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How Long Does Plaster Take To Dry

    The time it will take to dry is based on various factors, including the use of plasterboard or backing plaster and the temperature, the number of layers, and more. While it is obvious, you shouldn’t apply wallpaper or paint to plaster while it’s wet as it could cause adhesion issues and become a waste of time.

    In remodeling houses, we usually apply plaster to the entire house. Therefore, we have a lot of experience with the drying process of plaster. You can observe from the image above that is drying up appears to be an “earthy”/brown color, whereas dry plaster is much lighter and is best described as a soft pink hue.

    Today, we’ll walk through different scenarios and hopefully find an approximate answer to this nagging question. The most apparent distinction is the type of material you’re applying the plaster to. If you’re skimming the plasterboard, expect the drying time to take between 2 and 3 days.

    If you put the plaster on solid surfaces like bonding or cement render, it could take longer. Typically, it takes 5-6 days. However, this could be different.

    How long will Plaster need to be dried?

    Plaster is mixed with clean water to create a thick, creamy mixture before it is put on the ceiling or wall with a plastering float or other tools for plastering.

    For the perfect mixture, get the perfect mix, a 55 lb (25kg) bag of plaster requires roughly 2.5 Gallons (11.5 milliliters) of clean water. Then, when the plaster is placed on the surface, the water must dry and form an even, smooth and durable surface.

    For more information on how you can get the perfect mix every time, please look at our Guide How to Mix Plaster.

    Fresh plaster can take up to 3 days to dry after being applied to the board and 7 days for drying when it is applied using backing or an undercoat.

    If the conditions are humid and there is a high moisture level in the air, new plaster could take longer to dry thoroughly. Fresh plaster may take several weeks to dry fully in extreme humid circumstances.

    Do the elements affect how the plaster dry?

    Yes, it is. If it’s mid-winter the winter season and you’ve shaved an area of the wall, expect to wait two or more weeks to be dry than it had been removed in the summer. This is primarily due to the temperatures in the home and the moist air during this season, and the lack of sunlight.

    The story is different when it’s summer. I’ve plastered a ceiling on the hottest summer day, and the plaster was dry at night. It sounds nice, but the plaster may dry too quickly and ruin the finished result. If you’re working during the summer, try closing your curtains or blinds.

    Why Does Plaster Crack When Drying

    If your plaster is beginning to crack as it is drying, there are several reasons this could be occurring. The most frequent reason is that too much heat is utilized to accelerate the drying process for fresh plaster.

    Other reasons why the plaster is beginning to crack could be woodchip or wallpaper being sprayed over without removal, a wrong PVA ratio, or perhaps using outdated products.

    How to speed drying time

    The drying process for the new plaster will be accelerated considerably by increasing ventilation to the space- by opening doors and windows, and the addition of a dehumidifier can help remove moisture from the air.

    Heating has to be considered with care. A low background heat is preferred to increase the heat system high, which could dry out the plaster too quickly and result in cracks.

    Do you dry the new plaster?

    How to speed the process of drying. The process of drying the newly laid plaster will be significantly improved by increasing the airflow to the area by opening doors and windows. Also, introducing a dehumidifier can help get rid of moisture in the air.

    Why Isn’t The Plaster Drying

    If you’ve waited for more than an entire week with no evidence that the plaster is drying, then you might be experiencing an issue. There may be an issue with the damp penetrating it or a leak that further investigation. Plaster is a natural drying material; however, it could indicate an issue if it’s still damp with dark spots. It would help if you didn’t force it dry using heating.

    Do I need to keep windows open after putting down the plaster?

    The first thing you need to do is open at the very least one window in every room that is plastered. This will allow the moisture to evaporate. Plasterboard can take 2 days to dry once put up while backing plaster can take 4-6 days.

    Do cold temperatures dry the plaster?

    At temperatures of 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 Celsius) Celsius) as low or above, plaster can freeze on the wall, causing weakness in the brick. In addition, the cold, dry air on the wall’s surface may absorb warm water away from the wall quickly and cause cracks caused by shrinkage of the plastic.


    I hope the guide above about how long it is drying covers all you must be aware of. Although it’s painful to gaze at plaster for several weeks before decorating, it’s recommended to do this. The worst thing you could experience is your effort to decorate to begin peeling because the plaster is not drying correctly. Should you have any concerns regarding the process of drying plaster, please get in touch with our team.

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