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How do I delete my purchase history on Amazon?

    Are you seeking a way to erase or hide the details of the Amazon record of your orders? Then, you’re at the right spot. Read on the steps to remove the history of your Amazon orders by following a few easy steps. In this article, we’ll provide an easy step-by-step process to help you complete this goal.

    Amazon is among the major online retail stores. It offers a variety of choices for customizing its customers. In addition, we have the option of hiding the history of your Amazon purchase history. However, we do not have the option of removing the items from your order history.

    Do you have the ability to erase the history of Amazon orders?

    You can remove any Amazon record of orders. To do that, go to Your Account and then click on”Your Account” then “Your Orders” tab. Then, click”View” or click the “View or Delete Individual Orders” link, and then click “Delete Orders.

    Where can I look up the history of my purchase on Amazon?

    To see your order history, Amazon First, sign in to your account. After that, click “Your Orders” in the upper right-hand part of your page. It will display the list of all your orders, with details like dates of purchases, item(s) purchased, and the price. You can filter your purchases by date, object, or the status.

    How can I erase the purchase history of an old order on Amazon?

    To erase the history of your purchases on Amazon, You must visit your account settings and click “Your Orders.” Then, you can choose the order you wish to erase and click “Delete this order.”

    You can hide the history of your Amazon order history.

    On the Amazon website, click the link at the top right-hand corner of the page that reads Returns & Orders. This will display a list of previous orders. Under every order, you will see an option to archive the order. Select that. Amazon order history

    Do not be too quick to go away from the computer thinking, ‘job well completed,’ as there’s a second step to take. An alert should inform you that you would like to archive the order. Then, make sure you click Archive order once more!

    If you need to verify the details of an order that has been archived, you’ll be able to find these by hovering on your Account & Lists on the Amazon homepage and selecting Your Account. You’ll find archived orders under the Ordering section and Shopping preferences on the following page. If you’re wondering, there’s not a way we can think of to take an item off the Archived orders, but please let us know in our comments (below) if you can!

    How can I erase my Amazon search history?

    Log into the history of your Amazon browsing history and click Remove from view under every item you wish to erase or select Manage history > remove the entire account from outlook. You can also erase the history of your Amazon Prime Video watch history.

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