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how to add airpods to find my iphone

    Here’s how to find your AirPods online or offline, with or without an iPhone.

    Anyone who has ever owned an AirPods pair knows what it feels like to stand in the middle of the room or on the street scratching your head, wondering where their AirPods were.

    AirPods aren’t cheap, so losing them can be very painful.

    According to the Metropolitan Transit Authority of New York’s subways, AirPods made up 1 220 of the 2,194 items dropped through the subway’s grates from September to December 2019.

    You can avoid having your AirPods included in this statistic by reading these clever ways to find them no matter what. A bonus tip to make sure you keep your AirPods!

    What is Find My AirPods?

    Find My, an app and service that help you find lost items, is part of Apple’s larger iCloud ecosystem. You can use the service on your Mac, iPhone, and iPad as well as Apple Watch, iPhone, iPod Touch, and Apple Watch. There are many ways to find your lost item using the app. If you feel that you’ve lost your AirPods, the app can play a particular sound that travels over rooms well to help locate them. Or, the precision tracking feature of the AirPods Pro (2nd gen) will help you locate them. This is only applicable to Apple products. Third-party headphones will need to be found differently.

    If you need to know where your AirPods might be, such as at the gym, office, or anywhere else, the Find My Service allows you to view a map and find them. If the AirPods batteries get low, they will lose their last known location before completely dying. You can also have encrypted data sent to nearby Apple devices about your location, even if the device isn’t connected online. That works only for Apple’s products. It only works for other headphones.

    AirPods in Find My?

    You have many benefits by adding your AirPods to the Find My app.

    Find I will display your AirPods. From there, you can make them sound like they’re missing or find them.

    Find My lets users see all of the locations that have been found for their AirPods. If they aren’t connected, you still have access to the last time they were online and directions to that spot.

    To locate your AirPods Pro/AirPods Max, you can use the Find My Network function to get exact directions.

    We now know the importance of adding your AirPods to the Find My app. Let’s look at the possible solutions if they don’t.

    How can I add AirPods so that my iPhone can find me?

    AirPods are automatically added to the Find My services once you pair them with an iPhone. You must activate the Find My service on your Apple Device with your Apple ID. It is important to note that this cannot be done with an Android, Windows, or another device.

    You can also manually search for your AirPods if they aren’t listed in the Find My application.

    Find My iPhone to Find Your AirPods

    Now that Find My iPhone is turned on, you can track the location and AirPods of your iPhone.

    Find My iPhone can help you locate your AirPods

    Install the Find My iPhone app.

    Tap the Devices Tab.

    Tap on your AirPods within the list of Devices.

    The map will show the current location of your AirPods.

    Tap Play Sound, and the AirPods will emit a sound to assist you in finding them. You can choose to mute the right or left AirPod. This will allow you to locate one AirPod at a given time, even if they aren’t in sync.

    If your AirPods do not have a paired device, tap Play Sound, and you’ll get a message informing you that you will receive a notification when they reconnect.

    When you set up Find My networks for your AirPods Max/AirPods Pro, you’ll have the option of finding your AirPods. Tap Find to begin.

    Your iPhone will look for a signal. It could take a while, depending on how far you are.

    Once it’s found a signal, it will show you on-screen information. This will let you know if the AirPods’ are near’ or ‘here.’ The information will keep you updated as you move, allowing you to pinpoint their exact location.

    How can I enable AirPods Network Discovery?

    So that your AirPods can be found even when they are powered off and disconnected, you need to enable Find My Network. We have already discussed how to turn ON Find My Network iPhone. Let’s now look at how to do it for AirPods.

    Step 1: Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

    Step 2: Tap on Bluetooth to toggle Bluetooth.

    Step 3: Select your AirPods from a list of connected devices. Tap on the “i” icon at the end of the AirPods.

    Step 4: From the list, ensure that Find My Network is on.

    Reset AirPods Pro

    Your AirPods Pro might need to be reset. First, we need to remove your AirPods Pro’s Apple ID. This is a 3-step process. Here are the steps:

    You must ensure that your AirPods have an active connection to your iPhone. Follow these steps:

    Open the Find My iPhone App.

    Tap Devices/Items from the bottom menu tabs.

    Click on the AirPods icon from the list.

    To open the entire handle, swipe up.

    Then, tap Remove This device.

    Next, open Settings > Bluetooth. Tap the (i), Info button next to your AirPods. Next, tap Forget This Device.

    Restart everything. iPhone and AirPods.

    Now, restart your AirPods Pro. How to reset AirPods Pro? Follow this Apple guide.

    After the reset, connect your AirPods Pro.

    What can you do to keep your AirPods safe?

    AirPods are small tech device that is easy to lose due to their size. Apple has developed separation alerts that work with iOS 9 and AirPods 10. This alert will sound on your iPhone whenever you move too far from the AirPods.

    You only need an iPhone 12 (or newer) to enable this feature. To toggle it in Settings, all you have to do is to have an iPhone 12 or later. You can find the Notify When Left Behind menu under the Find My iPhone’s Devices tab.

    Keep track of what you have.

    AirPods should be treated with care. It’s not easy to take care of them because they’re small. Fortunately, “Find My” can be a backup option if you remember to set this up before an unfortunate event. If your AirPods are lost or damaged, you’ll still be able to find them.

    Can I reset the AirPods I found?

    Hold down the setup button for 15 seconds. Hold the button down for at least 15 seconds, until the status indicator flashes amber briefly and then flashes to white. Now your AirPods have been completely reset. To make them work again, you will need the AirPods to be re-paired to your device.

    Can Apple track stolen AirPods from stores?

    They can’t be tracked digitally through their serial number. It is possible to find them if they were misplaced nearby (near your phone). Find I can help you locate your missing AirPods.

    What to do if your AirPods are lost?

    There are a few reasons that you may receive a No Location Found message while trying to locate your lost AirPods.

    If you don’t have to Find I turned on before your AirPods go missing, you won’t be able to locate them. If your AirPods have yet to be charged, they will be located once they recharge. They will only appear if they are within reach of your iOS device.

    You can’t play a song to find your AirPods if the message says “No Location Found.” However, you can get directions to where they were last connected.

    We hate to say it, but if none of these options work, you might consider buying new AirPods. However, if Apple is not your cup of tea, you can find many other fabulous wireless headphones on the market that will get you back on course. If you only have one AirPod to replace, Apple will sell a replacement, and you can connect the replacement AirPod.

    Final words

    You can use the Find My iPhone app to locate your Apple Watch and iPad. It can also be used to show the location of your AirPods by connecting them to any device registered to iCloud.

    AirPods will be available even if your phone has been disconnected from the internet.

    This article helped to connect your AirPods to the Find My Application. Could you find out more about our other articles?

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