to convert the file.

    The following steps will explain what you need to do to do it.

    • Follow this link for a page to download this EXE to APK tool for conversion. There, you can click the Download button and download the tool.
    • You’ll need to install an extractor for RAR on your personal computer. If you do not possess one, you can proceed as follows:
    • Go to page 7-Zip. Click the Download button to download the file.
    • Install the 7-Zip setup before installing it on your personal computer.
    • Use the Windows button on your keyboard—type 7-Zip. Press Enter to launch the 7-Zip File Manager.
    • In the 7-Zip file, the manager looks for the folder where the EXE converter tool to APK converter is located.
    • Double-click on the converter file to launch the file.
    • Afterward, you can run your EXE into the APK converter program in the 7-Zip archive.
    • Then, select”I have a portable program, ” then click on the next.
    • Select the destination folder, then select OK.
    • Click Convert to change the EXE file into APK.
    • After the procedure is complete, the file will be stored in the destination directory.
    • Now, you can move the APK file that you converted to an APK file onto your Android tablet or phone and then install it.

    Make use of the Inno Setup Extractor for Android.

    Inno Setup Extractor is a free app. Inno Setup Extractor app can be downloaded via the Google Play Store and can take EXE files and reveal the components. If you’re a programmer seeking individual files within the EXE configuration, Inno will help you extract the files and modify the module to create an APK. This is how to use this tool: Inno Setup Extractor.

    • On the Play Store, Download The Inno Setup Extractor Application.
    • Launch the application, and then select both the destination folder and the EXE file you want to remove.
    • When both are selected, click the blue button on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.
    • This process can be slow; however, in the end, all EXE files will be stored in the chosen location directory.

    How do I install EXE File on Android Without converting it?

    There are a variety of Windows Emulator software that you could download to your Android phone. They will permit users to download the EXE file onto their Android device and run it. When you do this, it will emulate the functionality of a Windows PC (a mini Windows PC). To install the EXE file onto your Android device without converting it, follow the below steps.

    • Install Exagear APK and OBB files. Exagear APK file and its OBB file to the Android device. It is possible to download this Exagear APK file from this URL and the OBB file by clicking this link.
    • Install the Exagear APK file onto the Android device. Once you have done that, transfer the OBB file into the OBB folder inside the Android folder in the File Manager.
    • When you’ve completed this after that, launch Exagear. Once you have done that, open the Exagear app on your smartphone. After that, tap the Menu icon at the very top of the application display.
    • In the menu that pops to the right, select Manage Containers and then click on the plus icon. It will open a new container for the app.
    • When you’re done, you can click on the three dots (three Ellipse) on the right side of the container you’ve created, and then from the menu that opens, Click on Properties.
    • Then, click on Color Depth and set it to 32 bits.
    • Delete the three boxes checked in the same window when you’ve done this.
    • When you are done, you should unpack the container and put it in your EXE files.
    • Doing this will allow you to install EXE documents on the emulator of your Android device and run the emulator without issue.


    In this article, we discussed how to transform EXE files into APK files in 2023 for Android devices. The report outlines the most efficient ways to convert EXE into APK for Android and Windows PCs so that you can follow one of these techniques that suit your needs. Be aware that all EXE files cannot be converted into APK files. Only a few could be. Therefore, this technique may not perform. But you could use the emulator if you want to play EXE documents on your phone. In addition, we’ve discussed ways you can download EXE files onto your Android device without converting the file into APK, and you could apply that method.

    Most frequently requested questions (FAQs)

    Q1. Do we have the ability to change EXE into APK file formats?

    It is feasible in theory to transform EXE files into APK. However, this process needs to produce the desired results. EXE files were designed with the mind of a different operating system, and the conversion process to APK is a challenging procedure. It is the reason why numerous apps were created to resemble Windows software. If you cannot convert the file, look around on the web, and if you’re lucky enough, you could come across an Android program with the same function as the Windows software you wanted to convert.

    Q2. How can I convert EXE files into APK files?

    The conversion of EXE into APK uses the methods mentioned in the previous paragraphs and specialized software to convert the files. However, should you prefer to use Android apps on your desktop, You can use emulators, such as Bluestacks.

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