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how to charge apple watch without charger

    Apple’s latest gadget, a must-have, can be described as the Apple Watch. It can be worn on the wrist; the watch allows users to remain connected, complete many tasks and track their health and activity levels.

    If you wish to ensure that your Apple Watch functions appropriately, it is essential to charge it regularly. Not only do you have to make sure you place it on a charge each evening, but you must carry your Charger everywhere you go if your watch runs out of power.

    What can you do if you do not have your Charger with you and your watch must be charged?

    There are several ways to charge Apple Watch without carrying the bulky Charger around all the time.

    We’ll explain ways to charge the Apple Watch without the Charger with a few hacks.

    Let’s get started!

    How To Charge Apple Watch With Charger

    It’s tough to top Apple Watch. Apple Watch when it comes to cutting-edge technology. You can live a healthy lifestyle using this Apple Watch with its sleek interface, modern looks, and stunning design.

    It’s as simple as pressing or clicking to do any action with the Apple watch. But, it’s crucial to ensure it’s functioning; thus, making sure it is charged on time is vitally important.

    Before I tell you what you can do to charge an Apple watch without a charge, let me demonstrate the process you can utilize for charging your Apple watch with a conventional charger. Let’s go over the steps:

    • If you wish to recharge your Apple Watch, remove it from your wrist before you begin.
    • Connect a USB charger or power adapter cable to the USB port.
    • Then, put your watch back onto the concave side of the Charger.
    • The back of your smartwatch should be aligned with the magnets on the Apple charger after it has been positioned on the Charger.
    • You’ll see a green lightning bolt symbol in your display if it’s properly aligned.
    • You can expect your Apple watches to reach 100% charged in two and three hours. After that, take your Apple Watch from the Charger once fully charged.

    Apple chargers for watches are identical for every model. This means you can charge your Apple watch with just one Charger, regardless of which model you own. Therefore, if you don’t own a Charger and are interested in learning what you can do to charge an Apple Watch without a charger, follow this guide to the very end.

    DIY Apple Watch Docks

    However, If you own an Apple Watch Series 2, there may be a different method to charge your device other than the magnetic Charger. Remove the lower band from the bottom of your Apple Watch Series 2, and there should be a connection slot. Inside is a six-pin port that is allegedly utilized in charging your device.

    A company known as Reserve Strap designed a watch strap that takes the benefit of the pinhole. The watch strap can be connected to the pin port to charge an Apple Watch wirelessly. This means you can set it while wearing it. What’s not to love?

    The pinhole feature was never acknowledged or discussed by Apple. Additionally, Apple eliminated the pinhole in subsequent versions of the Apple Watch. This strap was removed from the watch as it’s impossible to use in the next series.

    It is also not compatible with Qi charging. Apple Watch also does not support the Qi charging standard. This means that you need a magnetic charger to charge it wirelessly. Therefore, even if you’ve got a wireless charging dock or mat, it will not connect to Apple Watch. Apple Watch.

    Charging Port on Apple Watch: Hidden or Not?

    There’s an outlet in the watch, protected by a small cap. It’s situated on the bottom of the clasp. The six-pin port is thought by certain people to be used to charge the watch. However, that’s not the purpose. It’s designed to handle eye diagnostics, but it could be used to set the alert more quickly.

    The battery band is designed through Reserve Strap that links up to the port and makes it a charging port for your phone. This allows you to charge your watch while staying at one location. According to MacRumors, this also boosts the charging speed by about 6 percent. The unfortunate thing is that the charging band did not even reach the stage of prototypes before when Apple demanded it is removed.

    Can you charge your watch in any other alternative to the Charger that comes with it? These kinds of products make us think.

    Do you need wireless charging pads with the Apple Watch?

    Apple Watch Apple Watch also does not support the Qi charging standard. This means that you need to use a magnetic charger to charge wirelessly. Even if you own a wireless charging dock or mat, it will not connect to the Apple Watch.

