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Does Airplane Mode Save Battery?

    Airplane mode shouldn’t be only utilized when traveling via air. It could also disable certain functions of your phone, and increase the battery’s lifespan. However, certain apps are so active and demanding of the battery that you shouldn’t think that switching on Airplane Mode will protect your device from a rapid drain. This is the app that’s ruining the battery life of your iPhone even when you’re on Airplane Mode!

    Sometimes, shutting down and plugging it in isn’t an alternative, so we have to work with what we’ve got. A commonly used advice given to users seeking to prolong the life of their phones is to simply switch the phone to airplane mode to conserve battery. The idea behind this is to ensure that your phone is running longer so that when you need it, it’s readily available. But will this trick perform and is it worth the effort?

    What is the meaning of airplane mode?

    Airplane mode (sometimes known as “flight mode”) is the setting you can find on your smartphone that temporarily disables signaling and Wi-Fi while the rest of your device is fully functioning.

    On Android phones, airplane mode can be activated by swiping above twice to access the Settings panel. In the Settings panel, you’ll find the airplane symbol. Once you turn it on your phone goes into airplane mode.
    On an iPhone On an iPhone, the symbol for the airplane mode can be found in the Control Center. It is accessible by either swiping down to the right of the top or upwards down from below, based on the year and model of the phone.

    What is your phone’s capability when it is in airplane mode?

    Although it’s not that much, however, it’s certainly not removed from the status of a high-priced paperweight. While in airplane mode you’ll be able to still access content that you have stored on your device. If you’ve downloaded audiobooks, podcasts, or music that you’ve saved audiobooks then you’ll be in a position to listen to your music without interruption even when in airplane mode. It’s also possible to browse videos and photos that are stored in your phone’s memory, or browse content that has been saved to the device. However, if the content isn’t on your phone, you’re not in a position to access it.

    Why Shouldn’t I Use Airplane Mode?

    Airplane mode turns your phone into sleep mode. The phone won’t be able to connect with the Internet, nor receive phone or text message calls. These functions will be blocked or disabled.

    If you are at risk of missing something crucial, you shouldn’t think of putting your phone in airplane mode.

    Does Airplane Mode Save Battery?

    In essence, the airplane mode technically helps preserve battery life as the phone will not be spending time connecting to other devices since it’s virtually completely off.

    This has less than a misunderstood purpose of airplane mode it’s more about the fact that with many of the features you use most often being restricted by the phone, it’s not going to do as much in the background like making connections to mobile towers, or looking for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi networks.

    There isn’t as much going on in your phone, there’ll be fewer processes running that drain your battery which makes it appear like your phone is saving battery life.

    Does Airplane Mode Drain Battery iPhone?

    If you enable airplane mode the phone could drain its battery, even if it’s connected to data and may require more power. It is recommended to be sure that you recharge your phone throughout a night. This way you won’t be able to charge too much for the phone since it will stop charging at 100% automatically.

    Final Thoughts

    Airplane mode isn’t an option only for travel on an aircraft. You can utilize it any time you’d like to reduce battery energy. Make sure that it’s the time that it’s okay to be less connected.

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