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How Old is Black Star From Soul Eater

    In the three characters of Soul Eater, Black Star is among the most intriguing. He began as an incredibly flawed character who was thinking about himself too much and transformed into a mature and well-rounded person willing to give anything to assist his fellow characters. He had always had clearly defined and defined goals and had to conquer numerous obstacles.

    BlackStar is an assassin the Shadow Weapon Meister) BlackStar is the only survivor of the notorious Star Clan, though he was removed from the DWMA and was raised to the rank of Sid Barrett. In the DWMA, his partner in crime is Tsubaki Nakatsukasa, and he is among the five top students at the academy.

    Black Star is the name of the character. Black Star

    Black Star is the only descendant of the Star Clan. Black Star is also a show-off. He claims that he will be greater than God.

    With his weapon, Tsubaki (who can transform into various Ninja weapons), Tsubaki can construct shields and sense enemies. He can also move fast and even create clones.

    Without Tsubaki, the player can utilize the “Black Star Big Wave,” which can send a massive quantity of energy from the soul through an opponent’s body to shock or harm them.

    Atsushi Okunbo’s Narcissistic Part influences him.

    It’s not uncommon for a writer to draw out a portion of their characters when creating an individual character, as is the way Soul Eater creator Atsushi Okunbo did in Black Star. This makes it easier for people to take on the character’s role and allows the writer to explore a part of themselves.

    The trick is not to make the character the self-insert character or, in essence, the author’s insertion into the story. This is not the case in the case of Black Star, as the surface adds a necessary raucous character for the tale.


    BlackStar is portrayed as a teenage young man sporting vibrant blue, spiky hair, with spikes protruding out in a way like stars. The man is also relatively more minor, which is less than his combat partner Tsubaki Nakatsukasa. He’s also very well-built and slender for his age. His eyes are green, and when he’s angry, his eyes change to yellow stars inside the eyes. His primary outfit is a unisex black shirt with a sleeveless and elongated collar. He also wears white pants, including black fabric from the knees down, and is shy of full. At the top of his collar, two small pieces of grey fabric decorated with rivets are stretched across the entire length, from at the top of his collar up to the front of the shirt. BlackStar also has similar strips wrapped over his neck shape of a scarf. They also wrap around his waist in the form of an elastic belt.

    He is a Superhuman Being With Powers That Outstrip Human capabilities.

    As previously mentioned, Black Star is a Warrior God, a title that’s not handed to anyone at will, and particularly not by people like Asura. Black Star is beyond the limit of what humans are capable of, having power so powerful that he could cut through Crona’s Black Blood with his bare hands.

    He was also so quick that he could trigger all the traps Arachnophobia has in just a few minutes. The most notable instance of this is when he stood up to Eruka Frog Crona and two of the Mizune clan.


    BlackStar is uncontrollable, immature, and egotistical, and boastful. Even though he acts as an assassin at times, he overlooks that Way of Assassination by shouting and making himself known because BlackStar is a huge attention seeker. Blackstar can’t stand seeing somebody else receive more attention than him and will take on anyone more famous than him to get back to being popular. His loudness is evident in his frequent shouting while speaking and his trademark cries like “Ha Ha!” or “Yahoo!’. He is also highly inconsiderate, sometimes insulting his family and friends and his superiors. He has a very informal style of speaking and conduct, even those of a higher status than him. He is a fan of playing practical jokes and getting people to laugh just for fun. He’s also a vast eater with a huge appetite.

    The Book Of Eibon Turns Him into a Woman

    If you’ve never had the pleasure of reading mangas, here is just one of the many scenes or arcs that aren’t included in the anime after the original manga was released to tell a tale of its own. In the beginning chapter of the manga, called Lust, every person in a particular region was transformed into the opposite gender.

    Black Star was among them, with his body changing into a beautiful woman, which eventually caused Tsubaki to blush, leading to a couple of hilarious scenes between the two. When he left the chapter, the character was back to his everyday look.

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