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how to connect replacement airpod

    A very difficult circumstance is when you lose the one you have in your AirPods. Try using your Find My app to see the possibility of having it left somewhere, but often it’s best to act and purchase a new one.

    In contrast to other headphones, you don’t have to replacement of the whole set in case you need to replace only one AirPod. After receiving the new AirPod it’s necessary to connect the replacement AirPod with Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

    What do you do to return broken AirPods to get a new one?

    If you are bringing your damaged AirPods to Apple You must ensure that you have the original receipt of purchase or the original packaging that it was packaged in, and also the AirPods (including the charger case). There is the option of returning the device to an Apple Store or authorized service provider. You can also mail the AirPods into a prepaid shipping box provided by Apple. Apple can repair and replace AirPods that are defective in manufacturing defect at no cost within the 1-year warranty or for USD 29 for damage caused by an accident when you purchased AppleCare.

    Remember that AppleCare+ is only a less expensive repair or replacement option only once every year during the two years the AppleCare+ warranty lasts. The cost of repair or replacement can differ from the other service companies authorized by AppleCare.

    How to Reset My AirPods After Replacing One

    If you want to connect a new AirPod to your current AirPod You must reset the original one so that it can be compatible with the new model. Resetting converts the original and the brand new AirPods into a pair that is matched and then pairs both AirPods with your iPhone.

    Here’s how you connect a new AirPod with an older one:

    Place the AirPods that were previously in use AirPod as well as the brand new AirPod into your charging case, then shut the case.
    Lift the lid and then check to see if the indicator light is flashing amber.
    Hold the button for setting on the side on the side of the box until an indicator light blinks white.
    Visit the home screen of your iPhone.
    Take off Your AirPods case and put it near your iPhone.

    The AirPods must be seated completely in the case.

    You must wait for the setup animation to take place.
    Tap Connect.
    Tap Skip.
    Tap Not Now.
    Tap Done.

    Replacement AirPod Won’t Connect?

    It’s wonderful that you can purchase an alternative AirPod but what do you do if the single AirPod isn’t connecting? One option we offer is to put each of the AirPods within the charger case and attach it to a Lightning cable.

    Let the AirPods charge for at minimum one hour, then repeat the steps above. This will ensure that both AirPods, as well as the charging case, are charged with enough juice before you attempt to connect the new AirPod.

    Pair One AirPod At A Time

    A few users have had success pairing their AirPods each at a time. This method is complicated, and you’ll require repeating it several times to get it working however, it’s worth a try nevertheless.

    Place one AirPod into your ear, and then return the other one to the case.
    The lid should be open. Press the Setup button until the status light turns white.
    Then swap the AirPods around and then try pairing them with another.
    When you’ve paired every AirPod independently, return each to the case. Then test pairing them again by pressing the Setup button once more.
    If it isn’t working, check the Bluetooth settings of your iPhone to erase both AirPods and then pair them again.

    What to Do When the Replacement Airpod Won’t Sync or Connect

    However, combining two distinct AirPods isn’t always an easy task. This is because the incorrect firmware renders them unusable right away. Getting them to function correctly as a pair requires certain steps.

    Here’s how to handle the replacement AirPod or AirPod Pro isn’t pairing correctly:

    Updating the AirPods firmware

    As we mentioned previously that mismatched firmware can be the cause of AirPod issues with pairing. Your original AirPod already has undergone an array of upgrades to enhance its performance. Your new AirPod does not have any of these updates. The incompatibility of the firmware causes connection and pairing issues.

    The most effective way to correct this is updating the firmware on the AirPod that is replacing the AirPod. However, since there’s no way to upgrade AirPods firmware by hand then you’ll have to do it the roundabout route. Here’s how:

    • Click on ‘Settings’ within the iPhone or iPad and then select ‘Bluetooth.’
    • Tap the icon for Information (i) on just the left side of your AirPods.
    • Click ‘Forget This Device. You can try ‘forgetting’ the other devices.
    • Take both AirPods off the cases.
    • Use only the right AirPod only, and place it back into the case. The status light will turn green.
    • Set the setting button in the display until the indicator light turns white.
    • If you see the animation for setting up in your phone, click “Connect” to connect with the left AirPod.
    • Remove one of the sides AirPod and put it away. Place the right AirPod inside the case, and repeat steps 6 and 7.
    • After both AirPods are paired separately Place them both in the case. Its status indicator should blink amber.
    • Connect your device and AirPods case to the chargers for each device to prevent interruptions in battery charge.
    • You should leave your AirPods and another device on for at minimum an hour to trigger the downloading update to the firmware.
    • After the firmware updates have been completed and the status light turns amber, it will change to green and you’ll then be capable of pairing with your AirPods as usual.


    Once you’ve received the Airpod’s new model, syncing is an extremely simple procedure:

    Find both AirPods and ensure that they’re free of moisture and dust before syncing.
    Place both AirPods inside the Apple charging case. Make sure you place each AirPod on the correct side.
    The status light is located between AirPods in the case. The light should start to blink amber. If the light isn’t flashing then take out the AirPods and put them back in the. Alternatively, recharge the battery for a few minutes before trying to connect.
    Press and hold your case button for a couple of minutes. The status light will change from white to orange.
    A pop-up for setup should be displayed at the top of Your iPhone Home screen. It will sync automatically your AirPods.
    Check the synced devices’ performance on one of the music apps.

    What is the cost of a replacement AirPod?

    Replacement AirPods can be purchased through the Apple website or at every Apple Store.

    Airpods replacement costs range from $69 to $159 on the version you’re replacing.

    What is the cost of a replacement AirPod case?

    Replacement AirPod cases can be purchased through the Apple website or at the Apple Store.

    The Airpod replacement cases are priced between $49 and $79 on the version you’re replacing.

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