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how do i know what apple watch i have

    It might appear as if it’s like the Apple Watch was just released. However, there are seven models of the device that span three generations! The models look alike, so determining which one is which could be difficult. How do you determine what model or the series you have on your Apple Watch?

    You must first identify the serial number to determine the Apple Watch model. To find it, look at the case on the back of the watch. On your Apple Watch, navigate Settings > General > About and choose ‘Serial number. Then you can use Apple’s Watch ID list to locate your watch.

    Understanding the model of your watch is crucial if you plan to sell it or have to address the issue that’s popped up. Let’s review how to find the model of various Apple Watch models so that you can find yours without difficulty.

    Why Should I Know Which Apple Watch I Have?

    Similar to computers, cars, refrigerators, and televisions like refrigerators, televisions, and cars, the Apple Watch has many different designs and models.

    The dimensions, functions, processing power, and physical design of an Apple Watch can differ among different models.

    Knowing the model of the Apple Watch you own can help you figure out the best way to configure specific apps and perform software updates.

    Check the Bill or Box

    When you purchase a new item, it is important to save the receipt as well as the box in a safe manner. The former can be useful in the event of warranty claims, and the latter can be useful when you sell the device shortly. A bill or box can also be useful when figuring out the particulars of the gadget you have.

    If you take, a look at the bill will reveal every device’s information. It is possible to find more information in My Orders. My Orders section if you’ve lost the invoice but bought an Apple Watch from the Apple Store or another online retailer.

    Look at the packaging of the Apple Watch, as it has all the information regarding the item printed on the back. If you’ve lost the receipt and the box, move to the next stage.


    Start your Apple Watch App on your iPhone and go for My Watch > General > AROUND.

    Tap MODEL. Then refer to the model’s ID (beginning with the letters “A”) below.

    It is important to note that the model number will not guarantee a perfect match because some models share the same model number; however, you can refer to the rear of the box to determine the version you’re using.

    The reverse of the case includes the case’s series, size, material, glasses type, serial numbers, resistance to water, GPS, and cellular (LTE).

    Apple Watch 1st Generation (Series 0)

    Model numbers
    38mm: A1553
    42mm: A1554

    The Standard version comes with a stainless steel case, while the Sport version comes with an aluminum case. Both Apple Watch Edition and Hermes models come with ceramic cases.

    The Edition is made of yellow gold with a red, black, and blue cap and rose gold with a white, black, or blue cap. The Hermes model is adorned with “Hermes” engraved on the back.

    Apple Watch Model Number

    To determine the model you have on your Apple Watch, you can look up its model numbers. There’s only one drawback: once you’ve got your model’s number, you’ll have to find it in the Apple Watch generation lists. This is fine, as I’ve collected them all in one spot to make it easier for you. You can find your Apple Watch model number by following these directions:

    On your iPhone, starts your iPhone and then open the Watch App.
    In the menu of settings, you can tap on General.
    Now, tap on ‘About’.
    You’ll notice a Look within the Model field for a code that starts with MQ. It should be next to it. By tapping on it, you’ll be taken access to the number for the watch’s model that begins with the letter ‘A’.
    Use the below information to learn more about Apple Watch. Apple Watch.

    Do we repair Apple Watches?

    Yes, we can repair Apple Watch. Most repair we do is Apple Watch screens and LCD replacements.

    If you’re searching for a repair for an Apple Watch, the best thing to do is contact us via live chat. We only need the model number, make, and size. We also need to know if it’s a GPS and Cellular version or a GPS and Cellular version. Then we can get to you with a price.

    What Apple Watches Can I Buy?

    Presently, Apple is officially selling various variations of its Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch Series 7, Apple Watch Series 6, The Apple Watch Series 3, the Apple Watch SE, and the SE 2. Then there’s an Apple Watch Ultra, designed to be used in extreme outdoor environments.

    The Apple Watch Series 5 has been taken off the market. It’s still a very powerful watch that you can purchase from sites such as Amazon and Adorama and often with a substantial discount from the initial price.

    Apple Watch Series 1, Series 2, Series 4, The Original Apple Watch, and the first-generation Apple Watch Edition have all been removed. However, you can still purchase some through third-party retailers.

    Apple Watch Series 7

    The Series 7 is no longer officially part of Apple’s model lineup. However, it is still available at some retailers and could be attractive when the price is reasonable.

    It’s similar to it’s a lot like Series 8. It has most of the important features in that model, such as the blood oxygen sensor and an ECG function to detect irregular heartbeats, as well as sensors that detect falls when walking or running. It could be more sophisticated. Series 7 lacks the temperature sensors that can be used to estimate a woman’s ovulation and the g force sensors that can detect an auto crash.

    The Series 7 is also available in various cool colors for the case, including deep British Racing green and navy blue, which aren’t available as part of Series 8. Series 8.

    What do you think of Apple Watch material?

    Utilizing the model of your Apple Watch, you can immediately identify the series in which it is. The exact model number is utilized for each series for various materials. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you own stainless steel or an aluminum model of a specific Apple Watch because the model number is identical. But every size Apple Watch has a different model number. You can also identify the model number by examining the material used to make the screen and back. The material is explained at the bottom side of the Apple Watch. Apple Watch.

    How do you choose the correct size band?

    The fabric and the tightness on the band affect the general experience more than the case naturally.

    Apple owns a comprehensive explanation of the particulars about each band style on its website store. However, in simple terms, it’s unique for every band and each user.

    If you want to purchase the Modern Buckle, Sport, Milanese Loop, Classic Buckle, or Link Bracelet, you’ll have to determine your wrist’s measurements against the band’s dimensions (see the next section for some tips).

    Remember that with certain band straps, you’ll need to select the size you want when purchasing the strap, while others (like the Sport bands) include both an M/L and S/M strap that you can choose between.

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