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how to connect multiple bluetooth speakers to iphone

    To create a full-on night of fun, a single Bluetooth speaker may not provide the power and volume required to keep your party moving. Therefore, connecting a series of Bluetooth speakers can boost the overall quality of sound. But, if you’re in the category of an Apple user, then you may be thinking about how to connect multiple Bluetooth speakers to an iPhone.

    Apple customers have consistently been the best in terms of safety and security. But, they might have been denied access to some beautiful features available on Android OS. This article will examine the options and limitations of connecting an iPhone to different Bluetooth speakers.

    How Do You Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speaks to your iPhone?

    If you own one of the most recent iPhone versions, it likely has Bluetooth 5, which allows you to connect up to two speakers.

    The latter is the case for S8 versions (like Samsung Galaxy) Samsung Galaxy) and iPhones running iOS 11.4 and subsequent performance of iOS. But, if your mobile device supports Bluetooth 4.2, which is the minimum requirement, you’ll are limited to a range of 10-30 meters.

    It is also possible to sync only one speaker to the mobile device. There are alternatives if you don’t have the smartphone or Bluetooth speaker you require to do this properly.

    For instance, connecting a second speaker to an application such as Bose Connect, AmpMe, or Ultimate Ears is possible.

    Why do you need to connect two Bluetooth speakers simultaneously?

    There are many reasons to connect two Bluetooth speakers. Some of them are:

    There’s not enough space to put in two towers of sound or a massive stereo system.
    They are simple to set up and use.
    You’d like a bigger and more encompassing sound.
    You’d like to enjoy your favorite songs using stereo.
    Connecting two Bluetooth speakers simultaneously lets you experience a more excellent bass and deeper sound and increases the enjoyment of your audio experience.

    It is essential to start by picking high-quality Bluetooth speakers. Connecting several inferior Bluetooth speakers is possible, but the sound quality won’t improve.

    Steps for Connecting Multiple Bluetooth Speakers to an iPhone

    Turn on Bluetooth

    If you go to Settings, select”General,” then the “General” category, and then select the “About” menu option. There will be a list of the version of the software as well as other relevant information to determine whether your iPhone is compatible.

    It is easy to tell that Bluetooth is active because the Bluetooth symbol appears at the top of the screen. It’s there on iPad and Mac devices in the event that you intend to connect your audio through these connections instead of the iPhone.

    Turn on the Speakers

    If you’ve verified that Bluetooth is enabled and turned on for your iPhone, it’s time to turn on the speakers. If you own multiple devices that must communicate with one another, You’ll need to be patient during this procedure.

    The devices will appear on the Bluetooth pairing screen on your iPhone. After all, speakers have been identified, select one. Follow the on-screen instructions for pairing it with the mobile device.

    Some speakers require you to enter a password displayed on the device to complete the connection. Specific models need users to push two buttons simultaneously to start the pairing process on their iPhones.

    Connect all speakers without interruption between the start-up and complete the process as often as possible to achieve the most efficient outcomes. Continue with the same steps. After you’ve connected the first Bluetooth speaker to your iPhone, It’s time to pair the additional speakers in your set-up. Continue to follow your second procedure.

    Adjust the Volume

    Even though you’ll have multiple speakers connected to this network, each speaker’s volume level should be adjusted to ensure the best listening experience. It’s easy to access the Settings menu, select music, and choose”Volume Limit” as the “Volume Limit” option.

    Set the maximum volume levels to ensure that they’re correctly calibrated across all connected speakers.

    Use Additional Cable

    Wireless wired connections could be available if you cannot connect wirelessly through Bluetooth speakers. You’ll require a sufficient cable to connect each device and remain connected to the device paired with the iPhone.

    Can I connect several Bluetooth headphones to an iPhone?

    Our how-to-connect multiple Bluetooth speaker iPhone article has revealed that you can only output Bluetooth audio to a single source. Still, it doesn’t mean you can’t connect the speakers without an Apple’s Bluetooth menu.

    You can, for instance, purchase a set of Amazon Echo Dots and set them up using an iPhone Alexa app, then create groups of speakers in this app. Then, you can play music from your iPhone to the speaker group.

    How can I enhance the sound quality of multiple connected speakers?

    To make your Bluetooth sound coming from multiple speakers louder and more precise, consider using software-amplification apps or trying speaker-booster apps. Additionally, you can shift your Bluetooth speakers away from obstacles within the room.

    It sounds Like the End.

    Before Bluetooth 5.0 was introduced, pairing with more than one device was out of the issue. Even when your device does not support Bluetooth 5.0, there’s a short amount of time before it will. However, until then, you’ll be able to use third-party apps for an exciting audio experience.

    How can I enhance the sound quality of multiple connected speakers?

    Consider using software-amplification apps or speaker-booster apps to make your Bluetooth sound from multiple speakers louder and more transparent. It is also possible to remove your Bluetooth speakers from obstacles.

    Benefits Of Connecting Multiple Speakers via Bluetooth

    Why should you have more than one speaker? Simply because it lets you get a better sound distributed inside and out. It also allows you to listen to the same tune worldwide without changing the sound source’s positions no need for an audio system with stereo when you can pair your speakers.

    What if I receive A Weak Bluetooth Signal?

    If you experience signal dropouts or the signal is a weak Bluetooth signal, it is essential to check the surroundings you are in. Sometimes your quality Bluetooth signal could get affected due to concrete walls and wireless devices. They can also be affected by microwaves, wireless devices, and other portable devices, such as phones and radios.

    Can you connect 3 Bluetooth speakers at once?

    Bluetooth was not until recently capable of connecting multiple speakers to one device. Bluetooth 5.0 and AmpMe enable you to increase the amount of Bluetooth connections available on your phone. Connecting numerous Bluetooth speakers with JBL Connect and Bose Connect is also possible.


    It’s not difficult to master how to connect multiple Bluetooth speakers to a single phone. Instead of following some other complicated instructions, follow the steps above and get into playing your favorite songs from several speakers.

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