    How can I recharge my device using my smartphone?

    Charge your phone at least 30 percent.
    Click and hold down to reveal the quick options.
    Tap Wireless PowerShare.
    Place your phone on an even surface.
    Put your watch onto the rear of your phone.
    Reposition the watch and rotate it until it begins charging.

    Clean the Charging Port

    The dust could be lodged in the charging port of your device. Take a clean cloth and clean the charging port with a thorough cleaning.

    If this doesn’t work, try the following trick, you can try shooting brief, compressed blasts using the air gun.

    Utilize Portable Power Bank to Juice up Apple Watch

    In the present-day market, it is easy to locate compatible power banks that can charge Apple devices. They can, in most cases, be set by the Apple Watch. These are portable devices that you can put in your bag. They also charge your device very quickly.

    They are equipped with connectors designed for Apple devices. Connect an adapter for the battery to your Apple device’s charge port. That’s it.

    Use A USB Port On Your Computer.

    If you don’t have a charger for your smartwatch in your pocket, then you can use the USB connection on your laptop to recharge it. Connect your smartwatch to your computer using a USB cable and allow it to charge—the most popular and straightforward method to charge your smartwatch without needing a charger.

    Check the Power Source

    The power source you’ve connected to is a brilliant idea. It might be damaged. Connect other devices to it and check whether they’re also having issues. If this could be the issue’s source, using another power source will assist.

    Belkin Charging Stand for iPhone + Apple Watch

    The two-in-one Belkin charger has a modern, clean design and lets users charge the latest iPhones and Apple Watches simultaneously. It comes with a magnetized charging pad that can be used with the Apple Watch and a Lightning connector for the iPhone. The most impressive aspect of this stand for charging is its adjustable Lightning cable, which allows users to expand or retract it to fit into most cases.

    Use An Old Phone Charger.

    If your phone has an older charger, you could use it to power your watch. Connect the charging device to your look and allow it to charge. It’s also efficient to set your alert if you don’t carry a charger.

    What’s wrong with the chargers on my iPhone, iPad, or their chargers to charge my Apple Watch?

    It is important to note that your iPhone and iPad chargers differ from the ones for the Apple Watch’s charging ports.

    Apple Watch charges inductively. Apple Watch sets inductively using a specially designed charger that will not provide enough power to charge the phone.

    The magnetic charging device in Apple Watch definitely cannot charge the iPhone, and Apple still needs to introduce lightning ports on Apple Watch. Apple Watch.

    Apple Watch Apple Watch has yet to be modified for Qi wireless charging, just like the iPhone. iPhone was.

    If Your Apple Watch Still Won’t Charge

    If you’ve tried these steps to troubleshoot, but the Apple Watch still won’t charge the battery, you should seek an expert repair technician to get help. If your device is covered by Apple Care or is still under warranty, you can make an Apple Store appointment to help you get your watch to work and provide a new one. If not, a local electronics repair shop could be the next option.

    How do you get started with your smartwatch?

    To turn it on with your Fossil smartwatch, just hit the button on the left side or the top. The watch will then turn on, and you can start using it. If your eye cannot turn on, you might have to charge it before you can use it. For this to happen, connect your watch to the charging cable with the purchase. When the eye is fully charged, you can begin the look by pressing the button on the side.

    How can I prolong the life of the battery on my smartwatch?

    You can prolong the life of your smartwatch’s battery by not exposing it to extreme temperatures, maintaining the charging port free of dirt, and using the authorized Charger. Let the battery run out completely before charging it up again is possible. Don’t use any of the most demanding games and applications.


    We’re done. One can say that one is looking for alternative ways to charge their Apple Watch. If you’ve ever misplaced your Charger, other options are available today. This article will assist you in making it more accessible. As you’ll see, the hidden port could be the most effective way to charge the Apple Watch without needing a charger. If you aren’t using it, you should consider alternative options discussed in this article.

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