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20 Best Social Media Blocker Apps (Free and Paid)

    The desire to know what everyone else is doing can be a constant distraction. There’s never been a better time to be disconnected from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok. When working on the internet, it isn’t easy to concentrate. It takes work to remove your mobile or quit your browser.

    If you require assistance concentrating on studies or work, apps can help. Installing an application that blocks social media is highly beneficial. It is good to know that some of the most brilliant people have created blocks for apps that accomplish this.

    Every time we come back to edit this post, we become more aware of app distractions. But even this awareness doesn’t modify our habits. Blocking apps can be hugely beneficial to anyone suffering from the same problem.

    Best apps to block Social Media

    We’ve put together the most outstanding to save you time and effort.


    Let’s begin by focusing on the obvious options. With all the flaws (and many of these), Facebook is still by far the most popular social media platform around the globe.

    With over 2.95 billion people using it, it’s an ideal place for those who want to quickly be connected to most individuals from their present or previous life. Facebook Marketplace is now one of the best methods to purchase and sell local items and has become much more popular than Craigslist.


    If you love exploring fascinating pictures and quick, flashy videos, Instagram is the perfect social network to join. Surprisingly, a staggering 57 percent of Americans between 25 and 30 already have accounts on Instagram.

    It’s not good that social networks are now infamous for being uninteresting and filled with selfies. If you can get beyond the superficial, it is possible to find breathtaking photographs, fantastic artwork, and a whole lot of others. Instagram also offers Reels, Which are video clips made by Instagram users who are part of an Instagram video feed.


    It is one of the newest social media applications gaining popularity because of its security and security-oriented tactics. Businesses can interact with the people they want to reach with these Top Social Media Apps.

    The Telegram platform lets users build chatbots to broadcast messages to numerous subscribers at all times.

    There are currently over 300 million engaged Telegram application users. It is also planning to have more than one billion users by 2022.


    • More efficient in comparison to other apps
    • A large amount of encrypted message
    • Coordinating more than 2 lakh users could also be possible.
    • Cloud-based
    • This is entirely free, and there are no ads


    Cities across the world have the opportunity to meet with the application. It’s among the most well-known social media applications built around the notion that “when we gather and engage in the activities that matter to us, it’s when we’re at our peak.”

    Find and join the top local communities here.

    With over 40 million people using it, the social network forecasts more significant numbers of users to be available by 2020.


    • The process of switching locations is straightforward.
    • The possibility of saving events to revisit later could be possible.
    • Some categories allow you to find different events and groups
    • It facilitates messages and conversations
    • It is also possible to schedule events.


    One of the best social media apps, this application allows users to communicate and chat instantaneously from any location and anytime.

    To meet the needs of a variety of users, this chat application platform lets users connect directly to contacts on the smartphone of the user.

    With over 180 users from all countries, these famous social media applications can also assist brands in connecting. It also offers a version for businesses that business owners can connect with.


    • Documents, contacts, and locations
    • Video calls, voice calls, group calls, and video calls
    • Option to back up media and chat
    • WhatsApp Web operates on PC
    • The possibility of saving messages offline is there
    • Make unique notification sounds and customized wallpapers


    In the vast array of apps for social media, this is one of the most popular video streaming apps. It includes personal videos, movies, music, and independent movies. It is also one of the most popular Social Media Apps.

    There are currently more than two billion active users on YouTube. YouTube is also one of the iOS apps that are used the most. Each minute, 500 hours of crucial material and uploaded content occur.


    • Live streaming and enhanced video of quality content
    • Live streaming is available for the 40 and beyond cable channels
    • Access to feeds and subscription channels
    • The game has a dark mode and a vast interface


    Snapchat is primarily the preferred hangout for teens. It’s a site that focuses on sharing self-destructing photos and videos. There’s also the option of messaging, as well as a variety of game tools.

    Using the various available filters or even creating your custom Snapchat filter is possible if you’re looking for inspiration!


    AppBlock permits you to turn off applications from your mobile temporarily. It isn’t limited to only social media apps but also games and every other app that you find distracting or want to remove for a certain amount of time. This allows you to concentrate on meeting that deadline and completing that task or keeping your eyes on the target you must achieve.

