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How to charge apple pencil?

    Apple offers a variety of styles for its first and second-generation Apple Pencil, both visually and in hand-feel, as also the charging method.

    Apple Pencil 1st gen has an entirely round design, a silver band, and an ending cap that covers the Lightning port. The Apple Pencil 2nd gen has one flat side for better ergonomics and seamless charging.

    There’s no need to purchase an adapter or power hub, but you can charge your Apple Pencil using the linked iPad.

    Two variations use Apple Pencil. Apple Pencil. They appear and function differently and are designed to work with different iPad models. For more details about distinguishing Apple Pencil models and the iPad models they are compatible with, read the article “‘How do you pay for the Apple Pencil? The overview of Apple’s most advanced iPad styluses, with their costs and the iPads each works with.”

    How do you recharge the original Apple Pencil?

    To charge your initial generation Apple Pencil, remove the cap on the top of the Pencil to reveal its Lightning connector. Then, plug your Pencil into the Lightning port on your iPad.

    Connect the Pencil to the tablet’s Lightning port and wait a couple of minutes to power it up. Dave Johnson/Business Insider
    If you’ve connected your Pencil, but it’s not charging, the port for charging may be blocked by dirt. To help clean it, refer to our article, “How to properly clean the charging port on your iPhone in case it isn’t charging.”

    Alternatively, you can plug your Apple Pencil into a regular Lightning cable by using an Apple Pencil Charging Adapter included together with the Pencil.

    How to Charge the Second-Generation Apple Pencil

    Apple has improved its charging experience using the second-generation Pencil in leaps and leaps. Newer iPad Pros and iPad Air support second-gen Apple Pencil. These iPads have flat edges and do not have physical Home buttons.

    The new generation Apple Pencil magnetically snaps to the back of the iPad with only a single smooth edge (along with a button that can be programmed). That’s all you need to do to connect and charge the Apple Pencil.

    How Much Time Does it Take to charge an Apple Pencil?

    The charging process for an Apple Pencil could take about 30 minutes, but it’s not necessary to be patient for the pen to charge up to 100 percent before you can use it. In just 15 seconds, charging will provide about 30 minutes of energy. You can stop the charging at any time.

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