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how to cancel apple music subscription

    Apple Music isn’t the best alternative for streaming music services. It integrates with Apple products more quickly than the notoriously closed-off system. However, it’s challenging to beat Spotify when using the services using Android, Windows, or any other operating system.

    Therefore, try to terminate the Apple Music subscription as soon as possible. In the end, you’ll want to be able to enjoy your music streaming service whether you’re using one of the top intelligent speakers or your phone using an excellent pair of wireless headphones. But there’s a problem with there’s a problem: the “unsubscribe” button isn’t as accessible as other buttons like the “sign me up” buttons which means you’ll require some assistance to unsubscribe from Apple Music. Follow these steps to cancel the subscription you have to Apple Music on any device, including your iPhone and an Android to an Apple Mac and a Windows PC.

    How to Cancel Apple Music on PC or Mac

    Additionally, you can handle your Apple Music subscription on your Mac or PC. To end your subscription on your Windows computer, you can do these steps:

    Launch iTunes.

    Select the menu bar and choose Account.

    Select View My Account.

    Input your login credentials as they are asked.

    Scroll to Settings.

    Under Subscriptions, click Manage.

    Discover the details of your Apple Music subscription.

    Select Edit.

    Select Cancel Subscription.

    When asked, confirm cancellation.


    1. Launch the app, click the Listen Now button, and tap the icon with your initials.

    2. Tap Manage Subscription.

    3. Click Cancel Subscription to confirm your choice.

    How to Cancel Your Apple Music Subscription on iPhone or iPad

    Pro Tip: Click the Apple hyperlink to bypass the initial three steps.

    Start the Settings app, and then tap your name at the top.

    Tap on iTunes & App Store. (If you see Subscriptions, click on it and then go to step 4.)

    Touch your Apple ID – View Apple ID. Verify it via Face ID. Or enter the Apple ID password – scroll down to Subscriptions and tap.

    Tap on the Apple Music Subscription. Next, you will see a screen where you tap Cancel Subscription and confirm.


    The subscription model that is paid for and renewed each month is a well-liked fee model that is available for many Apple products and services ((iPhones, iDevices, Apple TVs, and Macs). This means that users can access all kinds of services like videos, news, music, and other services. The fees are paid monthly or annually. In the case of Apple Music, for instance, once you have signed up for Apple Music, you’ll be automatically charged following the free trial period until you choose to complete the subscription. This is why it is essential to know how to end the subscription to your Apple Music paid subscription.

    How to Cancel Apple Music Subscription on iPhone/iPad

    You can unsubscribe from your Apple Music subscription from any iOS device connected via the Apple ID, such as iPhone and iPad. Apple tracks the current, ongoing, and past subscriptions in Settings. Settings app.

    1. Via Settings

    Go to Settings > Personal Information > Subscriptions on the iPhone or iPad, and tap on the Apple Music entry. In the Edit Subscription screen, you can tap the Cancel Subscriber (or free trial) Trial) button, and then accept the cancellation.

    2. Via Apple Music

    You can also end your subscription from within your Apple Music application. Launch your Apple Music app, click the Listen Now icon, and then click the profile icon in the top right. On the Account page, select Manage Subscription to change or cancel your subscription.

    How do I sign up for the Apple Music Voice subscription?

    Apple Music Voice plan allows users to manage Apple Music with Siri voice commands. Say to Siri that you want her to play the track you’d like to hear in Apple Music.

    Can I see the contents of my Apple Music playlists without a subscription?

    No. You’ll be able to access music playlists when you renew your Apple Music subscription. Songs that you’ve added to your iCloud Music library be available; however, you will need a subscription to access them.

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