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Dora The Explorer Dora Saves The Prince

    Dora Saves Prince

    Yes, we were back today in the Dora Games Category, this Nick Jr Games category that has so far been very well received. We had such a fantastic time with the Dora Saves the Prince video game that we can only assume that the same thing will happen to you. It is one of the few adventure games with Dora, and we are sure you’ll have an exciting experience with it. The following section explains how to proceed. Follow Dora as she takes you on her mission to save Prince. As you progress the story, follow the instructions. Without you, he will be held hostage for eternity. Good luck, have fun, and good luck!

    AADL doesn’t have copies of this item

    Preschoolers learn Spanish language skills and math skills. They also acquire visual/spatial and math skills.

    Dora saves El Coqui.

    Dora saves Prince Ramon. Join Dora & Boots as they travel to rescue Prince Ramon, who was exiled to the High Tower by an evil witch.

    El Coqui: El Coqui is an adorable frog who sings beautifully on his remote island. Now, he has moved far away and lost his voice. Boots, Dora, and Boots will help their friend return to his island.

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