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Get Rid Off Trending Searches On Google Android?

    Google’s trending search results can be a fantastic way to keep up-to-date with what people are looking for at the moment. But, the feature can sometimes hinder your goal of searching. In such cases, it is possible to deactivate the trending search. We’re here to assist you.

    This article will walk you through deactivating Google popular searches using mobile browsers, the Google app, or a computer. We’ll also discuss how to halt personalized and related results for the examination. We’ll also address the most commonly asked questions about using Google search.

    Why Was The Trending Searches Feature Enabled?

    Trending search allows for the display of relevant information to users. It is built on search results. However, sometimes it can be not very pleasant to see the exact things everywhere.

    How Do I Remove Google Trending Searches?

    Reboot your device, and then check whether search results that are trending show up. If they’re visible, then follow these steps to deactivate the feature.

    Create the new Incognito Mode tab, go to, and click Settings.
    Then select Search settings.
    Use Auto-complete to search for trending results.
    Choose Do not show the most popular search results.
    Start your web browser.

    Suppose you wish to disable this feature for Android or iOS, Select Additional Options (the three lines). Navigate to Settings, Auto-complete using trending searches, and tap Don’t display popular search results. Start your web browser.

    How do you turn off the trending search results?

    Google has a unique feature called trending search. It is possible to use this feature to determine what Google considers the most-searched-for phrases. In the end, there’s nothing wrong with using search terms that are trending. They can be instrumental in understanding what your target viewers are looking for at any point. But sometimes, these patterns are not there for any apparent reason or result of an algorithm issue.

    If you’re trying to disable these trending search results, you must ensure that only relevant searches are shown on the browser. Here’s how:

    1.) Select “More” in the top-left right-hand corner of the page.

    2.) scroll down until “Search Tools and Settings” and then click “Trending Searches.”

    3.) Switch off all the displayed boxes by clicking them (we recommend that you turn off each TV to ensure only the relevant subjects are shown).

    Shut off Google Chrome Trending Searches Feature by using Windows 10/11

    • Launch your Google Chrome browser on your Windows 10/11 Windows PC.
    • Go to
    • In the lower right corner on the correct, select Settings.
    • Select Search Settings.
    • Check out the Auto-complete section in the popular searches.
    • Select Don’t show popular search results.


    Turning off or enabling the trending search on Google offers both advantages and disadvantages. It all depends on the user’s preferences and what they expect from the trending search results that Google presents.

    If you’re a person who requires information on what people would like to see that is current and can help you when you work, or it is the case that keeping the most popular search results on can be helpful.

    You can turn off trending search results if you don’t want irrelevant content to appear when searching for other keywords.

    As it turns out, Google isn’t always telling its users the whole truth regarding what they think are the most-searched-for phrases. They’ll nearly always give you a list of the most popular searches that seem to be pointing in the same direction. Sometimes, however, these trends are not for any apparent reason or result from an algorithmic issue.

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