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How To Archive A Facebook Group

    It is easy to create an archive of a Facebook group in just a couple of clicks if you’re the group administrator.
    A Facebook group can be archived. If you’d like the group to stay active, keep all its posts and participants that anyone can read.
    As an administrator, You can restart the Facebook group whenever you’d like.
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    Do you manage the Facebook group, which is not in use anymore? If you’d prefer the page to remain as it was and you don’t wish to delete it completely, Another option is to save it.

    If you are part of an organization where posting has become irrelevant to its original intent and want to archive the Facebook group, it is a viable choice. As the administrator, you can de-archive the group at any time.

    What Does It Mean To Archive A Facebook Group?

    If you remove a Facebook group, just as the title suggests, it is not a deletion of the Facebook group does not disappear; however, all essential activities stop on this Facebook group.

    Although the Facebook group is closed, members can’t make new Facebook posts or post comments on previously published content. The new members can’t be allowed to join, and members cannot be removed from the Facebook group.

    A Facebook group’s archive is not permanent, so you can unarchive and reactivate the group at any time you’d like to do this.

    Archiving a Facebook Group

    If you’re planning to archive the group you’re an administrator for, you can follow several simple steps to adhere to.

    Step #1: Locate the Group You’d Like To Archive

    To be capable of archiving a group, it is necessary first to become an administrator.

    Log into the group and verify that you set up the group or you’re an administrator. Finding this out through the “Members” option on your group’s page is possible.


    Administrators of groups are the only ones who can archive a group. People who want to archive their group will be required to communicate with their group admins to inquire about the possibility of an archive.

    Step #2: Navigate to the More Dropdown

    When you’ve located the groups you’d like to archive, click”More. “More” option.

    The menu (three dots) for the desktop version can be found in front of the search icon underneath the cover image. On the mobile version, it is at the upper right-hand corner of the screen. It looks like a badge that has an asterisk inside. When you click on the button, it opens the dropdown menu.

    Step #3: Scroll Down and Click on Pause Group

    Scroll to the bottom and locate you can find the “Pause group” option on the dropdown.

    In the desktop version, you can pause the application by clicking one of the options in the dropdown. For mobile applications, it is necessary to scroll further down to find it near the bottom of the list.

    Step #4: Choose the Reason

    A prompt that reads “Why would you like to stop the discussion group?” will pop up, informing you of the reason behind your decision and confirming the action. Select the reason to archive the group.

    This pop-up will likely provide you with “Cancel” and “Continue” choices. Choose “Continue” to confirm your option.

    Step #5: Confirm the Action

    Facebook can provide users with various tools to assist them with any problems. If you’re sure you’re in the right Facebook group, just hit “Continue.”

    You can now program the start date for your group, or it can be archived forever. In either case, you can click “Pause Group,” then your group is preserved.

    Remove an archived group.

    Find the user group you wish to unarchive.
    Tap Unarchive Group below the image of the group’s cover, and follow by tapping Confirm.
    Once you have unarchived the group, everyone who is an admin, moderators, members, and admins can create posts, comments, likes, and so on.

    Final Words

    The group you archived will be preserved the entire group’s interactions the group. They will stay exactly as it was at the time that you archived them. In this way, you and the team members will always be able to hop into the same spot you left.

    Facebook Groups can be a valuable social media tool in the present modern day. Knowing how to run your Facebook group can help you use this more efficiently.

    Frequently Asked Questions –

    How To Archive A Facebook Group?

    Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding archives of the contents of a Facebook group:

    How To Unarchive A Facebook Group?

    If you’ve archived your Facebook group, you can archive it anytime. You only need to launch the group on Facebook and then click the three dots on the upper right-hand corner of the group’s homepage. Select “Unarchive Group”

    How To Find Archived Groups On Facebook?

    There’s no way to locate archived Facebook groups. Facebook. You can, however, search and find every Facebook groups that are archived that you are part of.

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