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7 Ways To Fix TikTok Video Stuck At Uploading

    Are you a user who has uploaded videos on TikTok and received the unwelcome “video is processing” error message? Although no solution will eliminate the issue, there are some ways to fix this issue regardless of whether you’re using TikTok or the Android smartphone, iPhone, or iPad. Continue reading for more information on why this error may occur to users and the steps you need to resolve the issue.

    TikTok Video Stuck at Uploading

    If you’ve built a massive fan base on TikTok and you are a regular contributor, keeping up with the content you post is essential. What happens if it becomes stuck while you upload your latest video at the time? Don’t worry! If you follow these troubleshooting tips to fix the problem quickly.

    Rapid Respond quickly

    To post your TikTok videos uninterrupted for uploading your videos it is necessary to remove the cache from the app with these steps:

    • press the TikTok icon for the app and then tap the App information.
    • Open Storage usage.
    • Click on Clear Cache to Clean Information.
    • If a confirmation pop-up opens.

    Why is my TikTok video taking too long to take?

    The reasons could be the cause of the reason for TikTok video taking this long to take:

    • An unstable or weak internet connection.
    • The old version of the TikTok application.
      Technical or server issues.
      Devices that are not compatible or obsolete software.

    Seven methods to correct the issue with your TikTok video, if it’s saying that your video is processed

    If you’ve seen the “TikTok video is under review” message, don’t fret. There are solutions to solve the problem. There are seven ways that could assist:

    Make sure to restart the TikTok App.

    In the beginning, we suggest starting the app over again. This is a way to restart the TikTok app, which allows you to resolve any problems with the background that could cause the upload not to work or get stuck. In addition, restarting an application can continually improve the app’s efficiency. If you feel that your program has become slow or unresponsive, consider restarting the program.

    Remove the TikTok application from your Recent Apps for this to do it. Once you have done that, restart the application.

    If TikTok is up, however, if it continues to fail, go further and reset your device. It will have the same impact as restarting the application, and you’ll notice some speed gains when you use it. It is recommended only to do a simple restart of your device.

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    Check your TikTok Server Status

    If you’re experiencing issues in the TikTok servers, you could have technical issues with the application. Due to the huge variety of people who use TikTok today, It’s no surprise that it can encounter overloaded servers.

    Then, how do you know if the servers of TikTok are not working?

    It is recommended to use DownDetector to check the latest state of TikTok servers. Although it is a third-party site, the service is beneficial. There is a list of complaints as well as what kinds of issues other TikTokers have faced. Also, there is an active map on which it is possible to see the areas where the most significant problems occur.

    If you’re experiencing difficulties using the app, glance at this site. Find out if any other creators have trouble uploading videos, too.

    If it’s an issue with the server, there’s no reason to be concerned about it. TikTok usually resolves similar technology problems within hours.

    Make sure you are connected and try again: fix C14 Snapchat Error.

    Make sure you have a reliable Internet Connection.

    The most frequent reason for problems with your TikTok videos not being published is the need for a reliable or adequate internet connection. You don’t have to use a super-fast internet connection to upload a brief TikTok movie. With moderate speeds can, your upload speed slow. In this case, look at your phone’s wifi or Mobile Internet sign in your smartphone’s Status Bar.

    If your device is connected to wifi, ensure you have wifi indicator displayed in the status bar and have two bars.

    In the case of mobile data or internet access For internet/mobile data, either H+ or 3G is sufficient. Any less will cause slower or failed uploads.

    However, if your wifi speed is lower than usual, an excellent tip is to switch your router off and then turn it back on. The result will be increased internet speed.

    You are switching “airplane mode” in and out. However, turning off “airplane mode can be a great option to improve the performance of your internet connection on mobile devices. If you can, move to a place with more reliable service or better reception for mobile phones.

