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how long is a minecraft day

    Minecraft is among the most played games on the market today. It’s not a flimsy statement, either. Since its release nearly a decade ago, in the year 2011, the game has sold more than 200 million units. This means that it is Minecraft the most popular video game ever and even surpasses titles like Tetris.

    Minecraft is distinct because despite its release not too long ago, the game still had several active users at 126 million in May 2020. Few games boast this many sales figures and active players, aside from Grand Theft Auto V.

    Whatever your age, you’ll have a lot of fun in Minecraft. Certain features of the game don’t have to be clearly defined. For example, what’s the duration of a Minecraft day? For all we know, in Minecraft, it’s the day that’s the most secure way to get your job accomplished, while late-night hours are when monsters are out, seeking to hurt you. Lucky for you, I’ve got your back with the information you’re searching for. I hope that being aware of Minecraft’s daytime duration will make your game more strategic and enjoyable.

    Minecraft Day-Night Cycle – How Long Does Day & Night Last?

    The duration of a Minecraft Day (the whole 24 hours) lasts 20 minutes which is more than 72 times quicker than the real-time. I’m not great in Math; however, I believe that 1 second of actual duration is 72 seconds of Minecraft’s time. Mainly, daytime runs to around 10 minutes, while the night time is about 7 minutes. You can see sunset and sunrise between them, which runs for 90 seconds each. In terms of ticks, there are 24000 ticks within the course of a single Minecraft Day.

    The daytime part is the longest, where the brightness level is the highest. It ranges from zero up to 12,000 ticks. Note that the exact color of the sky will depend on the biome you are in. If you’re living in the desert, you’ll have a lighter blue than those in the Plains. The daytime is when you’re at your most secure since undead mobs (well, the majority of them) are damaged when exposed to the direct sun. The spiders can be neutral if they don’t follow you around.

    How Long are 1000 Days in Minecraft

    If you’re one of those who want to know the length of a 1000-day day in Minecraft, The answer is 333 hours or about 14 days. We arrived at this conclusion after considering the idea that 1 hour in real-time equals three weeks in Minecraft.

    The result of this calculation is 14 days. This is about the length of 1000 calendar days of Minecraft compared to real life.

    How to Set Time of Day in Minecraft

    To change and set the day’s hour in Minecraft, You must start typing the command: /time setting, then enter the command for your days. For instance, for 7 AM (Day Time), type /time set 1000. For 7PM (Night Time), type /time set 13000.

    What is the length of a Minecraft night and day?

    The duration of day and night are the same. Contrary to the real world in which the lengths of night and day are different and can vary in size, the day is 10 minutes while the night is 10 minutes long.


    This is all about the length of an average Minecraft day. We suggest avoiding going out at night instead of using this time to allow your character some much-needed sleep. But, there are instances when you require going out late at night to complete an important job. If that happens, ensure that you’re wearing well-made armor and also carry a sword. This will enable you to defeat monsters in the nighttime and are swarming about. Before you leave, be sure you learn how to fix your Bow in Minecraft.

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