    AppBlock lets you set up automated app blocks to ensure you stay aware of your work when you fail to switch on the application.

    AppBlock can be used for free. However, there’s the possibility of a paid subscription that eliminates advertisements and opens up more features to the user.

    Though the app doesn’t keep track of the usage of apps, it allows you to program periods when specific apps are automatically locked and shut off to minimize distractions while you’re working. Appblock also blocks the notifications of these applications. Utilizing this app to block unwanted sites and pop-ups is also possible. You can choose the Strict mode that guarantees you cannot modify it once you have selected the lock time to shut the apps.

    AppBlock Premium costs $4.99 per month, with an additional $29.99 per year option. AppBlock is accessible to Android as well as iOS users.


    The Flipd app is another application that can assist you in blocking out distracting thoughts and help you become more disciplined with your gadgets. In Flipd, when you have locked specific apps for a certain amount of time, you can only change your mind or allow them to be unlocked during the period you set ends. The setting can’t be removed by resetting your device. This is what makes Flipd the ideal application to stop distracting apps.

    The Flipd. The application has various excellent options like Lofi Music streaming and ambient sound to aid in focusing. A second option allows you to connect online “study rooms” where you can meet and talk with your friends. Also, you can record your work time in groups and when working independently. Badges are given to each success to encourage users to use the app.

    While Flipd is a free app, Flipd application is entirely free. There is the option to upgrade the app, which comes with extra features costing $5.99 per month or an annual cost of $42.99.


    Do you want to prevent distractions from all of your devices? Freedom is the best productivity application to help those who want to block distractions across all devices. It does not only block apps that run on smartphones, but it also blocks Windows, macOS, and Chrome gadgets! In addition to mobile apps, there is the option to stop websites from being intercepted and even email to keep all kinds of distractions from your fingertips.

    After you have turned on the blocking feature, it’s a new session that’s active everywhere! Freedom also involves using a VPN to prevent messages from flooding your devices. Be aware that it only connects your devices with a trusted server to ensure the protection and privacy of your information.

    Important features:

    • The focus should be on improving the well-being of online
    • Blocks sites and apps on both computers and phones.
    • Secure VPN, which blocks your access to distractions
    • Lockdown mode in which you’re unable to modify the blocklist you’ve created.
    • Focus music and sound effects can be added to aid in focusing.

    Freedom is accessible on Android as well as iOS devices. It is also available on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Chrome devices. They also offer low-cost premium plans.

    Stay focused

    A re-imagining of App Blocked, or is that the opposite, Stay Focused offers a similar array of features within a slightly different interface. Like App Blocked, users can make a profile using the ‘+’ button and select apps from the listing.

    Take control of your social media use by setting the usage limit for each app in the profile based on the time or the number of launches. In the example above, if you put it at 3, the app can only be launched on Facebook three times in the days or at the interval you’ve established. Lastly, activate your account on the homepage whenever you need to be sane in your daily life.

    One feature I liked is the Usage Timeline, where Stay Focused creates a timeline that shows the date and time of each app you use throughout the day. So, you’ll be aware of which application was in use, the duration, and the exact moment. This will allow you to understand how much time you spend.

    It is possible to create an account password, which also blocks it from being removed from your phone, similar to App Block.


    Although App Off Timer’s UI is more complex than the other two applications, it offers helpful options. It starts by selecting applications to limit to a single instance or group (profiles).

    Then, set an off-timer for the maximum time permitted to use the social media app. Setting the waiting time is a way to prevent users from using Snapchat again until the specified time. If the waiting period is for 1 hour, you won’t be able to access Snapchat in the next hour following the time that Snapchat blocks the app.

    If you are a parent and want to support your children in battling the tension and stress that results, It is possible to record a voice message (under Settings) outlining the rules that have been changed or perhaps offer ideas on what they could do during their spare time.

    There is a way to see app use statistics, but this is less comprehensive than AppBlock or Stay Focused apps.

