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How To Cancel iTunes Radio

    The present era has significant changes regarding the way people listen to music. The past was when tapes and recorders were used to play music. Today, most people utilize music streaming services to stream the songs they love and to stream music. In the present, we’re talking about Apple Music, which was launched in June of 2015; it has grown into a music streaming service across the world. The service allows you to access more than 70 million songs, gives users access to Apple Music 1 radio station, and is open all hours of the day. Many people don’t want to subscribe to this service since they wish to cut costs, or perhaps they’ve discovered a new music streaming service or don’t like the deals anymore. If you’re one of those people who understand how you can cancel Apple Radio or how to stop iTunes Radio, you are in the right spot! This guide will assist you in knowing how to shut off the radio on iOS and turn off Apple Radio on your iPhone.


    Apple Music allows you to play any track in the iTunes catalog anytime, on-demand, and locate all your music from the same place, regardless of whether it was purchased through iTunes, downloaded via the internet, or downloaded from the CD.

    This also includes:

    • The recommendations are based on your personal music preference;
    • Internet radio (including the Beats 1 station);
    • You can save tracks on your device so that you can listen to them even when off the internet;
    • Expert-compiled playlists;
    • Integration with iOS devices that have Siri. Siri assistant.

    How do I Cancel Apple Music on iOS/iPad?

    You can cancel Apple Music on your iOS or iPadOS in the same manner as on your Apple device. Here’s how you complete the process:

    Step 1: Launch the Settings application.

    Step 2: Tap your Name.

    Step 3: Tap “Subscriptions.”

    Step 4: Select your Apple Music entry.

    Step 5: Click “Cancel Subscription” or “Free Trial” in the case of trial.

    Step 6: Confirm that you have canceled.

    How do people stop canceling their AMC Subscriptions to Apple Music?

    Apple Music is a streaming service that gives customers access to an enormous catalog of songs. It’s available in over 150 countries and is highly praised for its audio quality and user interface. There are many reasons for people to cancel the Apple Music subscriptions.

    One of the most frequently cited reasons is the price tag of the streaming service. It costs $9.99 monthly for people and $14.99 monthly for a family package. It is among the most expensive streaming services available. It can be costly for people with limited funds or occasionally enjoy music.

    Additionally, some opt to stop or cancel their Apple Music subscriptions because they do not want to subscribe to Apple Music anymore.

    In addition, some customers prefer streaming services different from Apple Music and are deciding to end their Apple Music subscriptions.

    How do I Cancel Apple Music on a Mac through the App Store

    Although this may be a simple option to stop your subscription, there’s another method, mainly via the App Store.

    Step 1: Launch your App Store on your Mac.

    Step 2: click on your username and picture on the left-hand side.

    Step 3: Select “Account Settings” at the top right corner.

    Step 4: On the Account Information page, Scroll down until you reach “Manage”

    Step 5: Click “Manage” under Subscriptions.

    Step 6: Click “Edit” beside Apple Music.

    Step 7: Click “Cancel Subscription” and then confirm.

    You can cancel a subscription from your Windows PC

    Open your computer and then iTunes. If you don’t own iTunes, Learn how to install iTunes to Windows.

    The menu bar is located on the upper right of the iTunes window. Select Account and then select View My Account.

    Go to the Settings section. Click Subscriptions next to Manage.

    Select the subscription you wish to end and then select Edit.

    Select to cancel the subscription. Your subscription has been withdrawn if there’s no Cancel and Cancel Subscription button.

    How do I cancel Apple Music for Android?

    If you currently use Apple Music for an Android smartphone, follow these steps to end your subscription.

    Launch the Apple Music application on your Android phone and click the Listen Now icon.

    Select the three dots on the top left part of the screen. Then click Account.

    Choose Manage Subscription, then click Resign Subscription.

    Select Confirm when the pop-up menu is displayed.

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