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How To Change Chat Theme In Instagram

    You can spice up your direct messages via Instagram by picking the Theme of your message. You can directly select diverse patterns and colours for your messages on Instagram. It was designed so that people could spice the conversation.
    Before this update, users could choose either dark or light mode to use their app and send direct messages. There were only two options; however, now, you can customize the messages you send using these themes depending on who you’re chatting with.

    How to Change Instagram Chat Themes

    Before we explain how you can alter the themes of your chat to a different theme on Instagram, we warrant that you first use the most current version of the app on your phone. Check the Apple App Store (for iOS devices) or Google Play Store (for Android devices) and verify if an update to Instagram.

    Once you’ve gained an account with chat themes, it’s time to customize the look of your DM inbox. Follow the instructions below to make your Instagram DMs more personalized with chat themes.

    • Start Instagram and then tap the messaging or DM icon at the top right part of the app.
    • Then, start an account you would like to alter.
    • Click on the name of the profile to access the Chat Settings menu.
    • Under the Chat Settings section, choose Theme.
    • Pick a theme that you prefer from the Themes category. For those who want, scroll to the bottom and select one of the colours in the Colors and Gradients section.

    Changing the Theme of your Themeagram chat topics is only the story’s beginning. Here’s all you have to be aware of Instagram DMs.

    How do you change Instagram chat topics?

    Customizing the chat’s Theme in privThemeMs and group chats is possible. However, this feature isn’t accessible on Instagram’s mobile version.

    • Install the Instagram app on your mobile.
    • Touch the Send or Messenger icon in your display’s upper right corner.
    • Pick a conversation from the Chats List.
    • The profile’s name is in the upper right corner of your chat, and you can access the chat settings menu.
    • Select Theme.
    • Select a theme from the Themes section, or pick a colour by choosing Colors and gradients.

    Instagram informs both parties of the chat each time an individual alters the Theme. The apThemetion sends an alert to the chat window stating that [User] has changed the Theme to the Theme of the Theme. The aptamers are an opportunity to alter the Theme in addition to Themeto. Clicking the Change Theme link takes you straight to the chat themes menu.

    Why Is My Instagram Message Themes Not Working?

    If you cannot switch your themes on Instagram messages, we’ve got some solutions to benefit!

    One of the first things you must ensure is upgrading your Instagram app. We discussed earlier in the blog that this feature isn’t available unless you’ve got updated versions of Instagram. Instagram application. If your Instagram app is up to date with the latest version but it’s not working, there are a few options to follow:

    Log Out of Your Instagram Account

    You can log off your Instagram account and then log in again. This could restart the app, and this feature might show up after logging in. When you are back in, you can adhere to the steps that we have previously discussed.

    Clear Your Instagram Cache

    This method can only work with an Android. Cleaning your cache is an ideal idea since if it has become full; it may frequently cause an application to fail. For this, all you need to do is

    • Look for your privacy and settings within your mobile device.
    • Open your recent apps. If Instagram does not appear, then click on “See All’.
    • Click on Instagram.
    • Select Storage and Cache; after that, click Clear Cache.

    Restart Your Phone

    If you cannot resolve the issue, you should restart your phone. If you shut off your smartphone, the phone gets an opportunity to rest and restart, which can fix the issues occurring within the apps. If you switch off your phone, take it for at least one minute, switch it back on, and then reopen Instagram. Instagram application. Then, follow the steps you have discussed previously.

    You now know how to use the Instagram Messages theme. Once you have made an effort, let us know which ones you like best!


    So there it is. Now you know the art of changing your Theme on Instagram! You’ve mastered the art of beginning chats, choosing chats, and then diving into theme choices before implementing the Theme you like. Theme aware that each Theme brings Themevour to your conversations, So don’t be afraid to play around with it. Test different themes and reflect your mood, seasons, or just for fun. Customizing your experience via Instagram is not just concerned with appearances; it is also about making everyday interactions more pleasant and reflective of your fashion. Have fun with the Theme!

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