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how to change keyboard color on msi

    The majority of MSI laptops are equipped with SteelSeries keyboards. SteelSeries keyboard. You can alter the MSI keyboard’s lighting with the SteelSeries companion app. However, if your computer supports only one backlight color, you can only change its brightness.

    If the keys on the MSI laptop come with distinct RGB colors, you can alter the colors of all keys through the application. If you don’t prefer to utilize the application, you could use some of the keys on the keyboard to toggle between different variations of RGB.

    In this post, we’ve talked about a few aspects of Microsoft’s Keyboard colors as well as ways to alter the colors. So without any further delay, let’s start right now.

    What Color Is A Keyboard on an MSI Laptop?

    The keyboard’s color in an MSI laptop is also called an RGB or rainbow color that is switched on or off to light up your MSI keyboard.

    The keyboard’s color could be utilized to light your MSI keyboard, allowing you to write more clearly, even in total darkness.

    Some people also use the keyboard color to mean backlit light, which is the same thing with a slight distinction.

    A keyboard with backlighting lets the keyboard glow in one color. It can be blue, white, red, or any other color.

    The keyboard’s color or RGB light of an MSI keyboard offers a broader selection of colors you can choose from and tailor according to your personal preferences.

    How do I Change the Microsoft Keyboard Color?

    The notebook comes with all drivers and software required to control the backlight on the keyboard. You can find the application within the Start menu. In most cases, it will be branded with the initial of the business that created the keyboard.

    In this particular case, most but not the majority of MSI keyboards are manufactured by Steelseries, and I’ll be using Steelseries Engine 3 to provide light control.

    Step 1. Launch the Start menu, then look for Steelseries Engine 3.

    step 2. Click”MSIS Per-Key RGB Keyboard choice.

    Step 3: You’ll be able to view your keyboard and Lightning initial settings. Then click the Config icon located in the lower-left corner.

    Step 4. On the left, the configuration window will open. If you’d like to, you can choose an option from the standard settings and proceed by selecting it.

    Let’s go one step further, and create your custom configuration. Just click the New button on the right.

    Step 5: Type in the name of this new configuration. You can also define the apps to which the design will be accepted and then save the configuration.

    Step 6: You can begin changing the lighting on your keyboard to suit your preferences. Here is a brief overview of the software you’ll be able to see:

    Select: Click on each field or click.

    Group selection: Click on multiple domains or buttons at the same time.

    Magic Wand Magic wand: Selects all areas or buttons to achieve the same result.

    Brush Make an effect on a site or a button.

    Color cube Effect: Apply it to any keypad or button.

    Eraser: Eliminates the impact of a specific key or region.

    Effect selector: Chooses a product to be applied to the selected region or for the button.

    You will find an effective color selector and the drop-down list beneath the tools. The drop-down list will determine the kind of effect you can choose to use, while the color picker chooses the effect’s color.

    How to Change the Color of the Keyboard on MSI GS65 :

    To change the color of your keyboard for your MSI GS65, follow these easy steps:

    1. Launch MSI Dragon Center. MSI Dragon Center application.

    2. Choose “System Tuning” and click “Keyboard Lighting.”

    3. You can change the color of your keyboard using one of the available presets or by modifying it according to your preference.

    4. Save your changes and revel in your new lighting for your keyboard.

    How do I switch off the RGB keyboard?

    It is visible in its F3 and F4 keys when backlighting is on. Press Fn+F4 to boost the backlighting of the keyboard. Press Fn+F3 to decrease the backlighting of the keyboard and turn it off.

    Does Having An MSI RGB Keyboard Benefit You?

    An RGB keyboard gives you many advantages. The different MSI backlit colors allow you to work all night into the late at night. In addition, you don’t need to turn the light up for your laptop to work.

    With the option of providing different colors for various keys, you can remember the keys by color and save time searching for the correct key. This RGB feature improves the efficiency and speed of typing.

    What’s the problem? Is the MSI laptop’s keyboardn’t working?

    If you’ve pressed the hotkey or used the software to switch on the LED keyboard backlight, the LED backlight is not working. You can press Fn or the keypad ( ) to boost the keyboard’s brightness and then check.


    People who wish to alter the color of the MSI keyboard can do this in two ways. It is possible to directly access the keyboard shortcut by using function keys. Alternatively, they can alter the colors of their keyboards by making use of software called Steelseries Engine 2 software. You can use the preset configurations or follow the above steps to create your design. Finally, you can choose to use the new format.

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