    Clear Cache Data

    If all is well on the server, it could be due to an error or bug with the TikTok application. Cleansing out the TikTok application cache and its files could resolve the issue. The following steps can be taken to do this:

    Take note that the steps could differ according to your Android version and your device’s model. It is essential to clean any caches or data. Remember to sign on to your account again, as removing data could delete passwords.

    • Hold and press the TikTok application, and then tap to reveal more information about the application.
    • Click Storage Utilization to access the available storage options. 3. Tap Clear Cache and Clean Information.
    • Tap Clear Cache and Clean Information.
    • If you are prompted to open a pop-up.

    Look Through Your Video for Copyright Violations

    By TikTok’s terms & conditions, they’ll take uploading copyrighted content very seriously. The most likely scenario is when you’re facing problems if you’re sharing material created by others or TikTokers. This could lead to others reporting the uploaded video.

    When you attempt to post videos, you could receive error messages that say “Failed in uploading,” or you may be temporarily blocked. To overcome a block that isn’t needed, You can consider Step 7, which is sending the issue to TikTok.

    In that case, look through the video, checking for apparent watermarks or logos that might cause blockage. If you are blocked, attempt cropping your video before downloading it again.

    In addition, the issue could be caused by using certain tracks for the uploaded video without the author’s permission. The problem could be more frequent with TikTokers. If you do have to re-upload your TikTok video, consider using another song in place of it.

    Verify the Format and Size of the Video. Make sure you know the Format and Size of your

    TikTok offers specific guidelines on the format and size of video that can be uploaded. You must ensure that your uploaded video aligns with the platform’s specifications regarding size and design before trying to upload it to TikTok. The video might only be uploaded when it’s in the correct form or more significant than the recommended size. The issues could arise in the upload process and may be the reason for problems with the TikTok video not being uploaded or post-up problems.

    This being said, there are some suggestions to consider as you consider the dimensions and formats you upload your TikTok video.

    Size of video: up to 2GB.

    The max file size of a TikTok file is two gigabytes. If the video you upload is more significant than that, it might not upload, or it could take longer to finish. To reduce its size, movies can use any software for editing videos to reduce your video’s size.

    The length of the video can be up to 10 minutes.

    The duration limit for the duration of a TikTok movie is 10 mins. If your video’s length is more significant, it will not be uploaded, so you must reduce it to the correct size.

    Format for video: H.264 codec and MP4 or WebM formats for files

    TikTok supports video files using the H.264 codec as well as the MP4/WebM format. If the video you are uploading is an alternative format like AVI or WMV and you have issues during the processing process, so you’ll need to convert it into MP4 with the help of a video converter.

    If your video doesn’t meet these standards, you’ll have to utilize an editing program to reformat or resize it. If the video meets these size and formatting requirements, it will help ensure your file will upload and publish correctly to TikTok.

    Test the Web version of TikTok.

    If you find that the TikTok application isn’t working how you want, test the website version of TikTok.

    • Visit the official website of the TikTok upload video page.
    • Click the + Upload button to send the video you want to upload on TikTok.

    Reinstall App

    If none of these techniques work, attempt uninstalling and installing the app TikTok. It will eliminate any issues the app has and fix the TikTok was unable to upload or is saved to drafts issues.

    • Hold and tap the icon of TikTok.
    • Visit App Info.
    • Click on UNINSTALL.


    What is the time TikTok take to take to process a video?

    TikTok generally reviews your post within 48 hours. They will notify you if it’s been approved or taken down for violating community rules.

    Why is it that TikTok takes so long to upload?

    The short video clips on TikTok take so much time to load due to their superior quality and slow connection to the internet. TikTok publishers always upload high-quality videos that include a lot of editing; therefore, it takes a while to upload them onto TikTok’s servers. TikTok server.

    What is the reason you are banned from TikTok?

    Accounts that consistently violate the community rules of TikTok are suspended. If your account was blocked, you’ll receive an alert banner whenever you launch the application on the first occasion to inform you about the change in your account. If you think your account was suspended due to an error, you can notify us of the mistake by filing an appeal.

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