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How To Clear Twitter Cache On Android

    Twitter is a popular social media site that allows users to send tweets, which are short messages.

    The Twitter cache is an option that saves tweets of private accounts.

    This ensures that content posted on Twitter is always up-to-date and accessible for all who wish to see it.

    However, this function takes away a lot of the space of your phone, which is why you’re compelled to get rid of the area.

    Then, how do you clean out the Twitter cache?

    Quick Answer

    It is generally straightforward to remove any Twitter cache. It is only a matter of time before the users know the function is available on iOS and Android phones. It is possible to access this function via the Twitter app’s settings menu for iOS. However, there is no way to do it on Android via the Twitter app. They are, instead, clearing it by using the settings built into the App.

    This function is already built-in to Android phones. However, Twitter has updated their App to permit iOS users to use this feature. Twitter could eat lots of storage space within phones’ memory.

    Therefore, users will always clean the cache to ease the app’s and device’s use.

    This article will provide steps to remove the Twitter application’s cache. This article will show you the steps to follow for iOS and Android.

    What are the reasons for clearing the cache on Twitter?

    The Twitter app’s cache is an indefinite storage of the data you collect when watching videos or browsing posts on Twitter. The App saves users’ images, videos, and profile information within its cache so that it doesn’t have to download the exact data each time you log into Twitter. This means it allows you to watch the content you want when you’re not online. The cache can also download articles you’ve seen quicker than brand-new ones.

    The cache gathers information whenever you use Twitter and creates immense data. If the store occupies excessive space, it could cause Twitter to show old data and cause the application to be slow and frequently crash. This can be fixed easily problem by clearing your Twitter cache. Cleaning the store often helps improve your App’s performance and free up more space within your device. Additionally, after the stock has been cleared, Twitter will accumulate the latest data from frequent visits to Twitter, providing users with the most current information.

    Things to Know Before You Clear the Twitter Cache

    Before following the instructions below before you follow the steps below, let us look over certain things to clear the cache of your Twitter.

    For starters you off, remember the possibility of losing crucial information. If you follow the steps listed below according to the instructions, you’ll never lose your account, login information, media and other vital data. Clearing the Twitter cache takes small data that doesn’t need to be there.

    Then, if the Twitter application is crashing and taking up more space on your phone or you’ve experienced security breaches, It’s best to clean out the Twitter cache. The cache stores data to help the application be more efficient; accumulating too many files may result in the opposite.

    We know more about your Twitter cache and are ready to clean it. Follow these steps to remove your Twitter cache within the Twitter app or your iOS or Android device.


    Clearing the Twitter Android cache is the same as other apps. Based on the gadget you’re using, your alternatives may differ, but typically, the process is the same—following the steps below.

    Note: In this demonstration, we’ll use the OnePlus 7T running OxygenOS 12.1 built upon Android 12.

    Step 1: Start your Settings App on Android, then select apps.

    Step 2: Log into App Management and scroll to choose Twitter.

    Step 3: tap Storage usage. On another screen, you can tap the Clear cache button.

    The cache is cleared immediately, and removes all junk documents off the Twitter app with no difficulties. You can also choose to Clear data to free up extra available on your device by removing stored content and details from the Twitter application.

    If you’re no longer an Android user and want to clean the Twitter cache from iOS, go to the next option.

    How do you clear the Twitter application’s cache on iOS?

    You can clear your Twitter cache from the application if you’re on an iPhone, iPad, or iPad. The entire process should not take more than one minute.

    • Install the Twitter app on your smartphone.
    • Click on the profile photo found in the upper left corner.
    • Select the Settings and the Support dropdown menu in the lower left corner.
    • Tap Settings and Privacy.
    • You can choose Accessibility, display and languages. This is near the bottom of the page.
    • Click the option at the bottom: Data Utilization.
    • Tap Media storage.
    • Press the red Clear button for storage of media. Then tap it a second time.
    • Tap the Web storage.

    Then you’ll have two choices: Clear Web page storage and clear all storage on the web. This second option deletes your cache, cookies, and stored login information. If you would like to save these, tap the first choice. Select the possibility of the choice you want to keep a second time to confirm, and the Twitter cache will disappear. When browsing Twitter, your store will instantly start to build again. To prevent your device’s storage from becoming cluttered, repeat these steps to remove the cached data.

    How to Clear Twitter Cache in the Twitter App

    In this post in this article, we’ll explain how to get rid of the excessive GIFs and media files from the Twitter app. In time, they can pile over time and cause Twitter to take longer to run or result in problems.

    Take these steps to clean the Twitter cache of Twitter:

    Step 1: Tap the Settings

    Start Twitter, and then tap your profile icon, which is located in the upper left-hand corner.

    After that, choose Settings and then select Settings. From the dropdown menu, choose settings and privacy.


    Step 2: Tap Rashed, Display and Languages

    There are several alternatives to the new menu. On the left side of the menu, there is an option that says there are leaks, display and languages.

    Step 3: Tap Data Usage

    Near the end of this page, you can tap to open the Data Usage option.

    Tips for Useful Information Tips for Data Usage: The options apply to your account on Twitter. In the following steps, you can clear the Twitter cache in your account. This includes websites or Twitter applications that you are using.

    Step 4: Tap Media Storage

    Then, click Media Storage in the list.

    Tips for Success: You’ll see the number of megabytes of data within your Twitter cache of media and web storage. It’s just a little below.

    Step 5: Clear Media Storage

    Next, you need to tap the Clear media storage button. Next, confirm the confirmation by pressing Clear media storage once more.

    However, this will not remove all GIFs, images, videos, and other media documents from your Twitter tweets; it could indicate that Twitter must load everything in a new. You won’t perish, but downloading these files could take Twitter longer than usual.

    Tips for Success: You could remove Web storage by following these steps. This means you’ll have to sign back into your account on Twitter.


    The problem with iOS is that it needs an easy way to clear the cache of an application.

    The users are left with a heavy app. The application doesn’t offer an option to clear the cache. Thus, iOS users should be happy with Twitter for the change and adhere to the instructions below to complete the task.

    However, you can easily remove your Twitter cache from the smartphone’s settings for Android.

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