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how do you connect the apple pencil to an iphon

    If you’ve just purchased one of the Apple Pencils and want to connect it to an iPad, you’ll have to connect your devices first. The process for securing an Apple Pencil to an iPad differs based on your Pencil.

    When you connect the Apple Pencil to your iPad, you can take advantage of these useful features. You can write notes in handwriting, utilize Scribble to write letters, use the Scribble feature, draw inside text boxes and many more.

    What Is an Apple Pencil?

    You’ve probably been familiar with styluses. The Apple Pencil has been described as being a stylus that Apple designed. This Apple Pencil resembles our traditional pencils (and this is why they added the word Pencil in the name of the design). But this Apple Pencil writes on an iPad’s screen, not on paper as our standard pencils do.

    Do I have to connect an Apple Pencil to My iPhone?

    This is one of the millennial-related questions (if there’s anything similar to it). iPhone customers have asked this question for a long time. Unfortunately, the answer is still the same.

    Technically, you cannot use the Apple Pencil with any iPhone, including iPhone 13, because Apple didn’t create the Apple Pencil for every iPhone. Apple Pencil 1 and Apple Pencil 2 are incompatible with all iPhones. The Apple Pencil has a display that was designed specifically for it. Unfortunately, there is no iPhone with shows compatible with it.

    How to Set Up Apple Pencil

    If you’re certain that you’re sure that your Apple Pencil is compatible with your iPad is time to connect the two devices. Check out our Tip of the Day newsletter for more information on what you can accomplish using the iPad and your Apple Pencil.

    If you are using the first-generation Apple Pencil, remove the cap from the back of the device and connect the Apple Pencil to your iPad.

    If you own an upgraded Apple Pencil, attach your Apple Pencil to the side of your tablet using a magnet connector (all you need to do is attach the Apple Pencil to the side of your tablet). If it automatically connects, you can skip step 5.

    If it is connected automatically, go to step 5 instead.

    Now you can create an Apple Pencil.

    Tap Settings.

    Open Settings

    Scroll down to the bottom and tap on Apple Pencil.

    Here, you can check the amount of battery the Apple Pencil charges and change the settings.

    Toggle only draw with Apple Pencil off if you prefer to navigate your device using your fingers and utilize your Apple Pencil for creating or writing.

    Switch Scribble on for conversion of any typed note in a text space to type.

    Tap Use Scribble to practice creating a text box and converting it into type.

    The Left-Curve Swipe gesture can switch the ability to take screenshots using the Apple Pencil either in or out. If you turn it on, this gesture works regardless of whether you have the only Draw using the Apple Pencil switched on.

    Tap Right Corner Swipe and open the Quick Note with your Apple Pencil, on or off. If you turn it on, this gesture can work regardless of whether you have Only Drawn with the Apple Pencil.

    Right Corner Swipe

    You are now aware of how to connect your Apple Pencil to your iPad!

    How do you charge the first-generation Apple Pencil using the Lightning adapter?

    Take off the cap on the side of the cap Apple Pencil.

    Connect the Apple Pencil’s Lightning connector to the Lightning adapter.

    Connect the Lightning adapter to the Lightning cable.

    How do you recharge the 2nd-generation Apple Pencil?

    With the second-generation Apple Pencil, Apple made charging much simpler. There’s only one way to set it.

    Place your Apple Pencil on the side of the iPad with magnetic strips, and it will charge in no time.

    The Pencil’s fast-charge technology allows users to enjoy up to 30 hours of use following a 15-second charge. However, we advise charging it for at least 5-10 minutes, especially if a battery is below 20% in order, so you don’t have to recharge.


    The Apple Pencil will automatically unpair with the iPad and iPad Pro if you pair it with another iPad or connect an alternative Apple Pencil with your iPad. It is also possible to unpair manually in the event of a need.

    Start the Settings app on your iPhone’s home screen.

    Tap Bluetooth.

    Click the Info button on the left of the Apple Pencil in My Devices.

    Tap on Forget.

    To reconnect to the initial-generation Apple Pencil, plug it back into the Lightning port on your iPad. To pair the second-generation Apple Pencil, place it on the charging strip magnetic of your iPad.

    There’s no need for an extra menu or a complicated app pairing process to make use of the Apple Pencil: Once you’ve connected it to an iPad or iPad Pro and you’re now ready to write, draw sketches, sketch or navigate using any app you want to join the pen’s nib onto the iPad’s glass screen, and go to work!


    The simplest way to put it is that it is impossible to utilize your Apple Pencil with your iPhone because of compatibility with hardware.

    The display or screen on your iPhone isn’t suitable for it. Apple Pencil. However, you can make use of other styluses on your iPhone. However, keep in mind that you may face irritations with this.

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