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An Error Occurred While Chrome Was Searching For Harmful Software

    Google Chrome is among the most efficient browsers for surfing the web and downloading things online. Sometimes you might encounter an error when trying to download something on the internet that reads “Failed- – Virus Scan Failed.”

    This error is caused when Google Chrome cannot verify the security certificate of any downloads from their publishers and Chrome cannot check the File or program.

    It is caused by malware that is present on your system. It could be a virus and browser hijacker, and other programs could conflict.

    If you decide to uninstall an application, the registry entries are still compelling. If you’ve removed an antivirus such as McAfee, then there’s the possibility of downloading a failing error because the antivirus can overtake Chrome in its ability to scan downloaded files.

    Reinstall Google Chrome

    If the suggestions above don’t work for you, it is something wrong with your browser. It is necessary to install it again and give it a go.

    • Click to start.
    • Click Settings > Apps > Apps and features.
    • Choose Chrome from the program list, and then select Uninstall. Other methods are discussed in this article to uninstall Chrome. Here are four perfect Ways To Uninstall programs on Windows 10.
    • Open your File Explorer and then navigate to this location: %LocalAppData%\Google.
    • You can delete it from the Chrome folder.
    • Start your PC.
    • Find Chrome using a different browser, then download it from the official website.
    • Install Chrome.

    Open Chrome to use the clean-up tool on your computer to scan for malicious software and determine whether it usually works.

    Fix Search Error Failed

    This error is caused by the fact that Chrome cannot search for malware on your system. Google Chrome has an inbuilt malware scanner that can remove any software that violates Google’s policy on unwanted software.

    If Chrome can’t scan for malware automatically, it will be unable to do so due to the error above, or it may not start at all.

    To get rid of this Search Failed error, you have to scan the computer with the Google Virus Scanner manually.

    • Open Google Chrome
    • You can access the menu by clicking the three small dots in the right-hand corner.
    • Select Settings.
    • Scroll to the bottom, then click “Advanced.”
    • “Reset and Clean Up” under “Reset to clean it up” click Clean up the computer.
    • Click on Find.
    • If it asks you to delete unwanted software, then click Remove.
    • Make sure to reboot your system.
    • Google chrome can detect harmful software and eliminate it from your system.

    Update Google Chrome

    Google Chrome is regularly updated with security patches and other features. Older versions from Google Chrome may not have the malware scanner function, while old versions might not be equipped with the most recent security updates. If this is the case, the Search for malware feature is useless, and you could encounter a Search failure error in Chrome when you use the malware-search feature.

    • Click to the More icon (three vertical dots) at the top right-hand corner of the Google Chrome browser.
    • Navigate to the Settings section.
    • On the left of the Settings page, choose About Chrome.
    • Google Chrome will automatically update to the most recent version.

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