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How do I delete outlook from my Macbook Pro?

    The uninstallation of Outlook for Mac OS may have many reasons. It also means that problems with this procedure could arise due to various reasons. Perhaps the email service is not required anymore because you have changed jobs or it’s not suited to your requirements. We discussed possibilities and solutions that could help you resolve various problems. [1]

    We’ve had a few questions about removing Microsoft Outlook on Mac, and this will be addressed thoroughly! If you’d like to remove Microsoft Outlook on Mac OS X, we’ll be able to assist you with this. In addition, to ensure the highest performance of your Mac, we will show the differences between uninstalling and undeleting the application. Please take a look at our suggestions for the process of uninstalling and save time by picking the right solution to remove Microsoft Outlook!

    How can I completely delete Outlook?

    On the taskbar, Type the control panel on the toolbar and then click Control Panel. Next, select Programs > Programs & features from the drop-down menu on the left. Double-click on the Microsoft Office item to remove it.

    What happens when I uninstall Outlook?

    If you decide to uninstall Outlook and reinstall it, none of your contacts, emails, calendar items, calendar entries, or other data will be lost. As with reinstalling Word, it won’t erase any of your files. It will leave the majority if none of your preferences are in place. Uninstalling Office does not remove any Outlook files.

    What can I do to uninstall only Outlook?

    If you wish to remove only Outlook, you can go to the Regulate Panel and click “Programs and Attributes.” Then, you’ve done that; you’ll find Microsoft Office environment 2016 underneath the list of installed programs. Then, click it, and then select “Uninstall.

    How do I delete Outlook off my Macbook Pro?

    To erase Outlook from the Macbook.
    It is necessary to uninstall it.
    To do that, navigate to your Applications folder and then locate Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office app.
    Right-click it and choose “Show Package Contents.” The window that appears.
    Go to “Contents Resources en-us Microsoft Outlook.
    Right-click on Outlook and choose “Move to Trash.

    Things You Should Know Before uninstalling Outlook

    In the first place, do not hurry to erase Microsoft Outlook. If the application is running when you begin the process of uninstalling and you want to stop it before you can do so; else the uninstall process could be a mistake or even fail. Here are some options to exit the program:

    Locate the icon for the app on the Dock. Click it right-click, and choose Quit.
    Choose Quit from the Apple menu after you have brought Microsoft Outlook to the desktop.
    Launch the Activity Monitor via your Dock, Spotlight, or Launchpad Search and enter Microsoft Outlook > choose the Microsoft Outlook-related process . Click the on the X icon located in the top left. Click Quit in the dialog window (you can force quit in the event that this isn’t working.)

    After you have closed the app, you are able to follow the steps listed below on how to remove Outlook for Mac.

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