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How Do You Spell Monkeys


    [ muhng-kee ]SHOW IPA

    For the term monkey, one of the two above scenarios is the case. People who are learning English may be enticed to think that the end of the word has been transformed into monkies, in accordance with the previous rule regarding pluralization to which they might have been subjected.

    Find other synonyms for the word monkey at

    Middle School Level

    noun, plural mon*keys.

    Any of the over 250 species of siman primates which belong to both distinct lineages that comprise New World monkeys and Old World monkeys.

    the fur of some species of long-haired animals.

    A person’s behavior can be similar to animals such as a playful kid, agile, or a person who is a model:

    My niece is cutest tiny monkey. He’ll even beg to climb almost anything that he can reach.

    What is the best way to write the plural of monkeymonkies or monkeys?

    Words ending in the letter y are more likely to appear difficult to categorize: the rules are different based on the letters which surround them and occasionally an s just tacked on to the word’s end or phrase, while in other cases the whole word is transformed typically to the -i.


    We could go on until we’re red in the face over this test on the terms for”blue,” but we’re not sure “blue,” but we recommend that you take the test and discover how well you know these vibrant terms.

    For instance:

    Keys become keys

    Trolley transforms into trolleys

    Journey becomes journeys

    In a situation where we have to decide on “monkies or monkeys,” we can use the rules above and add:

    Monkey turns into monkeys.

    How do we know this?

    The “y” debate

    The most confusing part of pluralizing words ending in ey is the fact that the letter that is at the end remains the letter y. This leads to a lack understanding regarding to the correct location of -ies. This is the reason for confusion over the “monkies vs. monkeys” conflict.

    The solution is mostly an aesthetic one. A word that ends in an lone y, such as community, or an uncomplicated word like fly, will look odd when a lone s is tacked onto to the end of the word. It is more appealing visually to create a new ending to take into account the variety. Community and flys appear better than communities and flys.

    The words that end with -ey have more meaning to start with, and so adding s won’t appear as odd. Take chimneys as an example, for example. Also “monkeys” doesn’t need anything more added to it.

    Examples of how to use “monkey” and “monkeys”:


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