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Does Cinnamon Repel Roaches

    Does Cinnamon repel roaches? There are many misconceptions about the best way to deter cockroaches using scents. Humans and animals can avoid Cockroaches when they don’t like the scent or taste of something. If you can identify the smells cockroaches do not like or hate, it is possible to set them up in their favorite hiding spots. This can deter cockroaches.

    The cinnamon scent is more potent than what cockroaches can handle.

    Cockroaches do not like the scents from essential oils, but we enjoy them. While Cinnamon won’t eliminate cockroaches, it will assist them in leaving their current residence and locating an alternative. It is possible to keep your home free of rodents by mixing lavender and essential oils with Cinnamon.

    The repellent properties of Cinnamon could help repel insects like cockroaches. This isn’t a permanent solution to roach issues within your home. Cinnamon is a fantastic alternative to deter insects. But, it’s not the most effective long-term solution to get rid of insect pests in your home.

    While Cinnamon can be a valuable method of repelling roaches, it’s not an all-time solution.

    What scent do roaches dislike the most?

    Cockroaches have a phenomenal sense of smell which they employ to locate food. It is possible to take advantage of this by using scents they do not like, such as thyme mint, basil, and citronella, to deter them from your property.

    Are bugs attracted to Cinnamon?

    Cinnamon is regarded as a natural insect repellent because ” insects and other pests don’t like the smell of cinnamon, nor are they fond of its powdered texture,” says the pest specialist Natalie Barrett. … and for the possibility of a swarm approaching, if you see this in your Yard prepare for the possibility of a Bug Invasion, USDA Say

    How to Make Cinnamon Spray for Bug Control

    To make a Cinnamon spray is as simple as mixing the cinnamon essential oil cold-pressed with water and then spraying lightly at home.

    The essential oil of Cinnamon can be harmful to fruit flies as well as houseflies and cockroaches.

    Natural remedies to rid of the roaches

    Here are three of the most potent natural ingredients that can be utilized to create the stink of roaches and kill them.


    Cockroaches are not a fan of the scent of lavender; therefore, by planting lavender around your home, you can repel cockroaches from your house. Additionally, by sprinkling lavender oil with water into every space and corner of your house, you can remove the present roaches in your home.


    We all love the scent of our minds, but roaches aren’t the only ones to like it. So, using mint leaves or sprinkles of essential oil of mint in water has successfully rid your home of roaches that have escaped your home. It’s a natural solution free of toxic chemicals that make it safe for pets and children. When spraying mint-infused water, pay particular attention to the areas around.

    • Cracks in floors or walls
    • The kitchen appliance is located under it.
    • Spaces for food storage
    • Cabinets

    Additionally, you could make a mixture of two parts of water, with one tablespoon of white vinegar and ten drops of peppermint oil. Then spray it over the roaches to eliminate their roaches.


    The essential oils found in catnip aid in getting rid of roaches, which is supported by the evidence gathered by research conducted by Lowa State University. The study found that the impact of catnip to repel rodents is greater than the most commonly used repellent DEET. Therefore, you should use the essential oil in it or put the leaves of catnip all over your home to eliminate rodents.


    Cinnamon’s pungent aroma and its high concentration of eugenol make it an excellent repellent to roaches or other bugs. Be aware that cinnamon powder sticks and other essential ingredients are not repellents. Cinnamon can keep cockroaches away for a brief period. But, Cinnamon does not kill them.

    Cinnamon isn’t an alternative to professional pest control techniques an expert in pest control can provide.

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