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Home » Does Winning at an Online Casino Make a Person Happier: The Opinion of Scientists

Does Winning at an Online Casino Make a Person Happier: The Opinion of Scientists

    Does Winning at an Online Casino Make a Person Happier: The Opinion of Scientists

    Probably there is no such person who would not dream of winning the lottery, get 1 dollar deposit casino nz or play it big an online casino. A large cash prize allows you to create an ideal life – an expensive car, a big house, a luxurious vacation abroad. But do we become truly happy when we win a large sum of money?

    Have you ever thought that if you had money, you wouldn’t have any problems? In part, it’s true. A large sum of money allows us to go to sleep peacefully and not think about where to make money tomorrow. But what gives us that coveted jackpot?

    Earlier in the world, there was a myth that winning made people unhappy. The feeling of euphoria quickly passes and one returns to the harsh reality. But is this really the case? What do scientists and recent studies say about it?

    What changes in a person after winning at an online casino?

    Some studies show that winning at an online casino improves mental health. Mood and well-being improve. One gets a feeling of satisfaction with life. Interestingly, for some people, this positive effect was maintained for several years.

    Winning at an online casino gives confidence in yourself and your own abilities. A person realizes that his/her possibilities are greater than he/she thought before. One no longer has to worry about money. One can spend and not think about it.

    Of course, the dream of winning big at an online casino is a belief in a miracle. In the fact that life can change abruptly in one moment. It is possible to become a rich man without much effort.

    If a person wins once, will he try again?

    Is it possible to hit the jackpot twice? History knows such cases of real lucky people.

    Those who have won at online casinos often return to the game again. After all, once is already lucky. Why can’t it happen again? Turns on the excitement and there is a desire not to stop on the achieved. Want to try your luck again. 

    How much money does it take to be happy?

    Scientists have found an answer to this rhetorical question. There is an opinion: the more money, the more happiness. But what amount really makes a person happy?

    According to an American study, a person feels happy if he earns from 75 thousand dollars a year. And if the amount of earnings increases from year to year, then the person feels happier.

    It’s safe to say that everyone has a different concept of a big win. Someone will be incredibly happy with a jackpot of $5,000. And for someone this amount is just a month’s rent of an apartment. 

    That is why it matters what financial situation a person is in before he gets a big win. And how big his demands were before he got rich. 

    Happiness from money: yesterday and today?

    Another study confirmed an interesting fact: for people today, happiness from money depends much more than for people 40-50 years ago. To our predecessors from the 70’s and 80’s, money brought less joy and pleasure.

    Nowadays, everything has changed. A modern person needs money to feel completely happy. Many interviewees emphasize that a certain amount of money in an account gives a sense of comfort, confidence, and peace of mind.

    Money today helps to solve many problems. It opens up a lot of opportunities for a person. Allow at least for a time to forget about the difficulties. 

    The rich also cry

    Little money means little problems, big money means big problems. This rule is hard to understand for someone who has never won. But anyone who has hit the jackpot at least once will know what is meant.

    As soon as you have a lot of money, your family and friends start treating you differently. They demand more from you. Your social circle changes. You want to surround yourself with more successful and businesslike people. New acquaintances appear and the question arises: do they love you or your money? 

    But in spite of all the problems of wealth, most would agree that money makes life easier. It is better to be rich than not to be rich.

    Some would say that money distracts us from the really important and enjoyable things. That one is confused about buying happiness. However, this is a very controversial statement. Perhaps someone has been dreaming all his life to get rich and improve his standard of living. And winning at an online casino was this unique opportunity to change everything.

    The more we get, the more we want.

    Wealth changes a person’s expectations. What was pleasing before now seems ordinary and uninteresting. One wants more, to reach a higher level. Not to stop on what you already have. There is a feeling that what you already have is not enough. 

    The next time you make a bet at an online casino do not think about winning combinations and calculations. But rather imagine how happy would make you a possible win. And perhaps tomorrow your dream will become a reality. 

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