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Give the Sand Dragon his Last Meal

    Players must ‘feed the starving sand dragon’ when they complete the Mysterious Qi questline at Stardew Valley. Here’s how.

    Players may start the MysteriousQi questline as they travel through Stardew Valley. Players will receive a series of unusual requests from Mr. Qi after they have replaced the battery pack at the bus stop.

    While many quests must be completed to complete the storyline, not all inquiries need to be done. Some searches can only be used to earn greater rewards and are optional. One of these is to give the last meal to the sand dragon. You can do this by providing the solar essence to the giant skull/sand dragon (a large skeleton to the south side), but the question is: What is solar core, and how do you get it?

    Players are asked to give the sand dragon his last meal. Stardew Valley players may view anything dragon-like in Skull Cavern as an enemy, and they might believe that the sand Dragon is an enemy they must defeat. This request doesn’t require players to confront any dragon boss.

    How to Get To The Calico Desert

    If you don’t have the Calico desert, solar essence will not be your only requirement to complete the sand dragon quest. The Calico desert, located in the Northwest of Pelican town, is where you’ll find the sand Dragon, and it can be found on the map’s exterior side. To access this area, you will need to fix the bus at the bus stop. You can do this by either completing the vault bundles at the community center or buying 40,000g through the Joja community development form.

    Where is the Sand Dragon?

    You will receive a note from Qi containing the cryptic instructions for feeding the sand Dragon after you have placed ten beets in Mayor Lewis’ refrigerator. The quest does not begin in Pelican Town, and however, you will find the “dragon” on the normal map. The Calico Desert is where the sand Dragon is found, true to its name.

    You can either take the bus to the Bus Stop or use a desert obelisk or a warp totem to get to the desert. The Oasis is located in the southwest, and this will allow you to discover the sand Dragon. You will then see giant bones of bleached white sticking out from the sand.

    How to Complete the Feed the Sand Dragon Quest

    You don’t need to be concerned about the safety of the Dragon, and you can feed it without worrying about your own life. Once you have access to the Calico desert, take the bus to the bus stop to deliver the solar essence to your sand dragon. The bus line leaves Stardew Valley at 10:10 am. From there, players must purchase tickets to the Calico desert.

    Only Pam (a female villager from Pelican) can buy tickets. The players must head west along the Calico desert road until they spot a large animal skull on the south side, and this will be the location of the sand Dragon.

    The Final Meal

    Interacting with the skull of the Dragon will give you the best clue as to how to feed it. The creature will then tell you, “Its mouth opens at the desert sun.” It craves a taste even in death.” To keep this hint in your mind, place the Sun’s essence in the skull’s mouth in Stardew Valley. Solar cores are easy to find.

    Many enemies can drop these, including ghosts, metalheads, and squid children, which are located throughout the Mines on the Pelican Town map. If you have ten sunfish fish in your pond, you can produce them and bring some to Calico Desert if you aren’t sure.

    Last words

    Here’s the end of this article. I share all the information you need to complete the sand dragon quest and earn massive rewards. If you have any questions, please share the report with your gaming friends and comment. Enjoy your journey and have fun.

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