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Do you know What is Ping ??

    It is the program employed to send I.C.M.P. packets to determine how quick the response time is (and whether there is one).

    Ping is crucial regarding web latency, as it is linked with the time delay (in milliseconds) for how long it takes for the data to travel through the internet to reach the destination address and then return to you.

    A quicker ping indicates a more responsive connection. The results of tests for ping greatly depend upon the number of links connecting your device to a server along the route.

    These routers are nodes responsible for transmitting packets from the origin I.P. address to the destination I.P. address.

    Each packet must go through the router, which takes some time. Furthermore, the ping speed is increased due to the delay caused by physical links between two routers.

    Thus, the high latency can be seen in intercontinental connections, where extremely long fibre connections are employed.

    What is the best ping?

    Ping doesn’t matter for regular web browsing. For gaming that is competitive, the ping should be lower than 50ms. Anything less than that is considered to be a good ping. Anything over 100ms is deemed to be too slow for competitive gaming. A lower ping will provide more enjoyable gaming.

    What is the best time to respond to a ping?

    Uptrends will send tests at the same time for your I.P. via locations around the world. Some will be speedy (under 10 milliseconds), while others may experience some delay. Whatever the distance between two points, the response time of more than 100 milliseconds may indicate that you have problems.

    How do you reduce the ping of your computer and fix your ping?

    Here are some tips you can do to reduce the ping of your computer:

    Close all applications and browser tabs you’re not making use of

    Remove other devices (computers or laptops, T.V.s) from the network

    Suppose you want to update your computer’s operating system, and network card driver. You can utilize DriverBooster to automate the process of correcting drivers for you.

    Perform a speed test of your internet connection to ensure your internet connection is speedy enough.

    Make use of a cable instead of wireless connections

    Choose a server that is closer to your geographic place of residence.

    You should contact your internet service providers (I.S.P.) to determine whether they can resolve your ping issue.

    Buy a PingBooster to help to improve your speed.

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