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2 Pints Of Lager And A Packet of Crisps

    In a recent interview with The Daily Star, the actor most recently seen in Coronation Street disclosed that the scripts had been written already. The show is planned to spin-off from Gaz Williamson’s character Gaz Williamson and his pal Jonny Keogh (Ralf Little).

    There’s only one problem… The BBC did not take it seriously when Nickson and his creator Susan Nickson pitched it.

    Will Mellor, Ralf Little Sheridan smith, will Mellor, Natalie Casey, Kathryn Drysdale 2 pints of beer an assortment of crisp made.

    “Fans are raving about this, so we’ve got the fans. The show is known as Two Pints Last Orders. The show has been updated, and it’s amusing,” he explained. “It’s updated to modern times; however, Gaz and Johnny remain in the old-fashioned and are in the bar talking about pie and beers.

    “The BBC said no, they’re not going to revisit Two Pints,” Mellor confessed and then said that both he and Nickson aren’t letting the news of their rejection depress them. “Now we’re going to search for a different channel to join, regardless of which channel, be it Britbox or Netflix, as there’s a huge audience who would love this.”

    Two pints of beer and a packet of Crisps on the way for an upcoming reboot of the BBC

    Nickson has said that the show’s reboot could have a bearing on issues such as her involvement with the Time’s Up movement and toxic masculinity, though she has said she doesn’t like Gaz and Jonny to be seen to be “bad men”.

    “I would like to take up the tale with two old working-class people in a pub in the midst of battling the horrible things we are saying about men in the present,” she said. “Some men may not be aware that bad guys exist.

    “I am hoping to witness the comforting stories of characters such as Gaz and Jonny who live in a place that is free of bad guys. I’d like them to realize that the existence of bad guys present however, I do not like Gaz as well as Jonny to be the bad guys.”

    The entire nine-part series consisting of Two Pints of Lager and A Packet of Crisps are available to stream through BBC iPlayer. So are you looking for something else to catch up on? Please look at the other shows we have on our Drama list or visit the TV Guide to find out what’s on the TV this week.

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