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Amaya Sanchez Eyes

    A terrible tragedy occurred in Armero, Colombia, on November 13, 1985. The entire town was submerged under several feet of mud, debris and a mudslide that occurred from the eruption of the Nevado del Ruiz volcano. Omayra Sanchez, a young girl, was one of the victims. Omayra Sanchez’s tragic story was a hot topic worldwide. People were outraged at the slow response times of rescue workers. This blog post will examine Omayra Sanchez’s life, her tragic story, and why she has become such an iconic symbol of tragedy.

    Omayra Sanchez: Who are you?

    Omayra Sanchez, a 13-year-old girl, tragically lost her life in an Armero mudslide. For three days, she was trapped beneath the rubble before rescue workers finally managed to free her. She suffered severe injuries and died soon after being lifted from the rubble. Her story shocked the entire world and was a reminder of the destructive effects of natural catastrophes.


    Omayra Sanchez lived with her parents, Alvaro Enrique (a rice and sorghum collector) and Maria Aleida [14]. [14][16] Her mother had been to Bogota for business before the eruption. Omayra and her family woke up on the night of the disaster to worry about the ashfall. [14] Omayra was trapped beneath her concrete home and other debris after the eruption and couldn’t get out. Rescue teams attempted to rescue her but discovered that her legs were stuck under her roof. [15][17] Different sources differ on the extent to which Sanchez was trapped. Zeiderman (2009) stated that Sanchez was “trapped up to her neck” [18], while Barragan (1987) said that she was tied up to her waist. [14]

    After the mudflow, her hands were covered in concrete for the first few hours. However, she managed to get her hand through a crack. A rescuer saw her hand sticking out from the debris pile and helped remove tiles and other wood pieces over one day. After the girl was freed, rescuers tried to pull her out from the waist, but it was too tricky without breaking her legs. The water gathered around the girl and made it seem like she was going to drown. Rescue workers put a tire around her neck to keep her safe. Divers found Sanchez’s legs under a brick door, her aunt holding her arms tightly around her feet and legs. [14]

    What happened to her?

    On November 13, 1985, the Nevado del Ruiz volcano burst into flames. This caused a giant mudslide which buried Armero beneath several feet of mud and debris. Omayra Sanchez, one of the landslide victims, was also trapped. Three days passed before rescue workers finally freed her. Unfortunately, she died soon after she was pulled from the rubble.

    How was she trapped?

    The eruption of the Nevado del Ruiz volcano caused the mudslide which buried Armero. The volcano’s volcanic ash and other debris rushed down the mountain into the town and engulfed everything it touched. Omayra Sanchez was among those who became trapped by this natural disaster.

    Her parents and siblings were also trapped beneath the rubble. Rescue workers took three days to rescue her from the rubble, but it was too late. She was not only compressed by the debris of her house but also exposed to cold and contaminated water. This could have caused additional injuries to her after the mudslide.

    Omayra Sanchez was not saved.

    Omayra Sanchez was trapped for days, and rescue workers tried to rescue her but could not because they did not have the equipment. Finally, after being trapped for several days, she succumbed to asphyxiation complications. This is just one of many tragic stories about the volcanic eruption.

    Why do Omayra Sanchez’s eyes turn black?

    Omayra Sanchez, a young girl, tragically lost her life following the 1985 Nevado Del Ruiz volcano eruption in Colombia. Omayra’s dark eyes were widely seen around the globe, prompting many to wonder what caused this unusual change in colour. This blog post will discuss the causes of Omayra’s dark eyes and provide some closure to this tragic story.

    His eyes turned black after being kept in the same place for 60 hours. Finally, the melted ice caps’ water entered her town. Then she died. He was photographed before she died.

    Why did her hands turn white?

    Omayra Sanchez’s story also includes a strange and disturbing detail: her hands became white shortly after she was trapped. This is called “white finger syndrome” and is caused by the poor blood circulation to the extremities. It served to remind Omayra of the severe injuries she sustained.

    It is unclear why Omayra Sanchez had her hands turn white just before her death. Some reports suggest it was due to her exposure to volcanic ash. Others claim she may have suffered sepsis from her injuries. Others claim that her fingers became permanently discoloured because blood vessels in her fingers burst while she was trapped.

    Her white hands may have been caused by the extreme pressure she was subject to while trapped with volcanic ash and other debris.

    Omayra Sanchez death

    A volcano in Colombia (Mt. Nevado Del Ruiz) caused mudslides which buried much of Armero in Colombia and more than 20,000 people. Omayra Sanchez, a young girl whose body was buried under mud and debris to her waist, was the most famous photo. She died of asphyxiation after rescuers attempted to free her with ropes. It is unclear if she could have survived if rescuers had acted sooner. Other factors contributed to her death, such as respiratory failure from oxygen deprivation. Then again, there was the possibility of her dying from cardiac arrest. At the age of 13, she lost her life.


    In Omayra’s case, a picture is worth a thousand words. Omayra was trying to escape the mudslides in Armero when she lost her life. A photograph of Omayra’s face was also preserved forever. This photo reminds us of all we can lose if we don’t act quickly. Our responsibility is to do all we can to stop such tragic events from happening again. She was the last person to die.

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