    Similar to App Block, creating a password that will prevent unauthorized access or uninstallation is possible. It is free. App Off Timer app is free, but it contains advertisements.

    Your Hour

    When I first downloaded Your Hour for the first time, it prompted me that I was dependent on my smartphone. However, I am not addicted.

    The hour’s figure on the left gave me new goals for my life. Another exciting aspect is the floaty Clock Timer that, when enabled, will display an utterly unobtrusive timer in any application you’re currently using. It is an excellent method to track the use of social media with real-time updates.

    It’s the usual timeline option that shows a list of all applications you’ve used in the past day and when they were used. It is also possible to look at individual applications.

    The Hour app has a unique approach. Instead of forcing you to take drastic measures to secure the apps you use or your smartphone, it allows you to make an informed choice, offering you the chance to decide. The app displays a timer on each app that reminds you of the time you’ve spent looking through soapy video clips on YouTube.


    Eyezy will help even in the most bleak situations in apps that prevent social media accounts. These features can prove helpful if you wish to watch your child’s smartphone and you’re looking to set boundaries for yourself.

    Connection Blocker

    As many as three purposes can be hidden behind this title: blocking websites, apps, and Wi-Fi networks. The best part is that after installation (and giving permission), requiring a preferred device is no longer necessary. Eyezy commands that all social media be blocked remotely, as were magic!

    Social Spotlight

    However, sometimes more than blocking is needed. For example, your beloved child will log in via a different device. What happens? What do you do? Social Spotlight: you can look up their conversations on social media quickly. WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Tinder, and Facebook Messenger will be available in open books.

    Keystroke Capture

    Even deleted messages don’t pose an issue, as you can see all the notes they’ve made on their smartphone or follow only the words.


    This app knows precisely the answer to “How to stop social media applications on Android as iOS?”.

    The RescueTime Focus Session feature allows you to focus on your objectives. Based on the information users provide, the quality can aid in distinguishing important activities from ones of a relaxed nature. It also helps increase productivity in personal or professional initiatives.

    Although the interface may be brutal, videos that can help, and other documents are accessible.


    Tumblr is the result of the realms of social media and blogging. It allows you to post images, text, videos, and any other information on your blog, and other visitors can be able to follow.

    The site also offers HTML editing. If you’re proficient enough, you’ll be able to alter your site’s appearance and layout. There’s even the option of using the domain name of your choice.


    Compared to other older apps such as Twitter and Facebook, TikTok is a modern social media platform with a fresh design. It was designed to fill the void that Vine had left behind following its demise. However, the app has since surpassed the original.

    There’s a massive need for short videos; TikTok is one of the top-down loaded apps on both the App Store and the Google Play Store. Although it’s an enjoyable app, there are TikTok security issues that you should be aware of.

    Strategies for Utilizing Social Media Blockers to your advantage

    To make the most of applications that restrict the use of social media, follow these top practices:

    Establish distinct limits on time for each distracting application. Begin with a small amount and gradually increase the restrictions in time.
    Schedule regular social media breaks for one hour, such as in the morning or evening.
    Eliminate push notifications to ensure you don’t get enticed to open applications.
    Combine blocking with other healthful practices like exercising, reading, or socializing offline.
    Make sure to use social media on tablets or computers so that you don’t get sucked in via a phone.
    Affirm your accountability with a partner. Review your block goals and your progress.
    If you fall back, pinpoint the factors that caused it and focus rather than getting disillusioned.
    Check your mental health regularly and make adjustments to the limits when you feel depressed or depressed.

    Final thoughts

    There are a variety of techniques, methods, and tools to ensure that you do not block apps that can distract your children to keep your children from being disengaged. But, if you’re looking for a program with some extra features like the other apps, FlashGet Parental Control is the most suitable option.

    Furthermore, FlashGet Parental Control enables parents to receive daily and weekly updates on their children’s data usage and visits to applications. The best thing about it is that it’s possible to download it at no cost and download the application by visiting the website. It’s a tool parents can utilize to keep track of their children’s online activities, and it could also serve as an aid to protect your child’s safety by tracking the exact location.

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