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How To Clear Recent Emojis On WhatsApp

    The invention of Emojis is one of the most remarkable things of modern times. Even though they’re not entirely necessary, there are so many things they can be used for. The use of these colorful things can serve many purposes. You can use them for a coded way to speak, to convey what you mean or feel quickly, or to use as a friendly greeting when nothing else is available. The colorful icons are popular in chats between friends around the globe. And they’re entertaining, too. But not all emojis work everywhere.

    When you return home from school, your mother may try to send something via your smartphone. You’ll be accused of being an alcoholic if she finds wine emojis or mugs when typing.

    If you want to avoid getting into a pickle like this, make sure your phone is clean of any dubious content – particularly WhatsApp – before being in the presence of family. WhatsApp offers a simple way for you to achieve this. Continue reading until the end and find out.

    Remove Recent Emojis From WhatsApp

    Usually, the only way you can clear the recent WhatsApp Emojis is by clearing your WhatsApp cache. The recent emojis will be removed, but it is essential first to back up all of your chats.

    Since the Whatsapp cache is managed by the iPhone automatically, it’s difficult to remove the stock. Clearing the Keyboard cache is another option. You can clear your keyboard cache using the following steps.

    • Choose General under Settings.
    • Click on the Transfer iPhone Option or Reset iPhone.
    • Click on the Reset button in the second menu.
    • Reset Keyboard Dictionary.

    Data, information, and the most recent emojis on your iPhone 11 can be removed.

    WhatsApp Android: Clear recent Emojis

    Before clearing recent emojis from your chat, you should perform a backup.

    • For this, you will need to open WhatsApp. Tap on the three-dot menu at the top-right corner, choose Settings, then Chats, and tap “Chat Backup”.
    • When your backup is complete, tap on the three-dot menu at the top of the right side again to navigate to the WhatsApp main “Settings” menu.
    • Then tap again on Chat backup.
    • After you have closed WhatsApp, navigate to the phone’s settings.
    • You can tap the Apps & Notifications option.
    • Tap on it to access the settings of WhatsApp. To open up the settings for WhatsApp, tap on the app.
    • On the WhatsApp settings screen, tap the “Storage and cache” option. Located here is an option labeled ‘CLEAR STORAGE.
    • To delete recent emojis, tap on the option.
    • After logging out, log in to WhatsApp with your phone number.

    Do WhatsApp recent Emojis clear automatically?

    WhatsApp doesn’t delete recent emojis automatically. This section will be updated each time an emoji you’ve used is entered. To keep the area clean and current, it is necessary to clear this manually by following these steps.

    You can conclude your conclusion by clicking on the link below.

    You can keep your WhatsApp usage of emojis clean by clearing recent emojis. You can accomplish this process in just three simple steps, whether you have an iPhone or Android. Now, you can say goodbye to those unwanted emojis. Enjoy a more refined chat on WhatsApp!

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