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Father I Don’t Want To Get Married

    I imagined having a glamorous life as the daughter of the Duke; however, my father informed me that the Crown Prince, who is known as insane, would be my husband! To make a statement, I was compelled to begin a contract marriage. This is with an attractive side character who is more beautiful than the main character.

    “Why do you want to stay away from being married to him?”

    “He’s scary. I’ve heard rumors that he takes his own group of friends to the grave in the event that he doesn’t like them.”

    A few days later, the prince sent me a horrible message.

    The original timeline of the story

    Julian was a disgrace to the elite society. She could not get her father’s attention or the people who were her age until she came across Mikhail Albert Sheen. She was immediately attracted to him after he offered her a handkerchief while they were at a gathering. She finally received the attention she sought and decided to dedicate all of her time to him, which he was unhappy about. That was until the man confessed to her that the woman he never loved was his and had a crush on the princess, which ended their relationship of three years.

    Father, I do Not want to Get Married! Free online reading – English manga version!

    I was the Villainess who reincarnated in a book I’d seen, Jubellian Eloy The Floyen. I was supposed to be dead, yet I didn’t! With my past life experiences, I’ll be able to avoid the death flag! “I will never marry an individual who lacks honor or family, has no assets, and no power!” As I declared my determination to live a vivid and lavish life, I was shocked when my Dad chose to propose the prince of the crown! Is he mad? I’ll take the contract of engagement as a last resort. “Why do you avoid your relationship with him?” “Because it scares me! He will kill anyone who doesn’t follow his orders immediately!” A few days after, the Crown Prince wrote me an official letter.


    Before the reincarnation, Jubellian was a devilish person in which she believed that she was a superior person and be superior to others, partly because her father was the Duke. While she didn’t get her father’s attention at all, she could figure ways to gain attention from others and even abused people who were near to Mikhail Sheen because He was the first to support her. She was also a stalker and would often keep Mikhail around and watch each move he made.

    Her character following reincarnation is radically different. She’s not obsessive or rude and is more rational and calm in that she doesn’t focus her outbursts of anger and anger towards others. However, she may be pretty unprotected at times and isn’t aware of danger signs.

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