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how long does it take google drive to process a video

    If you try to access an image or video stored on Google Drive, it goes into a processing stage. The process of processing images can be swift, while when it comes to videos, they can take a while, depending on the size. The video processing is performed by Google Drive to ensure that the playback of videos is seamless and free of any problems.

    However, several user reports claim that, when trying to access a YouTube video via Google Drive on Google Drive, the system displays, “We’re working on this Video. Please check for updates.” The error message remains for an interminable amount of time. If you’re facing the same issue with Google Drive, you are in the right place. This article will outline the strategies you can employ to solve the problem. Google Drive video is still experiencing issues processing. We will explore the options.

    What Does It Mean When Google Drive Is Processing a Video?

    After a video is uploaded to Google Drive, however, it needs to go through a different process before you can view or save it. This is the process of processing.

    Processing a video is an expression of the video that has been transformed into different resolutions, formats, codecs, and formats that allow for playback on various devices. That means that every time Google Drive is processing a video, it converts the form to different codecs and resolutions. This is the same for uploading your videos to other online services such as YouTube.

    How Much Time Will it Take to Process the Video?

    Google Drive sets no specific date or timeframe for processing the video. The processing time for the Video for previewing in Google Drive can be a couple of minutes or even hours, and in certain circumstances, it could require days. The processing time depends on the resolution, the format of the video and the codecs, the size of the file, Google server speed, and Internet speeds for converting the video.

    Some users have reported that processing 50MB files took only several minutes to process, while the 1.1-gigabyte file could take up to 15 minutes, but it’s dependent on the type of video you’re using.

    The most common rule is that it takes between 10 and 20 minutes to complete a 1.1-gigabyte video file; However, as I mentioned that it’s all contingent on the codec that is used in the speed of the file, the rate of data as well as Google servers to reduce the amount of time needed to process the video files.

    How can I fix the video processing error caused by Google drive?

    Sometimes, you may be confronted by a Google video processing error on your drive, and you can’t stop the delivery of that particular Video. In this case, you must decide to resolve the issue independently. Some tips to follow to fix this Google Drive processing video error are provided below:

    Video sharing via offline mode:

    Send the video to another offline device if Google drive shows an unexpected error in processing the Video.
    You can connect the device via a USB cable to another device and share the video without the Internet.
    You could also utilize another software for transferring the videos on your device to a new one.

    The essential information on Google drive processing time and errors is described above in the most precise manner. You can also speak to your Google support team for any other questions you might have seeking information about the Google Drive system to process video.

    How Long Does it Take to Process the Video in Google Drive?

    Google Drive sets no specific duration or timeframe to process the video. Some users have reported that processing a 50MB video took less than one minute. In contrast, the processing of a 1GB video took around 15 minutes; however, this depends on the kind of video.

    You can try uploading it and uploading it again.

    There’s a possibility that the video may be damaged or not correctly uploaded in Google Drive, and this could be the reason your video isn’t processing or isn’t responding.

    In this scenario, it is possible to upload the Video directly to Google Drive again and examine the process of uploading.

    Alternately, upload the video to various platforms like Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.

    Why My Google Drive is Showing Video is Still Processing?

    There can be Multiple Reasons for Slow Video Processing, Viz; Slow Google Servers, Big File Size, Incomtaible Format, or Slow Data Speeds.

    Try re-uploading your video.

    Your video may have been damaged or not correctly transferred into Google Drive, and this is the reason why your video isn’t processing or not responding.

    In this case, try uploading your Video directly to Google Drive again and examine the success of uploading.

    You can also upload your video to other platforms like Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.

    How much time will it take Google Drive to process a 4K video?
    A video in 4K that is 60 minutes with 30 frames per second can take up to four hours to finish processing. A video in 4K with 60 frames/second could take much more time.

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