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how much freezer space for half a cow

    One of the significant advantages of beef (or the majority of meats in general) is that it is stored well for upto the duration of two years in a decent freezer. Some say it shouldn’t be kept for longer than a year to ensure the best taste; however, it doesn’t matter in the event of an emergency. Therefore, the time frame for preservation in a freezer is contingent on your objectives.

    The meat purchase at a bulk price is a great option to save money and time. We do not usually consider how and where to keep the beef. The size of the freezer is essential, and unless you know the best way to store a half cow, you’re going to need to figure out ways to consume it quickly.

    Since you’ll be receiving all of your beef all at once, It’s crucial to ensure enough space in your freezer to store your order. Follow this guideline to choose the proper size of the meat and the appropriate quantity of freezer space. Our beef is tasty for up to one year if kept in a freezer. We recommend having multiple deep freezers when purchasing the whole or half beef for freezer storage so that you can access the various cuts of meat you want.

    The Perfect Size Freezer Chest for Half a Cow

    You’ll know the size of your chest freezer you require once you are in a position to estimate the amount of beef you get from a 1/4 1/2 or even a whole cow. One cubic foot of freezer is enough to hold approximately 35 pounds of wrapped and cut cow’s meat.

    The amount of meat you’ll receive from a single cow is about 100 pounds. After getting rid of the excess fat and bones and then grinding, a small portion of the meat will yield around 80-90 pounds.

    How much freezer space do I need?

    The best rule of thumb to think about would be 1.5 cubic feet freezer capacity for each person in your household. For example, a family of 4 is required to have at least a six cubic feet freezer. Select a freezer that’s neither too large nor too small, but just enough. Your freezer should be full to 2/3 or more for maximum energy efficiency.

    Quarter Beef
    If you purchase a quarter-beef, you’ll get between 100 to 130 kg of Christensen Ranch freezer beef, and you’ll require at minimum 10 cubic feet of freezer space to hold the freezer beef.

    Half Beef Half
    The amount you receive is approximately 220 to 220lbs of beef when buying a half-beef. The freezer beef you receive will need a minimum of 20 cubic feet of freezer space.

    Whole Beef
    At a minimum, there will be a capacity of four freezers deep when purchasing a whole beef. With 440-520lbs of meat in freezers, freezer storage will require at least 40 cubic feet.

    What size Upright Freezer do I need in 1/8, 1/4,1/2, or Whole cow

    The same principles apply to all freezers, though upright freezers provide a degree of organization that’s more efficient. We can store one-half cow in less than 10-cubic feet if we’re smart about it.

    The stainless steel freezers are ideal for storing beef, and One-door freezers are enough for half a cow. But, bigger 2-door (or three-door) upright freezers with capacities at 35 cubic feet or more can hold an entire cow.

    How Long Do Cows Keep For In the Freezer?

    According to USDA storage guidelines for food safety, The amount of time you can keep beef is not definite. This is obvious, provided that the freezer temperature is consistent and the meat is packed correctly.

    If you’re looking for more flavorful beef, uncooked roasts, steaks, and chops can be kept for up to 12 months. If you are using other beef that is not cooked, such as ground beef, the storage period should be at least 4 months. The long-term storage of beef causes it to lose its flavor and texture.


    It is generally possible to keep about an eighth of steak in the highest area of a refrigerator/freezer (3-4 cubic feet) combination, especially when you own a freezer with an ice maker or other things.


    The minimum freezer that we suggest for a quarter of beef is a dedicated five cu feet freezer. If you’ve got other items in the freezer, you might need to move to an eighth-grade beef.


    We suggest that size quarter beef purchase to allow space for other items depending on the need.


    This is the size that’s required for a half-beef order. If you’re using it to keep other meats, reduce it to a quarter of a beef.

    9-12 CUBIC 9-12 CUBIC

    If you intend to keep anything else in your freezer, 9-12 cubic feet is an ideal size for half of a burger.


    This is the size we would recommend for a complete beef order; however, it might be too small, so you should consider moving to a larger size.

    In The Closing

    To properly store your beef, it is necessary to have an appropriate chest freezer appropriate in dimensions. The freezer must be big enough to accommodate the amount of meat needed to be stored if there isn’t a specific chest freezer.

    A half-cow fits perfectly in an 8 cubic foot. Chest freezer, and it also leaves plenty of room to breathe.

    Before storage, cut and then pack your meat carefully. Be sure the chest freezer designed for storage is at constant temperatures. Pieces of beef are cut into pieces that will be kept in the lower part of the freezer (in freezer baskets).

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